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Light gauge pure silver, ready to be sigilized, rolled up, soldered, loaded with materia and consecrated for a client. #aidanwachter #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler

Thank you @aidan.wachter for making this beautiful sterling silver infinity wheel for me, and to @funnyfarmart for gifting it to me. I already feel the infinite possibilities opening up when I put this on!
#aidanwachter #talisman #sterlingsilver #infinitywheel #talismanicjewelry #yay

Consecration of talismans for me is usually a fairly long process, between a few day to a few weeks. In some cases, this can take far longer. My general approach is to feed them daily, make offerings to the indwelling spirit where appropriate, and work with then in trance 'as if' I am working with them at the altar until they start to really 'pop', to seem particularly vibrant and active. They then can be maintained by regular use and conscious 'feeding and offering' practices.

Here is a Fear as Catalyst talisman that has been worked for a couple of weeks in this fashion, and is now a very happy camper, doing good work! #aidanwachter #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler

Face Fucking Forward. Always. #aidanwachter #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler

Wheel of Hekate by Jason Miller #hekate #aidanwachter #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler

Bandits #aidanwachter

Another view of the Fear as Catalyst talisman. #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler #aidanwachter #occult #sorcery #witchcraft

Fear as Catalyst

A catalyst is someone or something that encourages progress or change.

Fear is a form of information, intended to produce a reaction in an animal. In our peculiar modern world, however, fear is more often a chronic stressor leading to paralysis. Fear becomes the great inhibitor. Fear can appear as so many things- as anger, as laziness, but mainly as resistance to change. This piece is a tool to re-frame fear not as an inhibitor, not as that which freezes us into stasis, but as the spark that ignites us into positive forward movement. A tool for re-wiring the Selves to feed on fear, converting it to usable energy, instead of being consumed by it. #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler #aidanwachter #sorcery #witchesofinstagram

The Light in the Forest, a wee bit smaller than standard. #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler #aidanwachter

Happy birthday to Zos Vel Thanatos, AKA Austin Osman Spare. AOS showed me a path towards an entirely personal approach to magic & sorcery, a gift for which I will ever be grateful. #aidanwachter #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler #zoskia

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