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Last week I was asked in my DM’s how do I make it work as a full-time graduate student, with my husband as a medical doctor in residency (with the exception of this vacation, works 80+ hours a week) ,and with 3 under 4 yrs old. First of all, it’s challenging. However, when Benjamin is home he is present and that makes a huge difference. He engages and is a parent so that I can get some time in to read and write. We discuss and chat when they’re asleep and yeah it’s hard for him to switch over to all-parenting after coming home from a 24 hr shift, but he does it because he’s my partner. We are a team. I also wake up crazy early and am always the last one in bed. This also doesn’t mean that we are void of misunderstandings and arguments of who changed who last; or was it me that had to turn on the dishwasher and take-out the trash? What it means is that we are learning how to be flexible in our expectations of our home, one another, while giving each other lots of patience and care in the process. I have also come to terms with missing out of moments in their lives, but even when I stayed home full-time it was impossible to experience it all. We also have a nanny (that we adore) and she’s with our 3 when we’re not. On top of all that- both sets of grandparents often drive out of their way to help and babysit. Basically- it takes a village and a willingness to make it work. Even with all the extra help I still cannot stay on top laundry or manage to get to drop off on time every day! It is hard work and the ‘hard work’ is all of those seemingly little things that add up to a lot. Is it worth it? Some days I have a hard time answering that question. But every night at the end of the day when I’m alone reading another article about disparities within our cities- I always find myself knowing this is exactly where I’m supposed to be. Oh yeah and lots of coffee 😆☕️

Soooo,looks like we featured in the Your family mag🙈Work hard as a family together ,be successful as a family together! #Africology #Africologyspa #bboy #family

#VeryLatePost So, Last week i had a very interesting talk with some amazing people from @africology. They are Africans based in the states...Currently they are travelling through Africa 'connecting the dots', so to say... Telling the story as they put it... And just connecting the millions of cultures that might be on the verge of non existence... Thank you guys... Truly inspiring..
#Africology Cc... @africology

With a few days away from @official_misssa crowning, this was a much needed full body treatment from @africology_sa. Thank you!
#misssa2017 #africology #spa #happyplace

Monday afternoon hasn't felt this good in a while🤗

#spaday #africology #misssa2017

Congrats to the legendary #hamelmalabate for taking the #afrima2017 traditional artist of the year award #ethiopia #africology #harer


We are always getting asked how to achieve youthful, beautiful skin and the answer is that there really is no ‘quick fix’, It takes dedication.
We are proud of the time and research that we have put in to ensure we provide our clients with the highest quality treatments and products proven to give results, and are constantly updating our knowledge, helping you to achieve the skin you have always desired.
At Zula, we 100% believe in everything we use, only working with skincare that we know works.
We love what we do and love to help you achieve the skin of your dreams ✨

A new week filled with new possibilities - May self care be your priority!
At an Africology Spa, you are sure to find your Balance 🙏🏽 #SpaLife #AfricologySpa #Wellness
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Thank you Sheridan for my special gift. 🤗 I really appreciate it #bestbossever #africology #happyness

New soaps just arrived at Africology: 100% organic soaps with coconut milk and ylang ylang oils. Come pick one up during Our Black November sales month!
#Soaps #blackfriday #africology

Auction countdown starts here! I'm going in alphabetical order, so here's our first item up for grabs - a selection of natural and eco-friendly products from @africology_uk

We have finally got our hands on Environs NEW super-hero serum ✨✨ A perfect addition to your moisturising routine! It contains a unique blend of extracts from Chinese roots used in traditional medicine, which has been shown to be effective in reducing the effects of oxidative stress (UV radiation and pollution) and lightening the appearance of uneven skin tone. It also contains a combination of three powerful peptide complexes that may assist in improving the overall structure of the skin. This powerful combination of ingredients in this multifunctional serum will leave the skin looking radiantly luminous and resiliently younger for longer.

Africology massage balms just arrived! These essential oil balms calm the nerves and restore your hormonal balance. Available in ginger and frankincense, Two rivers ground floor.
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She is African, she embraces her heritage, her DNA and follows a ritualistic skin care regime. Naturally by nature - as it holds sacred intelligence!
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Moisturizing helps to keep your skin balanced. A skin that is too dry or too oily can cause the skin to develop problems such as acne. Moisturizing also decreases the appearance of blemishes. A good moisturizer can also help to give protection to a sensitive skin, improve the tone of a skin and cover the imperfections present in the skin. If you are in need of a good moisturizer, our Africology moisturizer is perfect. Call or Watsapp us on 09099783742
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