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Trivia time!
Which of the Seven Wonders did Madison fail? ✨

evan talking about when he was filming a scene for ahs asylum, he flashed his balls to sarah paulson and jessica lange pmsl

👸🏼 | madison montgomery
the reason why i'm still alive
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hopefully yall understand 3
anyway everyone's gone out drinking tonight but I have a tissue facemask on and i look like jason voorhees and i got a candle smelling like fluffy towels so who's happier

ahs appreciation post:)
— can't sleep
[dt all my followers <3]
some of these clips are so underrated😓

for @vawmmd bc i miss talking to you

i will fail my exams tomorrow
i'm so scared lmao
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🔪🔪Night Creeps!🔪🔪Super late (for me🤣) but WCW goes to Mzzz Liz Taylor! A frigging FANGTABULOUS Character!!😍😍

i finally transferred all of the data and now i have good storage ! it's late so i'll be more active tomorrow -
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some of the people from Forbidden Love. Tristan wasn't really a big part in the 1st part but he gets bigger as the story goes on.

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The beginning of Liz T.
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ur daily dose of even peetars

《Forbidden Love part 1》 * "Good morning baby" I heard his sweet morning voice say.  He gives me a kiss on the head and gets up to make breakfast. It takes me forever, but i finally get up and go help in the kitchen. As i enter the kitchen he smiles at me and makes me feel like the only girl in the world. As i walk over to give him a kiss..*

I've been waking up from that same dream every morning for the past two weeks. Me, waking up next to Evan Peters, and then making breakfast with him. The dreams feel so real, almost like they've happened before... I wish, not only is he to famous to notice me, he is 14 years older than me and it would be totally illegal for us to be together.
I get ready for school putting on my fishnet leggings, ripped pants, a Nirvana shirt, and some black high heel boots. "Good morning Elena, how'd you sleep" my mom asked as i walk downstairs. "Fine" I answered shortly. My mom and i aren't close, never have been. You'd think after my dad left we'd be close but she's the reason for him leaving so definitely not.

My dad left when i was eight years old, my mom was never home to spend time with us so when dad caught her cheating he just couldn't take it and left. Left me with her and started a new family. Even to this day my mom is almost never home. That's why she trys so hard to be nice to me."I made you some break.." "I'm going to school bye" i shout and then close the door before she could say anything else.

As i drive i think about how much i hate being at school. my mom thought that since my dad left there was no reason we couldn't just hop from state to state. I'm always the new girl, which sucks because I've never been good at making new friends. The only good thing about moving to this small town with the stereotypical high school is that on my first day i met my best friend. Isabelle, the prettiest, most nicest girl I've ever met. Her red hair really compliments her green eyes and her smile is totally contagious. My first day at the school she made me feel so welcome and i just felt so comfortable around her. •CONTINUES IN COMMENTS•

👸🏼 | madison montgomery
the reason why i'm still alive
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✰ — you hear that?
for ross | ac deanmoan_
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{I'm only posting this here because, despite the content, I'm very pleased with how it turned out} 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪
This is a part in my Wattpad story that I felt I wanted to illustrate, but I never thought I'd end up liking it enough to post it here. In essence it's a mashup of two scenes/concepts from the show. •

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getting my hair done tomorrow im low-key excited as fuck cause it's been so long since it's been cut

I hope you are all having a great day and summer break so far 😃😀
Credit to owner ❤
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