Can’t. Stop. Smiling. 😄 Joyce works @soulcycle 19th St. and is our 🎉 #hypegirl 🎉 before every @akiniko class. On Wednesday she told me she was clipping in 🚴🏽‍♀️ for the first time EVER, Friday/9:30, because she wanted Akin to be the instructor 💛 (She’s smart & can 💃🏾!!! 😉) I promised I’d be there to cheer her on because:
1️⃣ I remember just how 😊🤩🤔🤣😳🤪🤢💦💦💦🙌🏻🏆#allthefeels your first/every Akin class can be, and
2️⃣ because @akins.army is all about supporting and pushing each other toward constant #progress 👊🏻

Joyce you were AMAZING, and I’m so, so happy & thankful I could be your hype girl for once! Welcome to the #ateam 👸🏽 / 06.22.18

I’ve taught her my brand so well @soulcycle @the.wing @260samplesale ・・・
This is her intern Kelly #AkinsArmy

This is her intern Kelly #AkinsArmy

East Coast x West Coast @akiniko ♥️♥️♥️ I met @exercisewithextrafries (both Jo & Grace) about a year ago-ish @soulcycle & we’ve stayed connected through IG & our love of this guy! So glad we could squeeze in a spin while Jo was in NYC, and I even managed to wear my @akins.army -inspired camo @solfireclothing pants on the right day. Winning all around 🙌🏻 / 06.20.18

🅰️is for @akins.army @annalisemcintosh @avamcintosh & @ajrobach, and then there’s @yavuzakman and @nikespina 🤓🔥😋
#Repost @ajrobach with @get_repost
#akinsarmy family edition 💪

#akinsarmy family edition 💪

And that I can do bicep curls with 15 lb dbs instead of 10 #progress #newlimits thanks @yavuzakman for the most bomb class , was so good even with my complete inability to do a pistol squat , but it’s going to happen.... with in the next 3 yrs 😂@akins.army @performixdriven #preformixdriven #akinsarmy

Taking Monday head on with an endorphin sesh at @neoufitness

In honor of jay z and Beyoncé’s new album that I still haven’t listened too 😭, but anyways thanks @juliandevine for the most amazing class even with me being over exhausted and for part of it thinking a hook was an upper and not seeing my hand and a dropping a weight on my finger 🤦🏼‍♀️, Ik I need sleep , anddd thanks @akiniko for the soul warm up and I swear your class gets harder which I thought wasn’t possible . @akins.army #akinsarmy @rumble_boxing #doyourumble @soulcycle #soulcycle

💛💛💛THIS tradition every year. I’ll do it till I can’t walk...thank you @akiniko for being my coach, for daily reminders that anything is possible, and to pursue my best life ... @kumidreams, my soul sister— always 🥂🍾⚡️#stronger #faster #soulcycle #akinsarmy

#tgif 🙌🏼
📸 @manasavedula

Rode at 6AM with @akiniko 🏆
Forgot socks, bought new ones 😏
Found them after 😑

Abs ✔️
Enjoy upper body L+K!
#akinsarmy #fitfam #strength

Came through drippin’ 💦

on Sundays, we work out... (and every other day)

So my legs are jello, thanks @yavuzakman for the most insane (I mean truly insane, but insane is cool so it’s fine 😂) hardcore class with a 4 minute Wall sit and 60 box jumps, no I’m not exaggerating really and dealing with my weak af legs 🤷🏼‍♀️literally you’re missing out if you don’t try it. Anddd Thanks @arieldp for the soul warm up literally every class I could always count on you to play @beyonce never let me down. @akins.army @performixdriven #akinsarmy #preformixdriven #surfyogabeer @soulcycle #soulcycle

@neoufitness will build you... have you been?

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