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Proud to support young and long standing Fijian Rugby League players that are based in Australia, at the inaugural Petero Civoniceva Awards and Medal Night 🏅#AFRL #PeteroAwards

When a little means a lot ❤️ Vinaka @australianfijianrugbyleague for allowing me to support a cause I'm passionate about - my Fijian brothers - and in this case, those of all ages, from all walks of life, who dedicate their life to the game of rugby league. 💙 #AFRL #peteroawards

squad 🍷 #AFRL #PeteroAwards

AFRL ENSPIRE program strikes resounding chord with students - https://go.usa.gov/x549f #EdwardsAirForceBase #STEM #AFRL

Get it girls!! #AFRL #Womens 🇫🇯🙌🏽

🇫🇯 T O S O V I T I T O S O 🇫🇯 As they warm up for their 1st game .. I'm just landing here in cold Melbourne. S/o to The Lewas today as they compete at Harmony Cup🏉plus anyone else I know having a dig ! Almost had to toss a coin in making a decision 🙊 to play or not to play👊🏾 RIP IT UP, stay injury free, keep hydrated💦thinking of y'all😘 #WomenInLeague #AFRL #YTG

I decided to take on an extra summer research project this year, and I was fortunate enough to be able to present at the #McNair Undergraduate Research Conference. It was a great experience, but I'm looking forward to being able to focus strictly on UBNL as we prepare for our #AFRL review at #SmallSat !

Last night's annual Petero Civoniceva Awards Night #AFRL #PeteroAwards #dapper #timberlands


I love this. These words echo those from our own teenagers. I read a blog post yesterday about wanting to preserve childhood freedoms past 4 years old. The freedom to just 'be' without pressure to rush to be anything else... This is not only possible with homeschooling or unschooling but this is reality for most families!

Repost @humansofny ・・・
“I’m fourteen and all my friends are crazy about being grown ups right now. They’re drinking alcohol. They’re smoking cigarettes. They’re trying to act vulgar. They’ll do anything to separate from their parents and prove that they’re independent. Personally, I’d like to be a child just a little bit longer. I love spending time with my parents. I’m not in a rush to get away. I’d like these times to last as long as possible.” (St. Petersburg, Russia)

I have been thinking a lot lately, that just because the craziness of the modern world is all around us and available to our children, doesn't mean that we need to engage with it... Repost from @the.hemlock.house - The Simplicity of Childhood.
A day spent with cousins on the creek.  The simplicity of childhood will never grow old to me. It was so good to soak up one last little adventure with my big kids before babies arrive. photo credit: @heidiedwards1000

Repost from @chelsea.thorpe - how amazing is this life??
Today I once again stumbled across the most inspiring page, (Isn't so annoying how your favourites drop of your feed)...anyway @magnesium_blue was one of the reasons I began my IG journey ✨✨ the life she creates for her daughters in Maine is like a dream, beyond magical and just so inspiring and if your are a little interested in homeschooling @mayaclimbstrees is also very beautiful, now I need to grow my hair long (pity I just cut again) wear flowers in my hair and live on an island 🍂🦌✨

Do you remember the saying from your own childhood 'do as I say, not as I do'? Reflecting on our parenting nowadays, I sometimes catch myself instructing our children not to do something that I am doing. And I think, how helpful is that to them, really? Isn't the goal of parenting, to raise our children to be adults? To learn how to live independently and not just know how to follow instructions? And by default, shouldn't that then involve some autonomy? Making decisions to do things and having the freedom to do them?

Today Miss 5 asked to mop the floor because her big brother did. So she mopped the floor. She also decided to change the oil in our electric oil diffuser. The house smelled nice and initially I was thinking about the fact that she hadn't asked permission. But on further reflection, wondered, should she need to ask permission to make the house smell great? If my husband had changed the oil diffuser, I would have viewed that as being helpful. It wasn't dangerous. The oils are expensive so you wouldn't want to over-use them (at $30 each, that would be a small issue) but I could easily show her how much to use?
Home educating comes with all kinds of surprises. Every year we think more deeply about life. At the moment we are having a closer look at what it means to be a parent. What do you think?

Public service announcement. If you are like me and don't read magazines generally, have a good look through magazines gifted to you before letting the little ones run rampant with them for craft 😮 Funny story. Grandma won a subscription to a fitness magazine and gifted it to Miss 16. Lots of health and nutrition articles. We hadn't had the magazines more than a few hours before Miss 5 used one for craft and I woke up to quite a few inappropriate things glued to her artwork! #youcanneverbetoocareful

