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It belonged to my fathers friend- a 67' GMC pickup, 3 speed on the column, a noisy carburetor problem and a bunch of rust. He let me take it for afternoon drives around the backroads late last summer, windows down, radio off, butt bouncing off the bench over every bump. I remember the smell of the hay fields, the burn of the sun around the bends, the wind on my face and supper on my mind. So if you see summer, just tell her I'll be at the intersection of Humes & Nobody's road, leaning against the tailgate, waiting for her warm embrace.

Nosy neighbors are the only downside of this seaside hideout rebuilt from the ruins of two stone cottages. For a little privacy, slip into town and grab a back table at O’Dowd’s, which has been serving locally caught seafood for longer than anyone can remember.
Photo: @kelbywz

Sun's out Bun's out!!!! Looking forward to the house staying clean for a few days thanks to these longer evenings on the water and no rain in the forecast until Sunday 💛 Also SO excited to be able to take a snapshot from this angle and not see our unsightly thermostat that is now hidden thanks to @thesmall_savagewild 's beautiful Horizon Shelf that seamlessly fits into this spot blending so well on this wall with the vintage shelves the Hubb's built for my records. We live in tight quarters and you've got to get creative. SO glad to have found @thesmall_savagewild Not only does this beauty cover our thermostat bit it also gives me extra space for a few new plant babies 😉🌵💛✨

currently: setting up our house for our next airbnb guests, packing clothes for our road trip to colder climates, and marlowe reading a library book under newly hanging @buddha_pants prayer flags ✨ at least one of knows how to relax today, right? ;) were such book worms 👧🏽📚🐛PS. any recommendations for healthy vegan friendly lunch stops in savannah georgia?! we're probably stopping there on way up and back! OH and while we're at it if you have asheville recommendations that would be amazing too! help us nourish our bellies with delicious foods and excite our minds with pretty things, please? :) #ohdeardreahome

Side by side 😍 Tag a friend you'd take here!
By @ena_wa

#FEZ is also famous for its leather products and most of it comes from the leather bazaar/ souq. The souq is home to three ancient leather tanneries, the largest and oldest being the #CHOUARA tannery, which is almost a thousand years old. #morocco #mustvisit


포틀랜드 무사도착!
좋은 부부 좋은 집 만나서 좋아요
주말에 같이 하이킹하러가기로 ☺️

Got profesh pics of my guest room for @airbnb My first #airbnb guest made the bed this way- he used to be in hospitality. And this is now how I'll make both the beds! #homedecor #decorating #design #interiordesign

내일 머입구 오디가징🤔
with sunnyside

발리 우붓에서의 첫 빌라~ 우림을 배경으로 풀에서 수영 할 예정! #발리 #발리트립 #인도네시아 #airbnb #wegyhouse #bali #privatepool #ubud #우붓

Organic rice from own cultivation. #organicfarming #fairtrade #organicrice

I had a really fun time. Even if you do not understand words, you will be friends if you come to this house. Yoshino cedar house is such a place. It was a really nice guest!

#airbnb #Google翻訳最強
てっちゃんは #funnyguy

Thank you Melvin , Celia and Mike for stay in #hiddenspacecm #chiangmai #airbnb #airbnbhost

LOOK FOR US IN TRIPADVISOR ✅ AIRBNB: https://www.airbnb.com.ec/rooms/1012158 #beachlife🌴🌞🌊🏄👌💁🐕 #homeaway #airbnbfun #airbnbhost #airbnblife #airbnb #host #ecuador #santaelena #beachlife #beaches

에이비앤비 3호 컨셉은 핑크핑크
부모님 의견은 묻지 않고 내 개인 취향 반영 😆🌸
침대시트만 바꿔도 이렇게 다른것을....
첫사진:에프터 / 두번째 사진 : 비포
예전부터 운영하시던 1호는 내 손을 떠난지 오래....
#에어비앤비 #airbnb #홈스타그램 #집스타그램 #홈스타일링 #인테리어 #interior #핑크 #pink

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