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Something we have to do because we are all we have as Africa. I'm very grateful for the reception gotten at BusinessDay on a day in June 2016 when I pitched this thought of having this magazine, to tell stories of African Millennial entrepreneurs. Every time I see people post about their feature, I feel so good the discussion came up and GetUpInc took the action with the resource we had to get pages done.
You guys should get a copy of this edition and see a glimpse of what our women are up to! via @businessdayng bio.

Of course being in a team with @lehlelalumiere & @khel_neo would make you see things very achieved.

#Millennial #AfricanMillennial
#Millennial #AfricanMillennials
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Another one with a team that get's me smiling. 
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The beauty of a generation is seen in how vibrant and forward thinking it's female population is. This new edition of the BusinessDay @ceomagazineafrica is led by Bukky Karibi-Whyte ‘ The Brand Communicator’. Bukky is a communication expert that has built @roberttaylormediaonline into a world class communication firm. Find out how she built her business, how she stays on top of her game and find out what advice she has for young women.
Let's celebrate African women by enjoying every swipe of this editorial, ensuring that it is widely shared to encourage many women around the world.

Interviews conducted by Lehlé Baldé @lehlelalumiere for BusinessDay @BusinessdayNG & Lily Dada (@khel_neo) for GetUpInc (@getupinc_). Art direction by Tomi Wale (@tomiwale_) for GetUpInc (@getupinc_)

#AfricanMillennial #Millennial
#AfricanMillennials #Millennials

Another company to launch a Millennials Board. With just under 6000 days to Africa becoming the largest workforce and more than 50% of those people being Millennials,some organizations and CEO’s get it!!! Welcome to the Mill_Board Club to #sanbs an organization that is the cornerstone of healthcare in South Africa gets that young people matter! #millennialboard #africanmillennials #millennialschangingbusiness #springagebydeloitte #rechargeablebagstochargeyourphone #soproud #anotherone

Enter street, you deserve some accolades (accolades!) #AfricanMillennials #Millennials #AfricanMillennial #Millennial

Might just start being the MC at wedding receptions with the name "YourFavouriteYorubaBoy" #YFYB

If you know any lady holding up her left fingers on Instagram lately, make the referrals 😎 Let's do business. Leave the jokes, something will come up 😂

#AfricanMillennial #Millennial #AfricanMillennials #Millennials

I think it was Wednesday or Tuesday @st.biggie and I were having those quick chats. We laughed off the fact that if you have a 9-5 you should do all you can to keep it because you can gamble with anything knowing that some quid will come up month end. So I told him that for my case, others gamble based on my own gambles- big risk for my health 😂. Week in week out, we are out here defending an approach to solve a problem and studying times to know how to place things in the right context, so we can sell. While at it, we are growing relationships and going political with many more- practically learning the difference between entertaining thoughts (humans) and accepting thoughts (humans). After that, the mover of everything is in how you can juggle finances to achieve the best while bugging clients to pay up as lives depend on the cheque that comes through you.

I sat and thought one day that the present break expected is just one of many many many breaks to be achieved and the best thing to do is get used to fighting; also with the understanding that being good should mostly be contextual.
It's been a great week of plenty anger, cold hearted emails, jokes+ savagery with a few who get it, mercy, promises and meetups here and there. However, thank God for opportunities to try again.

May we actually live our lives according to how we are supposed to live it, may we have the right people around us, may we know who is good for us, may our conversations turn to good bank notifications.
Let's keep making the most of what we got. We'll get it.

#AfricanMillennial #Millennial
#AfricanMillennials #Millennials
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It’s a @jamesonwhiskey kind of night. How do you like your cocktails?
Remember; don’t drink and drive when an @uber can get you home alive ✌🏾.
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That look on my face goes like "I don't know what Mr Austin Okere who is the founder of a company grown from the trunk of his car in 1992 to become one the top IT (systems integration) company in Africa- CWG PLC... see to send me an email titled 'Your Personal Invitation to the launch of Ausso Leadership Academy'". After the event and him introducing me to his friends in ways that made me check my surname to be sure it was really me he was referring to, he took me to his office and sat beside me to share a lot with him. That was such a good one hour. The type of one hour a human should have, a lot.

Thank you for yesterday Mr AO @austin_okere and Congratulations on the opening of ALA.

#AfricanMillennial #Millennial #AfricanMillennials #Millennials #Leadership

Scoop the mayonnaise with your middle finger to get the most.

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Seriously tho; you know we don’t play. 😃#pun #creative #ad #branding #millennials #africanmillennials #fitfam #lifestyle #healthy

Saudi Arabia's movie-watchers are in for a treat later this month, 35 years after cinemas were banned in the country. On April 18, AMC will open its first cinema in the country. The first film to be shown? According to multiple reports, “Black Panther.” If the Saudi government wanted to send a message with its film choice, this American blockbuster superhero flick is a good one: The movie features a fictional African kingdom that uses a mysterious natural resource to rapidly develop, with a young and charismatic prince becoming king and ultimately deciding to use its technological advances and wealth for the good of the greater world.
Right now, Black Panther Is SO CLOSE to Crushing Titanic's 21-Year-Old Box Office Record! Wakanda forever! We shall soon have conversations about how Africa is influencing the world!! #blackexcellence #africanmillennials #blackpanther #wakandaforever
#africanmillennial #blackmagic #saudiarabia

Check out our CEO and CFO as they engage in a meaningful dialogue about our upcoming summit! .
#africanmillennials #takebackafrica #takebackafricasummit #eastafrica #westafrica #northafrica #eastafrica

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