Decided to try the SanJapan T-shirt contest this year thanks to @sugarmints . It was fun until the four color rule. I think it came out well and thanks to those who came by the stream the last couple of days!
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Going back soon 😍

Power charge Monday morning with Jaime at 5:30am❣️ #rideandshine ☀️ #nevermissamondayworkout 💥 #showupforyourself ⚡️#powerride 🔥

Sunday Hammock Thoughts 5,20♤18 | 210 Hometown Not Hearing Me Tho. Nvmd me they hearing me, tho. But it's not Edgewood, tho. Rather some random business man wants time on my schedule, when I visit home.
Reminds me I have to bring back the torch. Because no one was ever asking for torch. I gotta make sure they ready to ball... when I'm done w/ my 🐐 and would pass them the ball.
#2 not listening either... SA culture, I guess you could say that it changed. I'm coming back w/ the flames, hope that the city is ready for change.
@spurs took away the silver dancers, had the nerve to not ask me first. I might have to go big claim @garyvee and say that ima buy the Spurs. Don't you make me hustle like that, that's some billies first.
Music real slow, but they grow up real fast just like them boys relays in Texas. Would rather have Edgewood kids watch what I do than Worldstar boonkgang or Lil Tay flexin.
All of my children, how have you become so alone? Spend too much time on your phone. Yanny or Laurel, man that's what they want. Looking at nothing and that's what they want.
Stuck w/o function, these people think you are dumb. Keep wasting your time, I'm just getting me some. Changing the war for my legacy, staying away from my enemies my list is long.
Check the Edgewood history books, it's a mess. Thanks for your service, we got it from here. #Blessed

San Antonio - another marvellous city of Texas, full of historical places of interest. Riverwalk is super awesome too :) #sanantonio #texas #alamo

Asi llegue a #Alamo
Lleno de vida con estilo unico, con acento cantadito de Tantoyuca...
Lo Recuerdan!??
Hoy soy Otro...

В 18 лет смотришь свежий боевик "Форт Аламо" с поп-корном в руке. В 25 - экранизацию 60х,завернувшись в плед и попивая мяту. В 28 лет просто идёшь и смотришь. Вроде прогресс, наверное всё правильно делаю=) Сердце Техаса, ключ к Независимости, святыня и место упокоения героев этой нации... И таки Миссия Аламо превзошла все мои ожидания! Бесплатно, многолюлюдно, а всеравно непередаваемая атмосфера.
#миссияаламо #alamo #sanantonio #texas

I headed into an experience that would change me forever, and I didn’t even know it. Goodbye San An, it’s been real! ✌🏽Here are some tips I learned while living in the land of the Alamo
17 Things I’ve learned living in San Antonio
1. Drivers always go a minimum of 10mph UNDER the limit
2. The Mexican food here is the best (& can’t forget the Mexican fruit cups)
3. Don’t even think about going out FIESTA weekend, traffic is horrible
4. Also, you can find all things Tejano here
5. Small town vibes, city living
6. You can never go wrong with going to the Riverwalk
7. Can’t beat the taco trucks here
8. Don’t argue with people about the SPURS
9. Land of the Alamo & Military City, USA
10. Don’t go out late at night on the Southside
11. If you drive fast enough, you can make it to Austin in an hour
12. You can find a packet of Barbacoa, Big red and a bag of tortillas sold at the store
13. First Fridays are legit
14. The historic and haunted Menger hotel
15. Never take 1604 near Leon Valley at 5:00
16. If you’re a college student, people will always ask you if you go to UTSA
17. Aaaaaand most importantly, don’t leave anything in sight in your car… it will be robbed or broken into LOL
#satx #sanantonio #tx #alamo #militarycityusa

Had so much fun on my trip to San Antonio last week. The Riverwalk, and Tower of Americas were amazing to see and experience. So want to go back again! #texas #sanantonio #riverwalk #alamo

$199 Total Move in Alamo Ranch
1x1 $825
2x2 $1125
Free Movers or Visa Gift Card
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Got your menu and table ready for Memorial Day? We’ve got you covered with a runner, napkins and Marston’s salad dressing!

A huge thank you to all our customers who chatted about the Royal Wedding today! We had a blast! Who wore the best hat? We’ve still got a few spring hats and fascinators left if you are feeling inspired after the Royal Wedding!

Trip is over🤨 #sanantonio #Alamo #riverwalk

the Alamo, san antonio texas!
if you ever head to texas you gotta go to san antonio!
the river walk is amazing!
and if your lucky you can sit down and play with chipmunks!

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