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This is what I witnessed just a few minutes ago.
A gang of 7 - 8 thieves were hiding next to our home, car and neighbourhood in search of right time to hit their targeted house.
When a home guard on night duty saw them and ran towards them, they threw stones at him and tried to scare him.
He called for backup and was shouting for help. Meanwhile.
I was sleeping in the outer room and heard the shouting, immediately I stepped out of my home and by then the backup police team also arrived.
They searched in the fields behind, near railway tracks and anywhere but they haven't found anyone till now.
"KACCHA-BANIYAAN" giroh is in town one of them said.
They confirmed their dress-up with the same home guard and he agreed.

This can happen to anyone of us, I understand that we can't do anything about our sleep but if we keep ourself a bit alert, we can stop a crime and save our homes, loved ones and help the police to catch people like them.

Hats off to #AjmerPoliceDepartment for their alertness, they saved our home today.

#ajmer #crimescenes #stayalert #ajmerdiaries

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