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[👼🏻] date : 26th April
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I don't usually post rants but this week has been a wave of emotions and so i wanted to share my thoughts.
kindness is something that we take for granted. sometimes just one comment can completely change a person's day.

There are times where i'm shocked by how rude people can be. i see people getting picked on and being called "ugly", "fat", stupid" or "annoying".
i have friends who tell me they feel like they aren't good enough because of what somebody else said about them.
today a person who i thought was nice called me something which stuck with me for the rest of the day.
let me say this. words. can. hurt.

Now, i'm not saying that i haven't made mistakes myself as there are times where i mess up. sometimes i do hurt people's feelings. sometimes i don't realise it. but i always try to be a better person and apologise sincerely if what i said was mean and unnecessary.

If people were a little nicer and less judgemental, the world would be a better place. you don't know what somebody is going through. you don't know how much impact a mean comment can have on them.
it takes years to build up confidence but seconds to destroy it. that's why it is so important to be kind and considerate of other people's feelings. it is okay to dislike somebody, but if your opinion is going to hurt them, don't say it. let's all compliment a little more and love a little more. it truly makes a difference.

As they say, kindness makes you the most beautiful person no matter what you look like. 💞

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hii babess, how u doin’. I’m good but a lil bored soo someone dm me lol. anyways Ariana is going to #FallonTonight may 1st !! sooo excited to see them together again like I love them both together sm yeeess and to see all the sketches & stuff !! and Jimmy said they’re going to be surprises hmmm. what do u think? 2nd single release for AG4? 👀
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