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Beauty and the beast.
#belle #alanmanken #disney

My Audition for the role of Soprano 1 in Hunchback of Notre Dame.. #AlanManken #StephenSchwartz did I book??


When I was kid I realized that we can learn many things from Disney movies. About loyalty, betrayal, honesty, lie, pride, honour, dignity, love, friendship, kindness and many other things. Disney just wanted you to be prepared to welcome a pleasant life. But they also warned you about every harsh reality in this world.
One day, I'm going to tell my kids about this. Happiness.. Song list :

1. Part of Your world | Princess Ariel
Movie : The Little Mermaid
Credit : Alan Manken

2. Gaston | LeFouw & Gaston
Movie : Beauty and The Beast
Credit : Alan Manken
#note : powered by coca cola McD

3. Colour of The Wind | Pocahontas
Movie : Pocahontas
Credit : Alan Manken

4. Prince Ali | Genie Merchant
Movie : Aladdin
Credit : Alan Manken
#note : RIP Robin Williams

5. Be Prepard | Scar (my fav Villain)
Movie : The Lion King
Credit : Hans Zimmer
#note no one has a voice like Jeremy Irons, admit it

6. Go The Distance | Hercules son of Zeus
Movie : Hercules
Credit : Alan Manken
#note : Fals version

7. Make a man out of you | Li Shang
Movie : Mulan
Credit : Alan Manken

Ps : Pardon for the bad virtuality. I reduced the quality to make them fit in one posting

In honor of the upcoming release of the live-action movie, I of course decided to make my chalkboard, Beauty and the Beast themed. Anyone who knows me, knows how much the original animated movie means to me and how big part of a part the movie played in my childhood (and still does today). I am beyond excited for the new movie and while I know it won't probably replace my love for the original (or In general), I am still very much looking forward to seeing the new version. If it's good, then great! If it fails my expectation...well what can I say, it happens! But at least there's a resurgence of merchandise geared for the older crowd! #beautyandthebeast #beautyandthebeast2017 #batb #disney #waltdisney #emmawatson #danstevens #alanmanken #howardashman #taleasoldastime #nevergrowup #taleasoldastime #disneyprincess #disneyprincesses #disneyprince #chalkboard

Beauty and the beast.
#belle #alanmanken #disney

Little shop of horrors prologue. CHS theatre and drama will be performing it as their spring musical I highly recommend you go I'm sure it will be spectacular! #littleshopofhorrors #alanmanken

have to say, one of the best nights of my life.

My Audition for the role of Soprano 1 in Hunchback of Notre Dame.. #AlanManken #StephenSchwartz did I book??

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