we mean business over here... GIG EM & GO DZ 👍🏻 #aggiedz

TB to one of the moments where i officially found my people!!! 💗🍭🌸💋🌈 thank u ΔΖ!!!!! #aggiedz

⭐️Go #aggieDZ & find your bestie!!! ⭐️

Go dz and find your gfs for life!!!💓

ᔕᑌᗰᗰEᖇ ᒪOᐯIᑎ!!! #AggieDZ #goaggiedz

hey TAMU ‘22!! register for recruitment because i’m looking for the perfect little to add to my fam👯‍♀️ make @taylor_bruce a gbig and @bekahbratcher a ggbig #aggiedz #tamu22 #makemeabig

just an appreciation post to my little bc she’s the cutest thing ever and I’m going to miss her so much this summer ❤️❤️ #aggiedz

Throwback to an amazing DiZco with all my sisters! #aggiedeltazeta #rushdz #aggiedz

dogs are a DZ’s best friend☀️☀️ wishing everyone a happy monday!!! #AggieDZ #GOAGGIEDZ

thank you ΔΖ for introducing me to the sweetest 🍭 #aggiedz

Register for Recruitment TODAY & find your home on bid day!!!✨⚡️⭐️🌟 #AggieDZ #tamu22 #GOAGGIEDZ

Here is to all the wonderful moms out there! We are thankful for your unconditional love and endless inspiration, and for teaching us through being beautiful examples! Happy Mother’s Day🌻 #AggieDZ

~and so the adventure begins~
Seniors, the time has come! Thank you for the legacy that each of you have left behind! We love you, and congratulations grads!🎓 #AggieDZ

Meet Jane! Jane is a biology major and plans to attend Rutgers Graduate School to get her Masters in Biomedical Sciences as a part of their Dental Scholar Track! She has served as Delta Zetas Sisterhood Chair two terms in a row and was in charge of Advertising for our most recent event, Pink Goes Green! Check out her post “A Letter to My Sisters” to see the love she shares for DZ! We love you Jane💐💗 #AggieDZ

💗Pink Goes Green💚 a HUGE thanks to everyone that supported our philanthropy event!!! #keepbrazosbeautiful #AggieDZ

Individually unique, but together complete!🌸 Tag your fam and show some love!!! #AggieDZ

Meet Alison! She is an Allied Health Major and plans to go into Surgical Sales after graduation! She says that while being a first generation college graduate, no one in her family even knew what a sorority was. She had a preconceived stereotype of what she thought sorority girls were like. “I will be the first to say that I was WRONG.” She says that becoming a part of DZ was one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Not only were the girls genuine and comforting to her, but they became some of her very best friends. Her bridesmaids. Her people to go to for everything! We love you Ali 💗#bittersweet #AggieDZ

hands up for the weekend!!!! #throwwhatyouknow #aggiedz

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