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We're flippin' over these ladies. 💁 #AGT

TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94 on Instagram & Twitter

A contestant on the upcoming season of #AGT filed a lawsuit on Tuesday in an L.A. Superior court, claiming that the show's new host, #TyraBanks, humiliated her during a recent taping of the show.


According to Variety, the contestant, who is identified in the lawsuit as John Doe, said that she and her husband performed a song during the March 19th taping. She and her husband performed a song about their bond with their daughter, who was identified as Mary.


Their daughter Mary was present during the taping when they were reportedly “humiliated,” by the audience and judges who criticized their song.


According to the lawsuit, Tyra Banks made matters worse when she allegedly made fun of their song in front of their daughter. The contestant also alleges that Banks “pulled her daughter’s hair back, physically manipulated her, and insinuated that the girl was accidentally conceived.” _____________________________________

The lawsuit claims “Mary was traumatized and became—read more at TheShadeRoom.com (📷: Earl Gibson III/ @gettyimages)

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@agt is taking over @extratv! Be sure to tune in tonight to see me and @mariolopezextra with all the judges @simoncowell @heidiklum @officialmelb @howiemandel and #AGT new host @tyrabanks ✨✨

Photo shoot for @agt, this is one of the tools that I'll be using for tomorrow's performance. Don't forget to see me in the premiere show May 30th on @nbc
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Sedikit bocoran tentang apa yg akan gw pertunjukan untuk para juri2 AGT, benda yg gw pake itulah salah satunya. Kita liat gimana reaksi para juri2nya sama permainan gw tanggal 30 Mei (US time) besok. Atau 31 Mei waktu Indonesia
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!! ليس كل مَ نفقده خسارة
فالاستغناء عمن لا يدرك قيمتنا حياة جديده 💕

Besties. ❤️ #AGT

💥 Had the honor or working with these AMAZING & TALENTED guys from Miami in LA on the road to Americas Got Talent!! Stay tuned, they're doing big things!! 🙌🏽 #Repost @5aliveboyband ・・・
5 Alive Episode 1!!!! The Road To AGT..... if you like this click the link in bio for more!!!!!#americasgottalent #agt #boyband #boybands #nodirection #comedyvideos #comedy #miami #losangeles #america #makeamericagreatagain

5 Alive Episode 1!!!! The Road To AGT..... if you like this click the link in bio for more!!!!!#americasgottalent #agt #boyband #boybands #nodirection #comedyvideos #comedy

طراحی تولید و اجرای انواع کابینت آشپزخانه کمد دیواری، سرویس خواب، سیسمونی کودک ونوجوان و میز LCD

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HALLELUJAH: Jeff Buckley🌸🌸 tunes in the morning with rough hair🤡 Such a powerful song! Tori Kelly's cover inspired me to create one of myself❣️ // #hallelujah #jeffbuckley #amazingds #music #musician #talents #voice #cover #singing #agt - ⭐TAG⭐
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Oh yes... I am so excited... Worrrkkk mama @tyrabanks
#AGT ...Sis oh... Shera Donasco Enarsao...
Ahhhhh.... Its a brand new season and she is the host of america's got talent... Oohhhh 😍😛😉😁😗 #dragqueen

FwDV 500 "Einheiten im ABC-Einsatz"

Feuerwehrdienstvorschrift 500 (fuenfhundert): Diese Dienstvorschrift befasst sich mit dem Vorgehen der #Feuerwehr bei Atomaren, Biologischen und Chemischen (ABC) Gefahren.

Bei diesen Einsätzen ist von der ersteintreffenden Feuerwehr nach der GAMS-Regel vorzugehen: .
- (ABC) Gefahr erkennen
- Absperren
- Menschenrettung durchführen
- Spezialkräfte alarmieren

Spezialkräfte sind in diesem Fall die Kräfte des Gefahrgutzuges des Landkreises. Also kurz gesagt wir🙈🙉🙊. .

Also noch mehr rote Autos und so Leute in Astronautenanzügen😉. Leider sind es keine, sondern sogenannte Chemikalienschutzanzüge (CSA).

Last night was insane. #agt

That Escalated Quickly! Is Tyra Banks Really Being Sued For Assault and Battery by A Contestant on America’s Got Talent? YUP!
The first episode hasn’t even aired yet and Tyra has already found herself in the middle of controversy.
While this gig came pretty natural for Nick Cannon, it’s a very different job for Tyra Banks. Not that she can’t’ do it, it’s just going to take a lot of work on her behalf to make it look natural. This isn’t a bunch of screaming girls, who have worshiped Tyra since they could put on heels. She’s going to have to put in work for these people to worship her.
The incident occurred on March 19th. A couple came to the show to compete and performed a song together. The song was about the mother’s bond with her daughter, who was also there with them although not on stage. She was on the side with Tyra.
Apparently their performance was not the greatest because according to the lawsuit, the judges embarrassed them pretty badly. It also notes that the audience wasn’t too much better and piled on.
Tyra then adds to the humiliation by making fun of the song in front of their daughter. So while the parents are getting shamed in front of 1000s of people, Tyra is on the side shaming them to their daughter. They also claim that Tyra pulled the daughter’s hair back, “physically manipulating her” and somehow during the mayhem Tyra insinuated that the girls conception was an accident.
That’s a lot of things to go wrong during one act.
They say their daughter (who is referred to as Mary) is truly traumatized. They explain,
“Mary was traumatized and became deeply depressed. Mary would become extremely nervous and anxious whenever, among other triggering events, she hears any mentions of [the] song and [the] song itself, whenever she ruminates about the events during or related to the performance, and whenever she thinks about the prospective televised airing or use online of Jane and her husband, their performance, as well as the airing and use online of any footages of Mary.”
Yup. In AGT’

Thank you everyone for the support this is a short clip on my act. Watch the full version on @youtube. Link in Bio! #agt #magic #cointrick #sansmindsmagic

A Global Threat at Cafe NELA
5/22/17 "Will peace or freedom come? I'll probably die waiting!!!!" Last nite was a fucken sick ass show!!!!
Sorry for all the bad angles but it's hard to record a favorite song from your favorite band

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