My good friend Cole Randolph and Cole Huffhines got there Aggie gold last night! So proud of them! They show that as long as you work hard, stay committed, and focused on your goals, you can achieve anything. Can’t wait to spend senior with these guys next semester! #modeltheway #aggiebling #ringdunk

I’m so proud of this girl! She got her bling, gonna miss her these next 2 years. Loosing my wingman to Arizona. Love you K!! #aggiebling #freakingwhoop

Notice anything different? ;) #aggiebling #btho90hours #WHOOOOOOP

Today was a good day #AggieBling

sweet sweet friends got that aggie gold today and I couldn’t be more proud 😍😍 #aggiebling

Such a fun evening celebrating Emily’s Aggie Ring Day! #aggiebling


Tears were definitely shed today!! We love you a ton Gil & we’re so proud of you :,) #aggiebling #btho90hours (wind btho us tho)

Happy Aggie Ring Day! Congrats on the new bling!
#AggieRingDay #AggieBling #TAMU

Loudest & proudest bunsos & gbunsos! 💍 #aggiebling

MY BEST FRIEND GOT HER AGGIE RING TODAY!!!! #WHOOP #aggieringday #aggiebling #gigemaggies #tsandgs #proudroomie

One of the most EXCITING days of the year..... R I N G D A Y! Congrats on receiving your Aggie Ring, Curtis!! .
#aggienetwork #aggiebling #aggieringday2018 #cardmyyardbcs

GOOD MORNING and HAPPY Friday to ALL! 👋🏽We want to send a huge congrats to those that will recieve their Aggie Ring today! Its such a huge accomplishment and we want to congratulate you all💍💍💍 #btho90hours👍🏼 #RiseUp #AggieBling #TAMU #RiseatNorthgate #Friday #SignYourLeaseToday

Alright, who is getting their Aggie Gold this weekend?!? If you know someone who has BTHO 90 hours, tag ‘em below! Give me a 👍🏻 in the comments and tell me how you feel about it!! 🎉🎉

Cody gets his ring this Friday, and I am just so proud of all the hard work he has put in to get here!! I can’t wait to celebrate him!!! •
Pretty soon everyone that gets their ring this weekend will be taking senior photos by the big white pillars of the admin building and wondering how the heck time went by so fast!! I know I already am. Literally, it feels like yesterday that we were babies just moving here. I was beginning my business and he was tackling his freshman year as an engineering major (if you or a loved one has made it through this, you know how crazy it is! 😂)

Cheers to you, Ags! Congratulations on earning your new bling!

one year with my favorite accessory💍 #aggiebling

Calling all my AgGiE girls! This romper is perfection & so comfy perfect for getting your #aggiebling or #gameday !! SML $23

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