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what hour is in your country? 🌸
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which one? 💖
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which one? 🙈
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tomorrow is ariana's birthday!!😱🎉

this outfit 😍😍

left ⬅️

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It makes me so sad to know how underrated that song is 😭😭 And not even many people that there's that amazing song 😭😭 I'm so in love with it same as the performance of it 😍❤ Guys have a look how she dances and jumps in those heels like they are normal shoes 😍❤
Video credits goes to "lovexjessicuhh" on YouTube

which one? 💖
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beach or pool?
— b // @teentaxi

La mia faccia quando ho visto le fan action messicane per il dwt>>>>>

Our baby has been growing up with us - Arianators ♡ I have known her since Victorious 💭🏹 but I've become real Arianator in 2015 even though first song I've listened by her was Problem when it was out 🌸🌙
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I promise, when we meet, I'll hug you and never let you go. It's so hard for me to not see you everyday, to not talk to you. Sometimes I just want to cry that you aren't right next to me, but then I remember how grateful I am to have you in my life 💛 the distance don't matter! @creampuffgrande love you unreal 😭❤️

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