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AFRL ENSPIRE program strikes resounding chord with students - https://go.usa.gov/x549f #EdwardsAirForceBase #STEM #AFRL

When a little means a lot ❤️ Vinaka @australianfijianrugbyleague for allowing me to support a cause I'm passionate about - my Fijian brothers - and in this case, those of all ages, from all walks of life, who dedicate their life to the game of rugby league. 💙 #AFRL #peteroawards

Proud to support young and long standing Fijian Rugby League players that are based in Australia, at the inaugural Petero Civoniceva Awards and Medal Night 🏅#AFRL #PeteroAwards

squad 🍷 #AFRL #PeteroAwards

Nightly rituals. #gmgp #afrl @pcrevs

Get it girls!! #AFRL #Womens 🇫🇯🙌🏽

Last night's annual Petero Civoniceva Awards Night #AFRL #PeteroAwards #dapper #timberlands

🇫🇯 T O S O V I T I T O S O 🇫🇯 As they warm up for their 1st game .. I'm just landing here in cold Melbourne. S/o to The Lewas today as they compete at Harmony Cup🏉plus anyone else I know having a dig ! Almost had to toss a coin in making a decision 🙊 to play or not to play👊🏾 RIP IT UP, stay injury free, keep hydrated💦thinking of y'all😘 #WomenInLeague #AFRL #YTG

I decided to take on an extra summer research project this year, and I was fortunate enough to be able to present at the #McNair Undergraduate Research Conference. It was a great experience, but I'm looking forward to being able to focus strictly on UBNL as we prepare for our #AFRL review at #SmallSat !


One of the most amazing humans in all existence, trying on clothing combinations for homeschool formal. Unschooling, it is difficult to know exactly when the appropriate time is to 'graduate' but seeing as much of her learning has culminated in starting university subjects last month, and all of her school friends are preparing for graduation, she decided that the right time is now. We are oscillating between vintage chic and buying a brand new steampunk style dress... are you doing a homeschool formal? What did you wear for your formal day? Links in bio ♥ #homeschool #homeschooler #homeschooling #unschool #unschooling #naturallearning #unschooled #homeschooled #teenhomeschool #teenhomeschooling #homeschoolblog #community #livingtribe #unschoolcamp #permaculture #attachmentparenting #organic #changetheworld #waldorf #steiner #mulberrychildhood #minimalist #afrl #academyoffreerangelearning
#travellingaustralia #vegan #veganeats

Preparing for maternity leave as a homeschool Mama working from home is no joke! 500 hrs of work later and I have some incredible blogs set up for our tribe on our mailing list! Lots of wisdom for homeschoolers and natural learners all around the world, on: travelling and home educating, making an income at home while homeschooling (yes! You absolutely CAN make an income and home educate at the same time and not just through pyramid schemes etc, but in whatever you are qualified to do! - I will show you how!). There is SO MUCH good stuff in there and I want to share it with you! So sign up (link is in the bio) I promise not to spam you! And get all kinds of love straight to your inbox!

LEGACY Master Craftsman Camp
MacGyver Activities
#STEM #airforce #STEMcamp #steampower #wpafb #wpafbeo #afrl #stemactivities #AFLEGACY

When you get to spend the whole day in your new dress made by your Nonna! Homeschool life...

If you are going to break your sugar-free eating for a treat, you might as well make it a good one!

Our kids are learning so much about permaculture at the moment as we try to get food growing before the punishing tropical summer hits! I think this is one of the most important parts of home educating - teaching our kids about environmental sustainability and self-sufficiency. What do you think?

We are creating another outdoor play/ study/ reading space this week with this awesome coloured chalkboard paint from Bunnings. I didn't realise that you can get it tinted in any colour that you like - and did you know that glow in the dark paint existed??

In the middle of the week, two little girls in the middle of the ocean with not a care in the world. This is what it is all about 💖Some days we just feel incredibly blessed to have this life. It can be hard work but so worth it!

How incredible are mothers? One of my amazing unschooling Mama's was out on the kayak today (in shallow, barely knee-height water) baby-wearing while caring for 7 older children. Just incredible! It has been so important in our move here to find our women tribe. Do you have a little homeschool tribe where you are?

The best thing about living in a tropical location during winter - unschool group hangouts at the beach! While we would have been freezing in the Gold Coast, an NQ winter is perfect for swimming, long days at the beach and in the garden!

Maybe something that should be compulsory for all home ed families - a backyard urban farm! (Or a real farm if you are lucky enough to have one!). One thing we love about not having to physically go to school is that we don't have to be in a location near schools! Are you out on a remote property? What animals do you live with?

Did you catch the last talk of the Australian Homeschool Summit? 'How to keep yourself and your teenager motivated (without going crazy)'. We covered so much in 1.5 hours that is applicable to all homeschoolers, unschoolers and natural learners at home with teenagers in any country - no matter where you are or what you do, we all experience the same things & can put the same strategies in to place to have a more positive parenting experience with our teens! Link to the summit is in bio. If you are in the USA, the price will be much lower in USD than in AUD!

#tbt to that time I took a picture of my hotel.
#Lancaster #Palmdale #AntelopValley #desert #AFRL #MissingIt #Airplane

As an anthropology student for many years, I learned that 'women's time' and 'men's time' is a highlight for many cultures. The coming of age process is deeply ingrained in most societies. In Western societies, it just doesn't usually happen. Women are at school or work or at home, while teenage young women are at school, living life very separately from older women. I see these barriers broken down in our unschooling groups. Women and older girls talk at length about everything and anything. There is no divide between very young adults and older adults. The children play, and as they get older, they spend more time with the adult group. Having the big and little conversations, slowly easing in to their social role as a woman, or a man. There is no sudden leap in to adulthood but a gentle progression and welcoming. Something that we should all have the opportunity to experience...

It is a balmy winter day in NQ and our little unschool group is out collecting shells, studying sea slugs and watching the bigger teens have tree-climbing competitions. Just another unschooling day on the beach...

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