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Credit to @nellal : A few years ago, I heard about the country's largest pygmy forest that can be found in Mt. Hamiguitan, a protected site closed to the public due to the endemic and endangered flora, fauna, and wildlife that inhabited the area. Deemed a @unesco #worldheritage, I dreamt of exploring the mountain.

Last weekend, we were invited for a climb before its opening. It was an honor to be given the opportunity to see firsthand its wonders & to take part in advocating for its conservation. As much as we want to keep these places secret, I guess we cannot keep it from everyone & at the end of the day, it will be about the local community & community at large working together to rally for its preservation.

Key points of our collective feedback: 1) Education must start from the porters & guides. During this trip, we were accompanied by local scientists & researchers who educated us about the treasures of Mt. Hamiguitan. We suggest that this setup be maintained, since education is crucial to give hikers a deeper sense of accountability. Porters & guides must model the basic practices of sustainability as well. 2) Before climbing, hikers must have a proper orientation on the endemic & endangered species that can be found in the area & the practices to follow when you see them. 3) Impose monetary sanctions to hikers for damages made to the natural habitat, so that they will be more cautious (ie intentionally causing damage to an endemic pitcher plant, and the like)

Mt. Hamiguitan will be open to the public this March under stricter conditions where limits of only 50 hikers per month will be allowed. For the mountaineering community, may we help them preserve Mt. Hamiguitan for years to come by being responsible hikers who do not cause degradation to the mountains through negative human impact. It really is such a wonderful place deserving of all our protection. Thank you to the provincial govt of Davao Oriental, Visit Davao Summer Festival, & @airasiafilipino for inviting us to experience its magic.

For those who are also concerned about this topic, what are your own thoughts?
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Credit to @javycang : I have never felt a place on this planet more alive and thriving as Mount Hamiguitan- it is truly a special place worth protecting for all future generations. Over the last few days, we were given a unique opportunity to traverse Mount Hamiguitan together with the DENR, DOT, biologists & local scientists to gain a deeper understanding of this newly inscribed @unesco World Heritage Site & the conservation efforts going on; all before it opens it’s forests to the public in the near future.

Hamiguitan is home to a completely intact & highly diverse mountain ecosystem, housing several species that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. 300 flora & fauna species on this mountain are endemic to the Philippines. The uppermost portion is covered in pygmy forests, the largest of its kind on our planet. The natural & ecological importance of this mountain is overwhelming, to say the least.

Many thanks to @airasiafilipino, @tourism_phl, @denrofficial and local government of Governor Generoso & San Isidro. My hopes are high that this natural treasure will stay the way it is for years to come :)

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3 years ago, we tried to climb the UNESCO World Heritage in Davao Oriental- Mt. Haguimitan but due to lack of preparation & time, we're not able to reach the summit. My wish for now is to do it again, this time, I'm fully ready, I already reach the PH ist & 2nd highest mountains - Mt. Apo & Mt. Dulang2x and other challengeable mountains in Bukidnon. This time I'm ready for you Mt. Haguimitan, aiming to climb with my partners @jarodripley2000 & @NancyLabrado. Me, also a tour guide, we serve as ambassadors to these mountains, while we introduce fellow climbers to the mountains which we call our 2nd home. Therefore, we feel the responsibility to care for these places, preserving them for those that will follow in our footsteps. Let's not just climb mountains. Let's love, respect, nurture, preserve and take good care of them. Be responsible. And live the "Leave No Trace" Policy. To God be all the Glory!
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@Regrann from @nachidelange - “I can't believe this place exists,” was something that I could not stop thinking (and saying out loud) to myself throughout our 3-day adventure in Mt. Hamiguitan.

Each step was filled with awe at the 5 layers of lush rainforest on this mountain, which hosts 1380+ species of flora and fauna, with 340+ of them endemic to the Philippines, and 8 species found nowhere else in the world but here. Never have I experienced hiking through rare species of carnivorous plants and mossy trees to find a threatened specie of horned frog in its burrow LITERALLY on the trail, or going the wrong direction only to stumble upon an endemic Philippine Pit Viper sunbathing on a rock. The significance of this hotspot of biodiversity cannot be overemphasized, befitting the honor of its UNESCO World Heritage status and requiring our protection for the benefit of all humanity.

Just as inspiring is the combined effort of the local governments of San Isidro & Governor Generoso, the DENR (@denrofficial), and DOT Davao (@tourism_phl) in their continued efforts toward the conservation and protection of Mt. Hamiguitan above all else. Once the mountain opens to the general public, I hope those who will visit this magical place will treat it with the respect and utmost care it deserves to preserve it for future generations.

A big thank you again to Airasia (@airasiafilipino @airasia), the DENR and DOT Davao (@visitdavaosummerfestival) for this rare opportunity. :)

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Hey, it’s Friday, and I’d like to introduce myself ;) #DFAT2018 #ConnectedDavao #PayMayaLovesDavao #AirAsiaInDavao

@Regrann from @airasiafilipino - 📍Pyalitan Falls, Compostela Valley, Davao. #ChasingWonders #AirAsiaInDavao 📷 by @litlabstudios

While summer may have ended, we all should continue to live a healthy lifestyle! One of my favorite stops during #DFAT2018 was at Green Bounty Kitchen. They serve farm to table fresh food, debunking the common belief that healthy food is bland. Try their shrimp aglio pizza, kale basil pasta, and pomelo calamansi juice, among others. #ConnectedDavao #PayMayaLovesDavao #AirAsiaInDavao

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