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Ajex all the way bruh 🙌🏼❤️
( ac and inspired by @team10paradise 😘) @imajmitchell @alexlange @tessabrooks #ajex #ajessa
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#Ajessa 😍

ajessa is so cute💞

A quick lil edit I made of Ajessa! What person or ship should I do next? Please tag Aj! ❤️ @imajmitchell @tessabrooks #ajessa

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Guys I'm so sorry I haven't been that active lately but I kinda wanna delete this account cause I'm not that big of a fan anymore cause of how shady they can be and how sometimes they aren't as positive as they use to so if anyone wants this account just hit me up and I will give it to u😘😘 now I'm a fan of the Dolan twins cause of how positive they are and I love them to death and I hope I meet them one day 😂

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"I'm still into you."💕 -
Hey I'm Vanessa the temporary owner of @hope.tessa 💕 Kat will still be on this account just not posting. She will be responding to DMs or monitoring what I'm doing. I will temporarily be running this account until Kat is ready to come back. Probably 2-4 weeks.💕 (P.S. This is my very first edit😂)
(Plz Tag Them?) @tessabrooks @tristantales @laurierpag -
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Thank You guys so much for helping me get to 500 followers I know it might not seem big but it is a great accomplishment in my books. Thank you so much to all the friends I have made and all of the people I have gotten the opportunity to talk to and to the people who have helped me through hard times. Thank You💕 #500 #halfwaytoathousand #thankyou💕

Wednesday's Post: Texting Story
Tesstan Is Real?💕 @tessabrooks @tristantales #tessabrooks #tristantales #tesstanfanfiction #tesstan #textingstory

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Saturday&Sunday: Work Day (When I Make My Edits, Fanfic, Texting Stories) I will also be posting randomly💕 If I don't post one day or a couple of days I will either be too busy or I'm working💕

It looks like Tessa got skinner💕(Not in a mean way) SHE LOOKS BOMB💣 @tessabrooks @laurierpag #tessabrooks #shook #instagramstory

Mom: A person who will love you no matter what, your forever best friend, a person you can always depend on.💕 @tessabrooks @laurierpag [Tag Them?] @laurierpag @tessabrooks #tessabrooks #goals #familyfirst {First Like: @exclusive.team10} (Laurie Liked and Commented)

All smiles🧡
My edits are getting so boring nooo
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Tessa with purple hair💖 @tessabrooks @laurierpag #tessabrooks #hair #picsart {App: PicsArt}

Just a quick edit💕 Should I make more picture edits or video edits?🤔 @tessabrooks #welovetessa [Tag Her] @tessabrooks (First Like: @lowkey__brooks - GO FOLLOW HER)

Should I do more edits like this?🤔 @tessabrooks @laurierpag #tessabrooks {Tag Her} @tessabrooks (First Like: @roses.for.tess.brooks) #cobaltrct

This is a crappy edit, but it's fine😫😂👌 @tessabrooks @laurierpag #tessabrooks #welovetessasfam {Tag Her} @tessabrooks (First Like: @kisses4tessa)

Tesstan For Life @tessabrooks @tristantales @laurierpag #tesstan {Tag Them}

Swipe to see my Burnt Potatoe lookin face 😂💕🐢 @ofctessa for the idea #facereveal

They're so cute💕 @laurierpag @tessabrooks #goals #family

Wait for so thing better because you not seeing it means you haven't lived your life💕 #lifegetsbetter #lifeisbeautiful #waitforit @laurierpag @tessabrooks @jakepaul

You'd think I'd be over this faze of me ranting about random things but this isn't random because it's affecting thousands of families. Suicide is it's name. Hate is what causes the thought. I know this because I've been in this situation. I'm 11 years old and have been through the worse things ever. Losing my best friend bc she was called a slut and she wouldn't let anyone help her, losing my self respect because I was being body shamed for my weight, wanting to be dead, but I'm not because I found love and hope and happiness. I'm the happiest I've ever been in forever. There is always something better and you have to be there to see it. Life is hard because it's preparing for something great. You are loved and not alone. You change the world by the way you treat others, is one of the worlds most truest statements because if you bullied someone you made them feel degrade and if you loved someone you made them feel wanted. So please give all love and the world will be a better place💕 #lifegetsbetter #lifeisbeautiful @tessabrooks @laurierpag @jakepaul @rice

