Full Dose😂 someone Doctor's prescription 👅👌
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Indoors by Resident @residentsuites #karaoke #Alaowerri #hospitality #jobcreation Exclusive night life

INDOORS by Resident almost ready for your Easter parol. # Nightlife We are not experimenting we are in for the business. Karaoke Bar. #lounge #Hospitality #Alaowerri #GodistheGreatest . www.theresidentsuite.com

Regrann from @townkraya - Everything you need in food is wrapped up in Imo State.
Go for Imo Made Meals ...
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Certain to ask for More!!
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Don't miss to pray with this song by @kellyhansome expect the official video
#OdogwuJesus #nwafo #rebirth #Alaowerri @magamusicgroup

The Music Man himself @kellyhansome is out with the visuals of his madddd tune #JesusIsMyIroko 🔥 Go check it out via link on his Bio.... #GoodMusic #Odogwu #AlaOwerri @magamusicgroup

I refuse to be gender shamed
I refuse to permit my strength referred to as inappropriate.
I define my feminity: it won't be dictated by another.
I refuse to be cajoled into docility; becoming unduly compliant, amenable and comformable.

I refuse to be sex shamed and abused- emotionally, domestically nor verbally.
I exercise my right to conjugal pleasure; I won't be short changed.

I refuse to be termed USED and DUMPED
Sexually objectified, stripped of dignity; fit only for intermittent pleasure.

I refuse to be relegated to the background; Rendered voiceless
My voice will be heard -my input will be put to action.

I refuse to be bought over
I Refuse to not see the pitiable condition of the female folk/ilk
I refuse to not hear the groans and pleas bunched under maltreatment.
I recognise my stand.
My path. My calling. My purpose
I am a helpmeet
I am a wife
I am a mother.

I am a completer
I am a nurturer; A womb carrier
Birther of nations and dreams.
Ensconced in me is the warm pot of creativity
Bubbling and eager to manifest.
I am a creation painstakingly and wonderfully made. That's all I am
That's all I have
That's all I'll ever be.
I embrace it- Totally!
I AM A WOMAN! *brownyClod(Chinenye Lilian)*
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Everything you need in food is wrapped up in Imo State.
Go for Imo Made Meals ...
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Certain to ask for More!!
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Food is LIFE!!!
Abundant in Imo State.
Alaowerri, Ala Ngwori, Always Representing! !!
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Artistes, Promoters, Record Labels & Management get in here !
Okay so I got in contact with this huge Cinematography company who has been around for a long time & has shot a lot of videos for Known & Upcoming Artists which includes our very own Xbusta, Boy breed, Hdee, Much more which is Bangin All over the T.V Stations
So I was able to reach an agreement with them to help all Artistes in Owerri get an MTVbase Standard VIDEO at an unbelievable price and yes with the Powerful Red🔴 Camera all you have to do now is to Contact Us to book a session
Note 1: Do not just keep this to your self please share this little piece of information you got some one in your timeline will need it

Note 2: If you call us notify how you got this message. God bless you. (Emybanks @ 08107373134 or IAC @ 08130122102)

Cc @xbusta @boybreed @iamyungjeff @ketchuponyido
#Owerri #Alaowerri #Imostate

I love been me cuz trying to be someone else is even more difficult #alaowerri #killartzmusicstudio

Happy Sunday y'all keep believing hope is essential and celebrating other peoples success brings success #alakaso #alaowerri #king @iamdjgap @2sectwins

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