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Politicians debating global warming #globalwarming #climatechange #politics #trump #ageofignorance

The longer we wait to get out of these days, the shorter we'll live and the faster we'll decay


They murdered their own to start an endless war. Sat back and relaxed as the buildings burned. This is the age of ignorance #ourlastnight #oln #ageofignorance

Sometimes, I miss myself for doing silly stuffs like this
Miss the good-but-not-good old times when I was still being a high-schooler :')
📷 by : @wpras28
#stembayohitz #ageofignorance #highschooler

do you notice the twinkle in his eye? He's sees how bright the future truly is. The sun and the moon are full of love. 😂 😂Ha I haven't posted in a while but I love when people post selfies and leave gay ass full of shit quotes because they think they look cute in the pic and a self quote is necessary. #selfie #Negativity #AgeOfIgnorance


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