Cutest little love hearts EVER // Nail Art Gel Polish By Arlene 💖

Wedding nails ready with “I DO” from the new Light Elegance Buttercream Collection “Make Me a Mrs”. All Light Elegance hard gels used. @lightelegancehq #lerocks #lightelegance #ido #smoothie #makemeamrs #buttercreams #weddingnails #pinknails #instanails #yycnails #airdrienailtech #gelnailsairdrie #gossipgirlnails

Ecstatic on how this custom color coordinated beautifully with a jewelry piece handcrafted by @allison.lesley.c @amoreultima used Elite Black & White and Satin Finish supplies purchased at @allaboutnails_in_strathmore #airdrienailtech #acceptingnewclients

@_laurensimpsonx absolutely rockin some pink shimmer and sparkles // Nail Art Acrylic Extensions By Arlene 💖

These little digits have all the summer swag you need // Nail Art Gel Polish By Arlene 💐

All ready for the beaches of Mexico! 🏝 Elite Neon Pink Tips and Shimmer Ice Top coat. #amoreultima supplies from @allaboutnails_in_strathmore #airdrienailtech #acceptingnewclients

Ah...this colour combo is giving me LIFE // Nail Art Acrylic Extensions By Arlene 🍐

Coral vibes for the holidayyyyzzzzzz // Nail Art Acrylic Extension By Lisa 🍑

Pink to make the boys wink // Thank you for cute sayings gran and papa 🙈

Cute summer stamping and foil designs today // Nail Art Acrylic Extensions By Arlene 👌🏼

Sending some nudes // plain colour acrylic extensions by Lisa 🍑

Lilac Lustre Pixie + handpainted Purple Haze accents + Shimmer Ice = 1 happy purple loving lady 💜 #amoreultima supplies from @allaboutnails_in_strathmore #airdrienailtech #acceptingnewclients

Stunning French fade // Nice and clean and sophisticated // perfect for any outfit // French Fade Acrylic Extensions By Arlene ✌🏼

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