Captured this a few moments ago. I love that @AlaskaAir proudly supports the LGBT Community. Makes this photo even more special 🌈 ✈️ #lgbt #iflyalaska #flywithpride #iflywithpride #alaskaairlines #alaskaair #alaska #rainbow #pride2018 #runway #airline #lgbt #lgbtpride #picoftheday #airplane #49thstate #usa #gaypride #pridemonth #equality #marriageequality

This trip to Pangnirtung was definitely a learning experience for me. I wasn’t aloud to talk to the kids in the school (And i understand but really wish I could have) but I talked to some at the youth center and around town.
Here are some things I learned...
1) There needs to be a bigger emphasis on nutrition. I was up there for a week and maybe had a handful of veggies compared to my usual buckets full and I noticed a change immediately in my energy level, mood, happiness, and motivation to even get out of bed. Imagine how these kids and adults feel? Also, veggies are so expensive and other healthy foods are too! (How can we change this?)
2) Mental health need to be a priority. I met (and I am not a professional but I know enough) so many people that were depressed and probably didn’t even know it.
3) Education. Something has to change. Kids drop out, teachers leave, the 4 year university “normal” plan doesn’t make sense up there, people are talented but don’t know how or what to do with those skills, and many parents aren’t encouraging their kids and pushing their kids to be the best they can be. (I know I’m offending people and I’m sorry. I know there are many amazing parents up there but there are also a lot of parents who would benefit from parenting classes or support groups). 4) Education about smoking and other habits. Little kids shouldn’t be chewing and everyone could learn a little about drinking responsibly.
5) Women’s health!!!!! These girls need to learn about self esteem, confidence, self worth, body image, pleasure, about their bodies, etc. They deserve that knowledge and need it desperately!! I could go on and on but I’ll do that another day.
All in all I am so happy I went. I met some amazing people and learned so much. I now have a better plan of what I could be doing to help and what I want to focus on on my next trip north.
Thank you to everyone who got me up to Pangnirtung and to all the sponsors!
#firstair #alaskaair #innsnorth #arcticcooperatives @dave_devos and all the people at the airports who were so kind and helpful!!

#TruthAboutBeauty: Daughter of God 🙋🏽‍♀️🌺🌸

You are a beloved daughter of God! You may be wishing you had more, looked different, or had cooler experiences right now, but God has you in this place and season so that you might grow and learn more about who you are as His daughter. 😁

Stop playing the comparison game, stop wishing yourself into a new life, and start living your life right where it’s at with an open hand. Never hold anything too tightly. Live with a loose grip so that God can mold and shape you, crush and create you. ✨

I know I often have a hard time letting go of control, but when I make choices based off of living a life with open hands, the outcomes are always a million times better than anything I could control myself. 🙌🏽

You are a daughter of God, you are BEAUTIFUL, and He has a plan for you! He does, because He LOVES you. Let Him take control of your life and let Him show you just how much He loves you! 💗

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Tag a girlfriend that inspires you. Tell her what you love about her! Speak an encouraging prayer over her life in the comments below. Let’s be praying for each other and lifting each other up! 👇🏽

This certainly doesn’t look like a “VA” aircraft! Alaska’s first Airbus in their new livery parked up at DCA as seen from the ramp. What are your thoughts on the merger, and livery for Airbus? I think it’s nice, but not like a 737 🤔 @dc.aviation

The Imelyak River in the Noatak National Preserve is not easily accessible to visitor use. It is one of many wild places in Alaska. NPS Photo Ken Hill ​ ​​​​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ Follow @alaska_of_usa for more

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This 🐻 is cute, but you can tell I didn’t use a reference photo! 😂

In flight sketching!

What an awesome and craaaaazy 3 days in Anchorage. I am so lucky have such an amazing partner, @jreneespeaks to navigate this crazy amazing job with.
Also... to be totally transparent, I am sooo tired and ready for a break. I have been traveling (for work and pleasure) and working after hours or on weekends a lot recently.
I am overdue for a little routine in my life.
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This week is crayyy #FML #everydayflight a flight a day keeps the doctors away?

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