When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you. 🌾#AfternoonStretch

Not every day is meant for lots of sweat and lifting weights.
Sometimes it’s meant for quiet stretching and deep breath.
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My backbend seems to improved quite significantly over the past 2 months, I guess YAY! 👒
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Inspired by @kor_joyoon
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I have always thought being kind is the most important thing, and I still believe it but that also includes being kind to YOURSELF!!!
Feeling extremely disconnected from my true self of late.
I've always been that person who 9/1O times can fake the smile just to get on with my day & avoid conflict like there's no tomorrow. In turn I tend to sacrifice my own happiness & end up feeling like a big piece of shit living a lie of happiness - I've been called weak, a doormat, having no back bone, soft, too kind, pushover you name it. When I tend to feel these words having meaning & often so intensely I become this fake version of myself where I tell myself 'I don't care' ' be the bigger person' or I just avoid the situation all together. It's often at these times that I also feel like I've lost my sense of self and when that's gone I feel as though I have no leg to stand on.
Today I got outside & really tried to tune in to my inner self and I had a mini epiphany- I find it difficult to stand up for myself but not for what I believe in and today it clicked that a lot of the time I allow myself to be 'used' or 'the doormat' is because I really don't believe in myself or believe what I feel matters to others. I advocate for others to, I encourage positivity & self motivation yet I can't seem to do it for myself.
One thing that's always helped me be one with myself & truly feel connected to the core of who I am is practising grounding, feeling the cold air & just being in nature. I'm trying more often then not to get my crystals out, burn my candles, see, feel & embrace what's around me & have as much me time as possible.
So my message today is to really think deep if you're a bit like me and run away from problems or people who make you feel like shit and ask yourself why? And work on it because you owe it to yourself. ❤️👊🏽
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On Sunday afternoons we do yoga. Ollie and I take over the lounge, and at the end of our 30 minute practice he is ALWAYS chilled and asleep right next to my mat. 😴🐶This says a lot for my reason why, and how important yoga should be in our daily life. For me it’s a chance to zen out, to breathe deeply, to slow down and stretch. To reflect on the week, and get ready for the next. How do you take time out in this busy world we live in?

If you were seeking a friendly reminder to stop scrolling and take a midday stretch, this it. ✨

Get your blood moving, take a walk around the block, sit for an afternoon meditation, or eat your lunch outside soaking in some vitamin D (don’t forget your sunscreen!) 🧘‍♀️☀️🏃‍♀️
— (📷 Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1936)

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