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Persiapan Bangkok Weekend Getaway sambil makan kacang mede dari @kue_amarena gak bisa berenti dudududuh, hampir buka wadah yang ke 2.
Always happy to go to Bangkok, because I always to finding anything interesting there. Last visit in April 2014, uhmm almost 2 years ago. What's new in Bangkok? #aisalicious_thailand #aisalicious_bangkok #aisalicious_traveldiary

#chelfie with I Gusti Nyoman Darta #uff2017 Day 3 Ubud Food Festival 2017. He is one of the icon of Balinese Cuisines. Its my pleasure to try Lawar made by him. Matur Sukme πŸ™ #aisalicious_bali #aisalicious_ubud #aisalicious_traveldiary

#aisalicious_bali #aisalicious_bali_food #aisalicious_traveldiary
Ini penjual Jaje Bali yang juga favorite di Pasar Ubud. Lokasi tempat mangkalnya strategis sehingga gampang dicari dan macamnya lebih banyak. Ada Jaje Laklak, Jaje Pisang Rai, Jaje Klepon, Jaje Giling, Jaje Batun Bedil, Jaje Lempog, Jaje Sumping dan lain- lain. Nah loh pusing kan ngapalinnya πŸ™„

yakitori time @ Dotonbori & sake tasting @ Sake Bar M 300 #aisalicious_japan #aisalicious_traveldiary #aisalicious_osaka

Exploring Hakodate in 24 hours: Motomachi - Snow Monkeys bathing - Goryokaku - Mount Hakodate ( top 3 night view in Japan ) - Hakodate Bay - Hakodate Morning Market

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#aisalicious_japan #aisalicious_hokkaido #aisalicious_traveldiary
Music Credit: Wishing on the same star - Namie Amuro
We'll be wishing on the same star
Looking at the same moon
When you're thinking of me,
I'll be thinking of you
And no matter where I go
I will be there with you
Wishing on the same star
Lookin' at the same moon

Selama 3 malam kami menginap di @hotelciputrasemarang yang berlokasi di Simpang Lima, sangat strategis di pusat Kota. Saya kebetulan di kamar lantai 9 non smoking room. Yang saya suka dari Hotel Ciputra ini adalah fasilitas spa sampai jam 11 malam, jadi jika badan penat tinggal ke lantai 3 dekat swimming pool. Terakhir reservasi jam 9:30 malam. Sarapan pagi sangat beragam dari Western food sampai Indonesian food, termasuk berbagai makanan khas Semarang. Favorite saya tentu saja makanan khas Semarang termasuk minum jamu kunyit asam yang seger dan bikin melek seharian. Saya berkesempatan juga makan malam di Hotel Ciputra, menu makan malam tentu berbeda dengan menu sarapan. Makan malam dessertnya lebih banyak macam termasuk wingko babat khas Semarang.
Terima Kasih PT Djarum & Kompakers Bandung.
Simpang Lima - Semarang
ph: 024- 8449888

Short Getaway To Pameungpeuk - Garut
music credit: Rise & Shine - The Cardigans

https://aisalicious.blogspot.co.id/2017/05/short-getaway-to-pameungpeuk-garut.html?m=1 or simply click on my bio 😊
#garut #pameungpeuk #jawabarat #santolo #santolobeach #beach #beaches #pantai #laut #samudra #backpacker #backpackers #travel #traveler #traveling #igtravel #traveladdict #destination #instatravel #wanderlust #trip #visitindonesia


I ate Tsukemen Ramen for the first time in Tokyo Station on last Spring 2017. It was memorable because a very long queue ( almost 2 hours ). The title "one of the longest waiting lines in japan". In Haneda.. no need to queue & no need to buy ticket but no small size ( medium & large only ). Special Dip Noodles 450gr, its medium. The looks similar curry but the taste is different. There's a lot of ingredients in the soup including pork 🐷 Thick noodle dip in to rich sauce. I couldn't finish it but its worth to try at least once 😁 PS: I hate queueing for the food because my mood will become bad if I'm hungry. 🍜 Rokurinsha - Haneda International Terminal Airport
#aisalicious_japan #aisalicious_japan_food #aisalicious_tokyo #aisalicious_tokyo_food #aisalicious_traveldiary #imagineyourkorea #KTO #KoreaTourismOrganization #iyk100cameras

Ootoya... One my favorites franchise Japanese restaurants ( good foods and reasonable price ). This place usually full seats a whole day, It famous for both local and foreigner. I recommend to visit Ootoya before lunch/ dinner times, no need loooong queue.
The menus is kind of homestyle Japanese food. Most of the food in Ootoya are delicious. I ate homemade Tofu Salad ( pic 1 ) and Chacoal Grilled Salmon Marinated in Miso with Japanese Herbs ( pic 2 ). And my favorite Kirin 🍺

#aisalicious_japan #aisalicious_japan_food #aisalicious_traveldiary

Music credit: Wind - Akeboshi ( Naruto OST )
Day trip from Tokyo, Kawagoe is known as Little Edo. A lot of shop houses from Edo periods. Not so many tourist in Kawagoe but I enjoyed my 'me time'. It was refreshing to new experience and learning about new things.
Sweet Potato is famous in Kawagoe: fried or steamed sweet potaoes, sweet potato ice cream, sweet potato cakes & snacks, sweet potato soba and.. sweet potato beer!
Luckily.. I've visited Kawagoe during En-musubi Fuurin ( Wind Chime Festival ). A lot of wind chimes hung up at Hikawa Jinja, very pretty.
#aisalicious_japan #aisalicious_kawagoe #aisalicious_traveldiary #kawagoe #japan #videogram #travelphoto #travelphotography #photography

Pic 1: Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo 2011
Pic 2: Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo 2017
Pic 3: πŸ“· by Aisa, Shibuya Crossing, Private Tour Japan - Tokyo 2016
Japan Private Tour. Info: merlinyusuf ( line ) / 0811213939 ( wa ) / instagram: ineedholiday_privatetour

#aisalicious_japan #aisalicious_traveldiary

Flower Parfait: berry mousse, vanilla ice cream, cereal, rose jelly, rose petals.
Accidentally found this pretty cafe while walking along from Harajuku to Omote-sando. I'm in love πŸ’œ

#aisalicious_japan #aisalicious_japan_food #aisalicious_tokyo #aisalicious_tokyo_food #aisalicious_traveldiary

Red Fruit Ice Tea - Summer Drink special di sebuah cafe cantik di sekitar Harajuku #aisalicious_japan #aisalicious_japan_food #aisalicious_tokyo #aisalicious_traveldiary #drinks #cafe #harajuku #tokyo #japan

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