Loving this post about creating your own schedule and working to a rhythm that fits your family. Link to blog in my bio. Do you have a set schedule in your house? ♥ join our mailing list to get blogs straight to your inbox #homeschool #homeschooler #homeschooling #unschool #unschooling #naturallearning #unschooled #homeschooled #teenhomeschool #teenhomeschooling #homeschoolblog #community #livingtribe #unschoolcamp #permaculture #attachmentparenting #organic #changetheworld #waldorf #steiner #mulberrychildhood #minimalist #afrl #academyoffreerangelearning
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Overhearing a conversation yesterday between Miss 5 and Miss 16. Miss 5 "why do you do everything she tells you to do?" (I.e. me!), Miss 16 "because she is our Mum! And she is also right!". Miss 5 "but you know you are also in control of yourself. You are in control of your own body. You can do what you want to do!" This type of conversation seems to be upsetting for quite a few adults (we have been questioned on the anti-authoritarianism of our small children, many times in our 19 years of parenting) but I know it is going good places.
As frustrating as it may be when I am heavily pregnant and needing to go home, and have to ask Miss 5 to get out of the water 50 billion times, I also have the privilege of seeing our 19, 16 & 15 year old interaction with the world. Respecting our rights as people (not just those people they call Mum & Dad), respecting other people's rights to different opinions and values and needs, and also recognising that they themselves are people whose needs, bodily autonomy and opinions are equally valid.

It all starts with the freedom to question a person's unopposed power (for now that person is me, later it won't be). To look at why we follow instructions, if the people giving instructions are doing so out of love or 'just because' and questioning where they fit in to all of that..

'My concern is not to improve education but to do away with it. To end the ugly anti-human business of people-shaping and to allow and help people to shape themselves'
John Holt

John Holt -Teach Your Own.

Believe it or not, we have been engaged in variations of homeschooling/ unschooling/ natural learning for almost 6 years now, and I have only just started reading John Holt's work.

I will share some of my favourite highlights and quotes, as I work my way through his collection of books, but 100% recommend this book in particular, if you have just started your homeschooling / natural learning journey...

More birth preparations with my little doula. I love that having her at home means that she is learning all about the processes that I am going through for birth, as one day she will likely go through her own pre-birth processes and remember this as a time of love and positivity 💗 Life lessons are often far more powerful than any workbook can be 😊🦋🍁

Up on the blog today. I am no expert in this but there are a few things that have worked for me 😊💗Imaginative play is what all 5 - 7 year olds should be doing, for most of their waking time, according to international research. I think we have it covered.

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Imaginative play is what all 5 - 7 year olds should be doing, for most of their waking time, according to international research. I think we have it covered. Links in bio to join hundreds of families on our mailing list. Be part of our tribe! Blogs straight to your inbox. No spam, I promise! ♥ #homeschool #homeschooler #homeschooling #unschool #unschooling #naturallearning #unschooled #homeschooled #teenhomeschool #teenhomeschooling #homeschoolblog #livingtribe #permaculture #attachmentparenting #organic #changetheworld #waldorf #steiner #mulberrychildhood #minimalist #afrl #academyoffreerangelearning
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This is one patient guy... 8am and he is building her elaborate rooms for the dolls she lovingly crafted over the last 2 days. He puts in a staircase and a custom-made television for the Grandma doll to watch. He is learning patience, kindness and gentleness towards little children. I think of him as a father one day and know that these experiences will be valuable to him. She is learning that she can expect respect, consideration and tolerance from the men and boys in her life. That alone, is worth all of these years of teaching them from home. Links in bio to join hundreds of families on our mailing list. Be part of our tribe! Blogs straight to your inbox. No spam, I promise! ♥ #homeschool #homeschooler #homeschooling #unschool #unschooling #naturallearning #unschooled #homeschooled #teenhomeschool #teenhomeschooling #homeschoolblog #livingtribe #permaculture #attachmentparenting #organic #changetheworld #waldorf #steiner #mulberrychildhood #minimalist #afrl #academyoffreerangelearning
#travellingaustralia #vegan #starthomeschoolingaustralia #teenhomeschoolingaustralia

She wakes up super early to get started on making a whole family of dolls. Carefully constructs their outfits, writes their names on the back (independent writing! At last!), plans out a doll house for her brother to help her with, and asks a BILLION questions 'how does the internet work?' 'How do you control your legs?' ' How do you talk? Where does your voice come from? What is your brain made out of? How did you get made? But what are you ACTUALLY made out of? What makes a car go all by itself?...' I remember this stage with our oldest children. Then school started and many of the questions stopped. I wonder if you completely and radically unschooled, would it be physiological possible to never learn anything? No. I don't think it would be!

Does anyone else get super excited to find a special on bananas and buy out half the shop to make nicecream? Blog up today on money-saving tips while homeschooling. Do you have any big money-saving secrets, that help you to spend more time at home?

flashback to 5.5 years ago, 37 weeks pregnant with our littlest, compared to last week, almost 9 mths pregnant with our 5th baby. We started our homeschool journey about a month after that was taken, and I think I look more tired then (if that is possible!). I think everyone out in internet-land who commented on last month's pregnancy update has already given birth. CONGRATULATIONS! I am not jealous one little bit (ok maybe one little bit...). I will be blogging this week about surviving the last month of pregnancy while homeschooling - if you would like the blog straight to your inbox, just hop on our mailing list. No spam, I promise! (Link is in my biography). Is anyone else battling through the last weeks, heavily pregnant, while homeschooling as well?

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