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AVEGA O SE SI'I - understanding what goes on in this form of expression of ALOFA (love). In every Samoans life, you've had to attend a SI'I whether it was for a family funeral or a close family friend & even weddings. It is beautiful to see as they prepare their 'IETOGA & TUPE (even other gifts such as an animal gift or pusa pisupo). Your AIGA will come together & contributed what they could, either monetary gifts or in a form of fine mats. There was no expectation as to whether one needed to contribute & how much.

As with any FA'ALAVELAVE, our connection to the friend or family of the MALIU or FA'AIPOIPGA determines how much to donate. A strong connection means a bit more donation than a not-so-strong one.

While it is not compulsory to give, it is a gesture to acknowledge the friendship or connection with each other. It comes down to the VAFEALOA'I which is our foundation.

While mainstream media sometimes would report on FA'ALAVELAVE as causing financial struggle among Samoan people, it is important to understand that our contribution to a FA'ALAVELAVE depends on how much we can afford to give & NOT to impress anyone. This is where things can really get out of hand.

Once we understand WHY we do a lot of these things especially SI'I, we would then understand the beauty of ALOFA. As one Samoan AGANU'U teacher would say, E LEAI SE TUA'OI O MEA LELEI. Good deeds are powerful & can bring families, friends, and people together.

In saying that, there is more to the FA'ASAMOA & its nuances than observing it from the surface. The FA'ASAMOA has never been about an individual but US as a UNIT.
#AigaStrong 📸 @vienna_baker

Undoubtedly a man whose legacy is alive and well long after his death. One of the men I honored when I kā’d my malu. I have heard many stories of who he was, and most of them are crazy. He was loved, but even more so, respected and feared. Such a strict disciplinarian, he raised his family with an iron fist. He wasn’t perfect, God knows none of us are, but what I do know, is that he loved his family fiercely, and would do anything to protect them. My mom was his pele, and the respect he instilled in her growing up, she in turn raised her kids with. He commanded respect whenever he walked into a room, and I’ve heard many people relate that he could go to any event, wedding, funeral or otherwise, point at whatever he wanted to take home and did so without protest from anyone. Though his life ended before mine began, I am still a part of him, as he is of me. I am his taupou, his only granddaughter to kā her malu, the same way his mother, and grandmother received their malus as well, the same way he kā’d his sogaiimiti. I wear it with such pride, because I know who I am. When I look at my thighs, I know who I represent, my father, my paternal grandfather and him. Happy heavenly birthday to the man, the myth, the legend of my aiga, my maternal grandfather Gatai Vaolo Moemalemalo Maneafaiga of Alofau. I love you grandpa, always. #maneafaiga #alofau #tamasamoa #highchief #samoa #mygrandfather #alii #samoan #aganuu #faaaloalo #aiga #aigaefaavavau

Tomorrow I leave my final mark on TNUA. Masters Showcase and then it's done. 5 months of learning, growing and exploration in this land for now will be over - and how bloody grateful am I to have been blessed with this opportunity. Leaving Taiwan with the same way I entered it: With my Pacific culture being displayed through my actions, my personality and artistry! #FinalShindig #PacificContemporaryDance #MastersShowcase #TNUA #TheEndIsNigh #PacificToTaiwan #Whakapapa #Aganuu #PasifikaProud 😣😔 @oliviafoai - I feel so much of our people listening to this song! Thank you for creating and delivering it so that I could share our culture with the world!

Generation ‘Far Too Many To Count”..and then some. Paparazzi shot number 45, and the smiles were quickly fading. Next family reunion set for December 2019 in Samoa. Yep, we are all going. Cannot wait. #Saleimoa #Tafao #Luatua #faamalosi #aganuu #lautoka #faasulu #uelese #milosi #faletama

I don’t get to have a lot of these exclusive moments with my moms, being that she is the head of our Tafao Luatua family and she is momma to all of my relatives not only on the Luatua side but also on my late papa’s side to. Time is precious, so I need to quantify and qualify this real quick. How? Hold it, cherish it, remember it, love it, respect it, embrace it, and know that family is more than just blood. These are your roots, your core, your foundation, your culture, your beliefs, your ancestors struggle to get you to this place where you are at right now. This is where you find your truth, where humility takes form, and the definition of standing on the shoulders of giants. So, know your worth, be sincere, be kind to others, be good to yourselves, and remember, God is always watching. #mommasgirl #papasgirl #luatua #faasamoa #tafao #saleimoa #godslove #ilovemymom #dadmyfirstlovemyforeverhero #faneneboys #faletagoai #wolfgramm #scanlan #swan #tavo #tonga #faaaloalo #aganuu

Just another day in the Ville. Daily Aumaga meetings. #SalanoaMaTupua #FagaESā #Aganuu #PapaPanty

Amazed to join the culture force with these Samoan Tootoos
#Aganuu #UoA

Never forget where you are from... Teach your kids while they are still young!! #culturedorr #familyfirst #aganuu

To those who filled out a registration form concerning your interest in Gagana (Samoan language) please check your email for updates and confirmation. We look forward to working with our new and returning students. Manuia lava Le aso! #LOA #LeleigaOAiga #GaganaSamoa #PerpetutateSamoa #PayingItForward #Aganuu #ForOurFutureGenerations #ForOurChildren #ForOurAncestors #SamoaMoSamoa

No matter where I go Samoa, culture and the Island will always in my heart. I Love my identity, culture, discipline, Love and respect. O Lau tu, lau tautala, savali ma ou uiga tau saafia. E alofagia ai oe e tagata. Taofi mau I lau aganu'u I mumulu. Hold on to your identity and be proud of it. Boom!! ❤❤

🌴Manatua Lou Tupuaga🌴
Le Ava 🇼🇸#faafeiloai#aganuu

Throwin' up the vasega signs w our leader 🙏🏽 Vasega 1 - 6 Ueligitone ❤️ #LLAS #aganuufaasamoa101 #graduates #Tanuvasa #farewell #aganuu #faasamoa #ueligitone #samoa #lumanaiosamoa #aiga

Congrats to Samoa/ NZ's own Heavyweight Boxing Champion! Defended his title with grace, humility & pride. Team Parker! #josephparker #heavyweightchamp #teamparker #Aganuu #aganuufaasamoa101 🤘🏽💪🏽

A clip from LOA's Au Siva 1st kick-off fundraising event this past Sunday. We are so grateful and thankful to all of our families, friends and supporters who came out and showed so much love to our dancers and our team. We are humbled by all the continued support and look forward to sharing more of our journey to Samoa in 2018! Faafetai tele lava mo le alofa! #LOA #LeleigaOAiga #Support #Aganuu #Community #Tautua #Service #PayingItForward #SamoaMoSamoa #ForOurFutureGenerations #ForSAMOA

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