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Охххх😎Что мы сегодня снимали для @delight_triumfo 🎥🎥🎥 Показываю небольшой #backstage #agent007 #constantdelight #soon

So today marks 2 years since I've joined the fandom on here! I'm finally an old account.🌝 It's been madness and I'm so blessed that I reached 11K LIKE HOLY SMOKES. That's just remarkable to me!
There are SO many people I literally could thank one by one but I've made loads of good friends that I just can't all write down😹 You've all made me laugh, smile...and basically just laugh - well so happy. 😹 Plus on my next post I'll probably tag quite a few people for making this a memorable journey. Thank you all for putting up with my horrid banter😹 And Thank you everyone who's been there from the start and even the new followers for making this account successful! I am seriously blessed to know such great people. These 2 years have been a blast!💕
Oh and apologies for the quality of the edit, it's not too great I know but I've been caught up in a load of things unfortunately so haven't had the time to make something decent. I hope you enjoy this past/future thing.☄

G. Blonde. Hole 6. Rocket.
Caddying service on fuego 🔥. #agent007

Sebutir nasi umpama setitik peluh petani... setiap saat dalam video agent ni umpama mencurah keringat kami... #agent007
Baca dan hadam. Cakna la kalau mampu... 😏
#Repost @sirpuloh
• • •
We, the whole sirpuloh team, would like to send our highest gratitude to a super-talented & humble Malaysian Superstar ‘Nabil Ahmad’. This is our first collaboration with him. And getting to know him, he is a celebrity full of knowledge, & emphasises on the importance of education. a kindhearted, farsighted & down to earth comedian... who is willing to work with anyone for the sake of revitalizing our education. He is totally on fire to change how the sports development in this country should start right from the early ages. We would also love to further work with this BRILLIANT YOUNG MAN. Wait for our next project!
p/s: when we offered him some token, he even refused to take it. When we insisted on it, he replied ‘send the token to any school or anak rumah anak yatim yang memerlukan’. On TV he touched our giggle box but on reality he touched our heart. Thank you very much Mr. Nabil Ahmad! @nabilzira @lixaramli & @azahahaha
pp/s: one post is not enough for us to tell everything that we discovered about him in person. But one thing for sure, Madam @zira.ayub, little Medina and Mikayla are the most lucky people to have him as the leader.
ppp/s: don’t forget to watch our full behind the scenes video on our youtube channel!

Пирс Броснан высказал своё отношение к Дэниелу Крейгу в роли Джеймса Бонда. По словам бывшего "агента 007", Крейг блестяще справляется с поставленной задачей, к тому же, он появился в бондиане как раз в тот момент, когда история нуждалась в свежей крови. В глазах Броснана новый Бонд выглядит очень органичным, вносящим нужную динамику. 😎👏🏻

Skyfall (2012)🎬
The first time a character is audibly heard saying the "f" word in a Bond movie. In The Living Daylights (1987), Bond clearly says "For f***'s sake!", but it cannot be heard, due to plane engine noise. This movie is the first Bond film to use an audible variation of the "f" word, said by M at Skyfall Lodge.
Directed by: Sam Mendes 🔥

dedicated, determined and disciplined #agent007


I thought that a delicate feminine hand with a manicure will fit nicely with a gun. It is a clash of force and sensitiveness.
Products used...
Base Color:
> White, CjS - # 2 Jenny's Gonna Love It!! - Nail Stamping Color (5 Free Formula) @clearjellystamper
BORN PRETTY - Neon Unicorn Powder Chameleon Mermaid Mirror Nail Powder Chrome Pigment BJ16
Walther PPK @waltherarms .
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Ford Mustang har under åren rullat flitigt på både vägarna och på bioduken. År 1971 körde Sean Connery Mustang som agent 007 i ”Diamonds Are Forever”. 💎 #fordmustang #agent007

#agent007 😂

Было мне лет 🖐 Играли в прятки (рост сами понимаете - сильно не изменился 🙃 📏📐) Выбегает на меня из-за угла мальчик👦 Ну, выше на голову (я думаю он сразу же пожалел, что я не играла с куклами или чайными сервизами в то время) Вы, наверное, догадались уже, чем я разбила ему лоб и чем мне запретили играться?❔❓
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