Pancakes for breakfast is always a good idea! 🥞 😍 | #alamodefood

It's matcha Monday! @89manda dropped in for one of our delicious matcha lattes and you can too at 5/27 Railway Road Subiaco. | #alamodefood

Whether it's breakfast, brunch or lunch, our menu has something for everyone! We're open until 3pm today, so come on down! | #alamodefood

Putting our lives in the hands of coffee. 🙌🏼 Come grab your Tuesday fix at A La Mode! Our address is 5/27 Railway Road Subiaco. | #alamodefood

Starting the weekend right with coffee, croissants and flowers! Happy Saturday, everyone! | #alamodefood

Mmm... doughnuts! 🍩 Treat yourself this hump day with our amazing range of display cabinet sweets. | #alamodefood

We're open from 6am tomorrow, so head in for our berry acai bowl. It's vegan and gluten free, but most importantly, delicious! | #alamodefood

Feeling peckish? Our bacon and egg rolls and bagels are pretty damn good, if we do say so ourselves! | #alamodefood

We are closed for the public holiday today, but will be back on deck tomorrow for your caffeine hit! | #alamodefood

Friday morning coffee run to get us through the day and then it's the weekend! If you fancy dropping in for your coffee fix today or tomorrow, we're located at 5/27 Railway Road, Subiaco. | #alamodefood

Not only do you get to enjoy fresh, delicious food from A La Mode, but you also get to design your own meals by adding ingredients and elements you want! Head to 5/27 Railway Road, Subiaco to put together your own dish of goodness today. | #alamodefood

Where our favourite beverage starts out 😀 Who will be grabbing a cuppa today? We're open from 6am to 3pm today! | #alamodefood

Craving something sweet but easy on the hips? Drop by A La Mode and try out our Berry Granola! It comes complete with tasty toasted almonds, yoghurt, fresh fruit, berry compote and honey 👌 | #alamodefood

We're ready to serve you the finest sweet treats and DIY meals around 😚 Pop in to 5/27 Railway Road - we're open from 6am to 3pm. | #alamodefood

Our Shakshuka is the definition of comfort food 😍 Ours comes with baked eggs in a spiced tomato sauce, chorizo, cous cous, feta, chill and more! Give it a try today - you can find us at 5/29 Railway Road, Subiaco. | #alamodefood

We've got the JUICE! Grab a refreshing drink from us today - we're open from 6am to 3pm today. | #alamodefood

Have you tried our classic Quesadillas yet?! Stuffed with cheese, chorizo and baby spinach with a side salad to match, it's the perfect lunch treat to keep you energised 👌| #alamodefood

Tired of buying dishes that incorporate ingredients you don't like? Or maybe you want a little something extra added to your meal? That's why A La Mode is perfect for you! You can create your own meal from top to bottom! Come find us at 5/27 Railway Road today. | #alamodefood

Our Avocado Chicken Salad tastes even better than it looks 😍 Complete with grilled chicken breast, avo, feta, apple, tomato and more, you'll be indulging in a mouthful of flavour! | #alamodefood

Ahhh... nothing feels better than filling out a crossword with a DIY meal from A La Mode! We'll be open from 6am to 3pm tomorrow! | #alamodefood

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