“Magnetism,” Ahmed Mater, 2012 @brooklynmuseum #ahmedmater #nyc #museum #art #brooklyn

Ahmed Mater: Mecca journeys at the #brooklynmuseum
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“These living quarters are for construction workers employed by the Saudi Binladin Group, one of the largest construction companies in the world.” — #ahmedmater

Ahmed Mater
Evolution of Man

#ahmedmater “I am a doctor and confront life and death every day, and I am a country man and at the same time I am the son of this strange, scary oil civilization. In ten years, our lives changed completely. For me it is a drastic change that I experience every day.”
Ahmed Mater

Detrás del ambicioso plan de Arabia Saudita para la transformación económica y social - que busca despojar al país de los ingresos del petróleo, despojar al poder de los clérigos y disipar la reputación de oscurantismo y misoginia medieval - es la historia de dos amigos , Ahmed Mater y Ashraf Fayadh. Uno es ahora el comisario artístico y cultural más ilustre de Arabia Saudita. El otro languidece en una prisión oscura. Para leer sobre el auge y la caída de Mater y Fayadh, y las maquinaciones políticas detrás del arte, haga clic en el enlace en nuestra biografía. Imagen: "Antenna (White)" de Ahmed Mater (Cortesía de Athr y el artista). #saudiarabia #ahmedmater #ashraffayadh #art #DegreeNoticias

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Behind Saudi Arabia’s ambitious plan for economic and social transformation - which aims to wean the country off reliance on oil revenues, strip down the power of clerics and dispel a reputation for medieval obscurantism and misogyny - is the story of two friends, Ahmed Mater and Ashraf Fayadh. One is now Saudi Arabia’s most illustrious artist and cultural commissar. The other languishes in a dark prison. To read about the rise and fall of Mater and Fayadh, and the political machinations behind the art, click on the link in our bio. Image: “Antenna (White)” by Ahmed Mater (Courtesy of Athr and the artist). #saudiarabia #ahmedmater #ashraffayadh #art

Through The Spectrum exhibition is showcasing Green Antenna, 2010 by Ahmed Mater. Opening Monday, May 28, 2018 9:30pm at Athr, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. .
A Boy Stands on the flat, dusty rooftop of his family’s traditional house in the south west corner of Saudi Arabia. With all his reach he lifts a battered TV antenna up to the evening sky. He moves it slowly across the mountainous horizon, in search of a signal from beyond the nearby border with Yemen, or across the Red Sea towards Sudan.
He is searching, like so many of his generation in Saudi, for ideas, for music, for poetry – for a glimpse of a different kind of life.
His father and brothers shout up from the majlis (sitting room) below, as music fills the house and dancing figures appear on a TV screen, filling the evening air with voices from another world. “This story says a lot about my life and my art” Ahmed says, as he installs a bright, white neon antenna into the ceiling of a warehouse gallery in Berlin. “I catch art from the story of my life,” he continues. “I don’t know any other way.”
As a child, Ahmed Mater would use TV antenna’s to signal across the border to neighboring countries, such as Yemen or across the Red Sea to Sudan. Like so many of his generation in Saudi, he was seeking out ideas, music, poetry, a hint to another world and a different life.
A city landscape in Saudi is often characterized by peaks of antennas, with television playing a major role in modern society. This early work by Mater intends to transform the antennae into an icon, a beacon calling to the rest of the world and a portal to different streams of thought, culture, art and politics–that whilst censored, provides a hint at the world beyond. .
Green Antenna, 2010
Neon light
150x150x50 cm #AhmedMater #LightInstallation #ThroughTheSpectrum #ArtExhibition #art #contemporaryart #athr2018

Get to know the artist
Ahmed Mater was born in 1979 in Tabuk and grew up in Abha – the capital of Aseer (a region to the south of Saudi Arabia), far from the urban centers of Saudi Arabia and a place which remains rooted to his identity. When he was 18, while simultaneously studying medicine, he led a young artist collective called Ibn Aseer (Son of Aseer) as well as being a founding member of Al-Miftaha Arts Village in Abha and went on to co-founded the non-profit entity, Edge of Arabia in 2008.
His recent work presents an unofficial history of Saudi sociopolitical life. It is concerned with the representation of traumatic events of collective historical dimensions, and the ways in which films, video, image, performance and text can document physical and psychological contention. @ahmedmater
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"Pilgrims inside tents on Mount Arafat, where the Prophet Muhammad delivered the Farewell Sermon to Muslims who accompanied him on his last hajj." — #AhmedMater

#AhmedMater is a physician turned artist. One of the most influential Saudi artists today.
__________________________________________#MeccaWindows is an ongoing project of disgarded stained-glass windows from Mecca . A quilt of colorful #geometricpatterns .
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Ahmed Mater, Magnetism, 2012 #brooklynmuseum #art #ahmedmater #magnets #iron

What a wonderful show of Ahmed Mater’s Mecca journey! #brooklynmuseum #mecca #ahmedmater

"The Burmawi district is home to Burmese Muslims from the Rohingya community in Myanmar. They are the largest population of refugees in Mecca, and their vacillating fortunes act as a barometer of the kingdom’s attitudes toward immigration and migration. Burmese refugees have lived in the kingdom for more than seventy years, and some refugees have received residency cards, but many still live in illegal settlements that are threatened by demolition as part of the expansion of the Grand Mosque." — #AhmedMater

Magnetism (2012) #art #ahmedmater

Mecca Journeys by Ahmed Mater up till June 17th at Brooklyn Museum, NY. Transformation of the city leaves you with many thoughts... #ahmedmater #mecca #haji #holymonth #ramadan #art #photography

Aimant les pôles que j'approchais en vain,
j'entrais en âge de fer dans une force d'attraction.
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