Rant Time💕
So if you're gonna hate on someone at least give it some thought because of you're gonna hate on someone with zero fat, I mean yea she has a butt and thighs but she has thigh fat because she has a butt.If you're gonna say he's fat at least give some evidence because personally Nick is perfect and so is Tessa. I'm defending these people because I look up to them, I care about them. They are honestly so kind I can't even explain it. Tessa is 18 years old and probably makes more money than you ever will, cuz all you do I hate on people and you think you do nothing wrong which is complete bs. You deserve this hate because you give so much of it. Tessa and Nick are perfect. You should be ashamed that you even had the thought that they weren't. I hope that you one day mature and realize that what you do ends lives. @rice @tessabrooks @thenickcrompton @laurierpag @jakepaul @imchancesutton @erikacostell @imanthonytruj #tessasphatnotfat

My Baby💕 She is not fat she is P.H.A.T= Pretty, Hot, and Tempting💕 @tessabrooks We Love You❤️ @laurierpag

SHE IS HOT🙌💕😩🔥 @tessabrooks @laurierpag

Can I Be That Pig? 🐷 @tessabrooks @laurierpag

A couple things I love Tessa,Tristan,You,Laurie,Carmel Cappuccino Blast,Editing, and Milk and Honey. @tessabrooks @tristantales @laurierpag

"The world gives you so much pain and here you are making gold out of it." - Rupi Kaur @rupikaur_ (Milk and Honey) @tessabrooks @laurierpag (Legit this is my life right now)

"We are all born so beautiful,the greatest tragedy is being convinced we are not." -Rupi Kaur (Milk and Honey) @tessabrooks @laurierpag

"You may never know who I am, you may never know how I look, but just know that everyday you put a smile on my face💖" @tessabrooks

I don't get it. How is everyone so pretty? @megzelly #sopretty

I just thought this was cute💕 @laurierpag @tessabrooks #brookster

Shoutout To: @tessa_._brooks1 @exclusive.team10 @ryleighrocks227 @xtessaqueenx @huggingtalissa @roses.for.tess.brooks @team10x10 @tessaxslays @edits_for_team_ten for making this Collab happen so go give these guys a quick follow💕

First Official Chapter Of "Always Here": Tessa's POV Here it is straight forward no sugar-coating it I LIKE TRISTAN. I know I sound completely insane, I mean we're best friends for god sake. He's just always there for me and never would hurt me. We're always together and me and Chance broke up so he isn't really gonna have a problem, but I'm pretty sure Tristan doesn't like me. Tristan's POV
Ugh, What do I do? The girl I like will never like me. She's too pretty for me, to funny for me, to amazing for me. I have to tell her. I have to tell Tessa I like her. So that's why I invited her over. Tessa's POV So today Tristan invited me over and I'm really nervous because I want to tell him that I like him. Ugh, Why am I doing this he probably just likes me as a friend. Well better now than never I guess.
(Tessa Arrives)
Tristan: Hi T. Come in.
Tessa: Hey Tristan can I talk to you in private for a second?
Tristan: Sure.
(Walk Outside and Sit On Couch)
Tessa: So I've been meaning to tell you this for a long time now.
Tristan: What is it?
Tessa: Well...... I don't want to make things awkward, but-
Tristan: - What?
Tessa: Let me finish, Okay. Tristan I really really like you.
TBC💕 (Comment your opinions on this. Should I continue? And what do you think Tristan will say/do next? I'll try to update every now and then.ILYGSM💕)

Should this be my new fanficiton cover and plot? @tessabrooks @tristantales

I don't know what to do anymore. Bullying is getting worse and I just need help. I was called a slut for wearing a sweatshirt and leggings. I'm sorry for being a problem. I didn't ask to be born. I'm just wish this part of my life was over but I know that this part in life will prepare me for what comes after the simple bullying. I'm done with this. I just need to hide and cry. I've told everyone and no one cares enough to do anything. Why does everything have to be so horrible. What did I do that the it feels like the whole world is against me? Can someone, anyone just help me? I would never judge someone on how the look. I judge you on how you act and what you do. All I want to do is be happy. I'm beating myself up inside. My self-esteem has lowered so much. I just have to hide everything with a fake smile. You can ask anyone at my school if I'm happy they would say yes because all or these years have taught me that just act. Acting is what makes you a person. If you act a certain way people will like you or they won't. Act a certain way and people will think your happy. I'm only 11 and I feel like I'm fighting this fight by myself all alone. No one has been their for me to trust because they all come back and hurt me. This is why I don't really open up. All I can do is hope someone can save me. I'm sorry for wasting your time with my personal problems. @tessabrooks @hoaka_swimwear @laurierpag

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