Bennath An Vamm - Blessing of the Mother
This design was brought to me by Robin Artisson, and plays an important role in his recent work An Carow Gwyn: Sorcery and the Ancient Fayerie Faith. I’ll let Robin describe it: “This sign is an ancient Neolithic "diamond and spiral" motif, found carved on more than a few stones in different places around Europe. The first time I saw it, it embedded itself into my mind and soul and became a part of my own interior language. I named this sign "Blessing of the Mother", which would be "Bennath An Vamm" in Cornish. "Vamm" or "Mamm" means mother, and the addition of "wynn" creates "grandmother"- mamm wynn. In my usage, this sign is the chief emblem of the Fayerie Queen, the Earth Indweller, the Great Grandmother of souls...." #aidanwachter #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler #robinartisson #witchesofinstagram #witchcraft

Dirt sorcery. Spent some time wandering the property looking for allies for eclipse work. #aidanwachter #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler #sorcery

Dirt sorcery. Spent some time wandering the property looking for allies for eclipse work. #aidanwachter #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler #magic #witchcraft #witchesofinstagram

Back in the saddle, or at least one hand on the pommel and a toe in one stirrup! This will be a catch-up week, so likely still slow going.
Also, a general FYI that I realized while I was off that I probably need to do something crazy like take weekends off. So I shall. More as things get rolling. Many thanks for all the kind notes!
(Shown is a Melek Taus piece I shipped right before traveling) #aidanwachter #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler #melektaus #peacockangel

Aidan Wachter's fantastic work, that arrived today。#aidanwachter

The fire that purges delusion, allowing clear vision. The burning skull equally representing the spirit-beyond-the-flesh and the impermanence of the physical. A symbol of blessing, power, luck, and life.

Saw this small person last night at sunset. About 4 inches long, very calm. #aidanwachter

I have had a couple of people ask about the keto thing as I approach the one year mark, and then a couple of asks about long-term practices that aren't food/diet related. Some of this is about managing an intentional way of eating, but also about physical/strength/movement training, and also magical/sacred arts work.
The questions usually go "How do you make yourself be compliant for a whole year? It's hard to stay the course." This can be about food, physical training, or magical/spiritual practices. Each has its own nature, and I approach them all in the same general way, while taking the specifics of each into account. Link in bio. #aidanwachter #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler

Blessings and thanksgiving to the remover of obstacles! #aidanwachter

Starting the background texturing on an Illumination talisman. This one is actually a bit heavier than usual, at almost 4mm thick. #aidanwachter #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler #occult #witchcraft #witchesofinstagram #burningskull

What's on my neck, of late: Fear as Catalyst & Fire Snakes/Six Ways. #aidanwachter #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler

Up last week on the Hermit's Lamp podcast. #aidanwachter #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler #thehermitslamp

Aidan’s book arrived today!

#aidanwachter #sixways #witchesofinstagram

Jesse is dubious. #aidanwachter

Introducing a beautiful gift of a fossil Jaguar tooth to the other cats, and Freya requested to join the party. I guess I should not be surprised, she's quite the cat lady! I love these rune cards, which I have had for ages, by Nigel Jackson, though I haven't pulled them out for years. #witchcraft #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler #aidanwachter #witchesofinstagram

An interesting thing .. I feel as if I know the author .. i can hardly wait to dig deeper.. if this is your deal I strongly suggest you do as well . #sixways #aidanwachter #aidanwachtertalismanicjeweler #brothers #book #nickelsarebad @aidan.wachter

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