Priest's Pools - Merizo, GU
In the 16th century Spanish Priests would use these fresh water pools to bathe. #Guam#nowyouknow#history#culture#hike#671#aglimpseofGuam

We are so focused on the stars in the sky we forget there are stars in the sea. #starfish#appreciate#Guam#aglimpseofGuam

The trongkon nunu (banyan tree) is often called the taotaomo'na tree because it is believed that ancient spirits inhabit the tree and the grounds surrounding the tree. Taotao, meaning people, and mo'na, meaning front or be first, makes the literal translation of taotaomo'na to mean "the people before us." If you do not ask proper permission to enter the surrounding grounds it is believed that you will be punished by the taotaomo'na who have claimed the tree as their home. According to guampedia & common CHamoru knowledge the proper way to ask permission is as followed:
Guella yan Guello, dispensa ham låo Kåo siña ham manmaloffan yan manmanbisita gi tano miyu sa’ yanggen un bisita i tano’må mi faloffan-ha’ sin un famaisin.
Grandmother and grandfather, excuse us. May we walk through and visit your land and when you come to our land we will welcome you to do the same.

Some may stay, some may go, but no matter what this is always home.
You can’t imitate this G-U life.
Six-seven-ONE all day, six-seven-ONE all night.
There is only a handful who gets to know, sit down, chillax, the photo’s the show.
It’s the place where life is solid not good, but solid is good, don’t get it misunderstood.
Back in my element, now maybe you’ll understand, just why I am as proud as I am.
Even though I may have gone away, it’s the place where I was born and raised…the place where I’ll, for now, remain.
You’ll probably never ever meet a prouder bunch, serving islander pride all day: dinner, breakfast, lunch.
U.S. citizen I may be, but CHamoru I am first.
G-U all the time, trust me life could be worse.
Hafa Adai all day, so blessed this is home.
Come and visit me, I can put my island on loan.
Some may say paradise, but this is simply my back yard.
However, I am forever California scarred.
Happy to be back & I'm blessed to be me, but the truth is one day I might have to leave.
Yes, I may just HAVE to leave,to claim the piece of my heart left on the other side of this sea.
Because for some reason it didn't find it's way home, it's just wandering that Cali coast alone.
But I couldn't have left it in a better place, Cali, I trust you to keep that piece safe.
On a journey to understand my island from beginning to end, because you can't appreciate life if you don't know where yours began.
Guahan you will always be, the reason that I am me.
Guahan, my mother, my friend, my home, I am determined to make you known. #Guam#GU#671#home#freewriting#inspired#myoutlet

Ain't nothing but a Jeep thing. #jeep#rideoftheday#Guam @shaeleneee @__yoko

When the time is right we will all leave our old shells behind and move on to newer and bigger things.

Umang Duk (small hermit crab) is commonly referred to as 'duk duk' because of the phrase that is repeated, "duk duk duk duk," to ease the crab out of the shell. #umangduk#dukduk#hermitcrab#aglimpseofguam#Guam

According to Chamorro legend, the flowers of this tree, once white, are now stained with the blood and tears of two lovers, Elena & Nicolas, whose love story highly resembles Romeo & Juliet. #flametree#favoritetree#legend#Chamorro#Guam#History

Tin roofs & palm trees, laid back life is all I see. #favoritespot#home#aglimpseofGuam

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