Hungry? Vegetarian Tandoori Indian. Bon appetit. #vegetarian #ahimsayogachallenge #tandoori #eathealthy #eatgreen #yogainthekitchen

#iamcompassion January 8-January 29th- Want to feel and stay unstuck and positive?! For 21 days I would like to observe compassion with you. This came from the yogic term Ahimsa which means non-harming or non-violence in our thoughts, words, and actions towards ourselves, others, all living things and our environment. The observance of ahimsa has been helpful for me in the past, especially during my yoga teacher training. It helped to get me unstuck. We will track our thoughts, words and actions to bring awareness to and stay in alignment with our goal which is to think, speak and act positively towards ourselves, others and all living things. I will provide you with some ideas as as well.
In addition IF YOU’D like to be GIFTED a wellness box (essential oil, sage, tea and whatever else I decide to throw in) follow the guidelines to post and share with us on it positive ways you observed compassion. There is a tracker in the BMIM Group to monitor yourself.
You have the option to post on IG or within the FB Group Black Minds In Meditation.
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I’m beginning my journey with flying this year. Arm balance has always been really tough for me. But here it goes. #practice #yoga #crow #usc #coreworkout #progress #fitness #selflove #ahimsayogachallenge

En la calle llueve, hace frio...
Y mientras, yo estoy mala de gripe en la cama, 'desesperada' por haber tenido que cerrar mi centro #SANKALPAYOGASTUDIO
Quizás sea una señal, para entender que tengo que trabajar más la paciencia, así como #ahimsa evitar cualquier tipo de violencia, conflicto o rabia hacia mi, hacia mi cuerpo.
Así que hoy toca elegir hacer lo correcto, darle una pausa a mi práctica y escuchar lo que me dice el cuerpo
*(Foto de archivo)

Ohhhh...atrevete a probar diferentes salas de yoga, algunas como estas sin paredes .Infinitas, difícil describir tanta gustosa sensación. En algún lugar del Atlántico Marroquí....este verano nos encontraremos en esta potente playa, solo para nosotros, nuestra casa.
#ahimsayogachallenge #ahimsa_yoga_pobla#viajesaventuras #retreats #viajeros #yogaphotography #hathayoga #marruecoscontusojos #yoganidra #desierto

Quieres conocer Marruecos? Vivir una experiencia única a orillas del mar? Este verano volvemos a organizar caravana de camellos , haimas, cocinero bereber, clases de yoga , turismo en las ciudades de Marrakech y Essaouira (alojamiento en riad en el mismo zoco de las ciudades) y mucho más, visita la web tienes todo el programa completo.www.ahimsayogaimes.com
#viajes #voyage #retiro #retreat #yogaphotography #yoga #marruecos #marrakech #viajesaventuras #ahimsayogachallenge

Namaste festival almost near... ❤️Thank you for being part of #ahimsayogachallenge last September... What a great honor for me ❤️ Thank you for generous sponsors with all the hosts & congrats for all the winners as well... Hosts:
• Decky Karunia​​: @deckykarunia​​​​
• Deera Dewi​​: @deeradewi​​
• Dewi Loho​​: @dewiloho​​​
• Martin Elianto​​: @martin_elianto ​​
• Ronald Johan​​: @ronaldjohan ​​.
• AHIMSA Jewelry​: @ahimsa_jewelry
• Martasya Yoga​: @martasyayoga .
• Moenka Active Wear: @moenka_activewear . ❤️Thank you so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️ #yogachallanges #latepostannouncement #ahimsayogachallenge #yogawinnersforthischallange #neverstoptotrying #yogainsta

Life. Simply life and its magic. #loveplants #greenhand #life #yoga #ahimsayogachallenge

Some dreams they dream....some dreams come true.
What's stopping you from living your dream today?
🎧|| NAS || Still Dreaming

Never forget your worth.
Never forget your strength.
Align your dreams with your heart, and believe that what comes your way has purpose.
Learn from life experiences, and never stop loving.
🎧|| Breezeblocks || Ryan Helsing + Matthew Saltz

There's always a chance of clouds, but the idea of blue skies will help things feel a little bit lighter.

The truth.
I'm broken. More broken than I have ever been, but the wounds do not define me.
These last few months, my whole world has changed. I am no longer who I was, and I am on a new journey to finding happiness.
This video was hard for me to post, but I was inspired today to project the truth. My flows and really cool asana has been riddled with tears. My personal practice is mostly child's pose where I have a puddle underneath me... and it's not sweat.
What I realized is it's ok not to be ok. It's ok to feel deep sadness. It's ok to feels so dark that you maybe don't want to get out of bed.
Every day is a journey of patience... for myself, for people I love and for those around me.
Like Dumbledore said, "Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

I am patient.

everything i'm not
made me everything i am
🎧 kanye || everything i am

music has a magic to it to take you back in time. this song takes me back to one of my favorite days this summer.
my heart is full.
i am love.
i am patient.
🎧 || badfinger || day after day

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