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#happyfathersday #gypsyman I miss you and I love you #RIH #RIL #RIP so many memories with you... from you teaching me how to draw, to buying me Coca Cola in the bottle and candy cigarettes so I could hang with you and Briscoe under the tree in the South, to holding on for dear life while you did donuts and burned rubber in the parking lot in that old Classic Ford. To you telling me those tall ass tales I believed way longer than common sense should have allowed. To you twisting your mustache up for me and singing "Is you is, or is you ain't my baby" ☺️😢You were so dope & I wish my sons could have known you. #myfavoritepicofyou #africanbandits #mandinkas #newbreed

#FBF & jus in case you thought I was blowing smoke out my azz💨 #ThaChampIsHere🏆🏅🏆 #FlashBaccFriday #RestInPeaceUncleMurk #SouthDallasFinest #AfricanBandits

#FBF Aight I'ma give yall a lil ole #HistoryLesson 2day... My Uncle Murk had hundreds & hundreds of pics that he had taken & collected throughout tha yrs. & he always had great stories to go along wit da pics... So here's a lil bit of one of those stories, dat's my Uncle facing the camera in this pic wit da shades on😎 & the man shaking his hand wit his bacc 2 da camera is considered by many to be da greatest boxer ever 2 touch tha ring, the late great #MuhammadAli🏆🏅🏆 & while Unc & his club members escorted tha Champ during a political/humanitarian tour in Dallas Ali offered 2 buy my Unc's bike from him, but he said he wouldn't sell it... #FlashBaccFriday #SouthDallasFinest #AfricanBandits

This is a horrible picture of a picture from a 110 film, but this was one of the first exposure to black club riders for a young Unc in the early 70's here in #DallasTX the group was the #AfricanBandits M/C #WhyWeRide #WhyiRide #tbt

My Papa && Great Uncle❤️👼 reunited I know you guys are probably riding around together in heaven on your motorcycles lol...Rip I love you both #africanbandits

Watching Sons of Anarchy has me thinking about when I was younger and my dad was part of MC those guys were family. If you mess with one (or their family) you messed with all them. There was no craziness like show, it's was about the joy of riding. They were there for each other! #africanbandits #MC #SOA #family

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