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They finally came through, my #AirTechChallenge2 suede joints! Now it's time for the beige version and I'm good! #OnlineFind #AndTheyGoWithMyBlazerToday haha @mikey_fresh1 said I gotta rock them. @russbengtson & @djclarkkent said #WearYaKicks


I woke up like this! ✨🎾 #AirTechChallenge2 #HeadRadical #ParisTennis 📍

@smooth_no13 さんの投稿で履きたい欲が😍

#summer #nike #airtechchallenge2 #関東スニーカー連合 #夏の写真

Nike Air Tech Challenge II QS - Total Orange
$130 sizes 8-13
Available now at our Lafayette and Baton Rouge locations. Call 337.806.9615 for more info. #andreagassi #airtechchallenge2 #sneakerpolitics #agassi #sneakerpolitics

ONLINE & INSTORE! Nike Air Tech Challenge 2 QS | These two bad boys from Nikes retro tennis catalogue are back on the court. White with blue and grey or red and orange, you choose. Available now, instore @_suppa_ & online on www.suppastore.com #SUPPA #Nike #airtechchallenge2 #QS

#controlled feature on one of our favorite street photographers, and new father @jtlissphotoart x @nike. "Signs... that there's more to story in this photo than meets the eye". Four and a half years ago, we first met @jtlissphotoart at @craig_anthony_miller 60 Collective in DUMBO, back before the neighborhood changed and started pushing out artists who changed the walls for future generations and lives that haven't been born yet. The intention of this artist is what sets @jtlissphotoart apart... as a teacher and mentor to inner city youth, @jtlissphotoart is an activist in the community, he embodies the true meaning of art for the betterment of the people. The sneaker featured here is the #Nike #airtechchallenge2 #french open. Right now, there is a very serious issue going on in France regarding the potential election of Marine Le Pen. Read more here @vicenews https://news.vice.com/article/quebec-pretty-much-shunned-french-right-winger-marine-le-pen-during-her-visit




My favorite of the ATC II retros

Thanks to everyone for the 'get well' txts and messages! I've been sipping on every #HomeRemedy known to man for this 'flu-like- virus (according to Doctor), and they have helped some, but I may have to ride it out a little longer. In the meantime, I decided to rock some old favorites since I'm all bundled up in sweats and a hoodie, Haha! Y'all remember @agassi !? Haven't worn them in a couple of years, but 💛 the color on these-(cool kicks make me feel better..)

Grail reacquired.

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