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Thanks to my darling @kat.mills for this shot. Taken on a beautiful sunset in Los Feliz , Los Angeles #Smize #Ismagram #AfroRican

It's Getting Weird Over Here At THE Vinyl Party. #afrorican #giveitallyougot #bassjams #florida #rep%

... Because tapping into my heritage makes me happy ❤️❤️ @wrapqns
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It don't really get no realer than this... #Raw #Real #AfroRican

Mi Nena con el lindo peinado que le hizo Pama💗 #afrorican#mibebe#raices#10months


Relief Trip Numero Dos!!! @projectrestorepr ✊🏽🇵🇷 If you would like to support these efforts continue to share or donate to link in my Bio.
This grassroots community relief effort is a continuous humanitarian response to help bring direct relief to those in Puerto Rico who are STILL NOT RECIEVING HELP after nearly 50 days!! This is not ok, the world needs to know what is happening and people are still very clueless to what is going on. You would think Puerto Rico was a third world country.
I have so much more to say but my flight is about to take off... I wish my comrades on their way to the Unity March for Puerto Rico to continue the fight for our people 🇵🇷✊🏽❤️

October 16th 2017:

Grisel's home. Water came through the roof and seeped in from the basement causing extreme flooding. All of her belongings have been damaged including her car. She has no way of leaving her town to get aid and the neighbors are all relying on each other. Nearly one steeet over water is dropped off, but it is only for showering not drinking. By the time their street knows the water is gone.
When we arrived we were the first form of aid they have received. Neither FEMA, Red Cross, UNICEF or any other organization that exists has made it this area. This story is real and multiplied by the thousands throughout the entire Island.

October 16th 2017 Grisel Robles, from Toa Baja. She was one of the neighbors whose home was destroyed. Water flooded the floor level and came through the roof of her home. She was able to get it tarpped, but needs more. With no car she is struggling, but somehow managed to still smile. With donations we were able to provide flashlights, some cash assistance and additional aid to the family of Gloria who initially gave the message regarding people in her neighborhood.
Direct relief is necessary during these times where aid has not reached everyone.
If you would like to help bring direct relief to people by supporting the next trip in November 18th please donate to: LINK IN BIO
🔹youcaring.com/projectrestorepuertorico 🔹 💯% of funds go directly to the people of Puerto Rico.

October 16th 2017 in Toa Baja, PR. Edwin's House.
The entire street was flooded prior to my arrival. Nearly all of their belongings destroyed. Many people sleeping on the floor now facing infestation from rats and the mosquitoes. Rain still pours in these areas of homes that are needed roof coverage and debris removal. Yet, clean drinking water has yet to make this street.

It's Getting Weird Over Here At THE Vinyl Party. #afrorican #giveitallyougot #bassjams #florida #rep%

Oct 16th. I had recieved a message on Facebook form a woman named Gloria about a neighbor of hers whose mother passed away in need of water in Toa Baja. It was my mission to find him. When I did he expressed that he didn't need anything to the neighbor that helped translate. Luckily his sister arrived and did a check and came back out and said they needed a lot. Water, flashlights, and some food was provided. All I kept saying was I wish I had more to give. The families here are suffering so much, but we keep trying. We won't give up!

Oct. 15th the reality of the numerous cases of devastation quickly rose as we settled into areas where help was once absent. After hours at the Clinic in Quebradillas. A wife came in with her husband. His foot was run over. The nurse, Kyle did a quick clean up of the wound, then blood came out of the hole. He was immediately told he needs to go to the emergency room to get it looked at and examined thoroughly because there was no way of telling if something was lodged inside or if it was just a puncture wound.
Immediately after they left a woman came in with her baby passed out. Thankfully the baby woke up crying not knowing where she was her temperature was taken and I kneeled, gently speaking to calm her tears as Dr. Hartridge and Nurse Elizabeth let the family know to keep her hydrated, supplying them with pedialyte and instruction of care. These were two of the cases I witnessed, out of the 200+ people that were served in the clinic at Quebradillas.

After leaving Utuado, Grant and I headed to Hatillo to get food before night fall. We met this sweet couple who danced away while waiting for food. The theme of the entire day was enjoying life to the fullest despite the devastation. There were times you wouldn't be able to tell that people were experiencing a ciris because they deal with it so well. After the couple started to dance they came to talk to us and ended up sharing their contact info and offering their home to us if needed. A major change that I have noticed since Hurricane Maria is how much closer people are becoming... complete strangers have turned into family. ❤️

It's a lifestyle... #jeeplife 🇵🇷

On our way to look for an address in Utuado to deliver a package we met some locals who were ready to move back to the states. He was looking to sell his Jeep before leaving.

Smiling regardless 🇵🇷❤️ #boricuapower

He is just so perfect!!! My little munchkin... you have no clue how much mommy loves you! These sacrifices aren’t for me... it’s all for you and for your bright future ⭐️ you are so smart and beautiful in and out! Everywhere you go the room lights up 💛🧡❤️ #myworld🌎 #JuliusZionGarcia #toodlerlife #curlsfordays #AfroRican #Mymini #Zion 🦁

New episode returns in two weeks after thanksgiving!😊❤️ •

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