1947 meets 2018, we can't wait to start flying with Garmin Aviation's new GDL 52! Stay tuned... 🛫
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A couple of my closest friends and their sons, waiting out the smoke in Bella Coola. One taught me to fly. The other started a company with me 25 years ago- making things that fly. This summer they followed us north for a two-week flying tour of Alaska. Here’s to making new memories with old friends.

Sometimes on an adventure everything comes together. It was a clear day of flying through a crystalline blue sky, with a hundred miles vis. Fishing and flying kites at sunset in a smooth breeze. A night camped with best friends on a river bar while stars appeared over the summit of #denali. The Aurora rippled overhead. That was a good day. #airplanecamping #chulitnariver #talkeetna #experimentalaircraft

We both built Sportsmen and finished them around the same time. It was a real privilege to head for Alaska with Nick R after a couple years getting to know our yellow birds closer to home. #experimentalaircraft #glasairsportsman #denalinationalpark

Polychrome Pass looking moody, in not-so-great weather for picking our way through the #alaskarange. I got that feeling in my gut that it was time for Plan B and Chris agreed; we turned around and spent a rainy but cozy night reading in the tent. Always have a plan B.

It's a pretty basic rule in the backcountry: Don't taxi places you haven't checked out out first, even on cartoon tires. We'd been flying kites on the north side of #denali and got back to the airplane to realize I'd stuck it solidly into two tundra potholes. Took two hours to unload all the gear from the plane, dig out the wheels with the hatchet and winch it back onto solid ground. Thankfully the kiddo was so tired that she slept soundly on a kite through the whole thing.
#experimentalaircraft #glasairsportsman #backcountrykiting

If you wake one day with a big hairy idea and no idea how to pull it off, don't let that rational brain talk you out of it. Building our airplane was one of those ideas. A few thousand hours of toil, crammed into a few short years with help from many friends, and every minute has been worth the effort. We've enjoyed a decade of adventures in 49 states, an ever-growing community of lifelong friends, a passion for Alaska and the Arctic. 322MX turns ten this year and was proud to pose for us under the summit of #denali
#experimentalaircraft #glasairsportsman

I was able to see an #alaskabushwheel being born today. What an awesome process!

Flying the Maule in formation Saturday! When in doubt buy big tires. #maule #fattirecowboys #m7260 #alaskabushwheel #shakeitforyourhoodifitsallgood

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