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📍: Africa
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Lo hemos tenido muy cerca @tomimisser pero no ha podido ser. Muchas gracias a todos por vuestras muestras de cariño en un día muy duro, sois increíbles. Foto: Sam Clark para Cape Epic.

A mother is the truest friend we have, when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, she will still cling to us whilst doing her best to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.
📸 Happy Mothers-day | ©Alamy
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I'll be spending this week with @alysonstoner and Carson from @legendaryshots in Ethiopia working with an amazing charity, @ipourlife! 🇪🇹 🌎
Add me on Snapchat (JugglinJosh) and keep an eye on my Instagram Story for a behind-the-scenes look of our trip! COMMENT YOUR COUNTRY!

Viviendo una experiencia que supera todo lo que imaginé antes de venir. 🇬🇲🇬🇲🇬🇲#Africa #Gambia #ong #charity #bemorehuman

The turkish actors @gayeturgutevin & @denizevin_ of the "beni affet" serie enjoying morocco on their way
Fas'a Merhaba hoş geldiniz 🇲


This shot was taken on day 5, after two days of non-stop rain, hail and snow, and some tough ascents and descents. While the first 3 days were mellow, the physical challenge was ramping up. This is Karanga Camp at first light, the peak shrouded in cloud 📷by @marcy_yu
この写真は5日目に撮影されました.2日間の雨、雹、雪、厳しい上昇と降下がありました。 最初の3日間はかなり簡単でしたが、物理的な挑戦が増えていました。 このショットはKaranga Campで早朝に撮影され、#キリマンジャロ 山は雲の後ろにあります。


The size of #Africa . I did some rough math and it checks out. Thinking about #perspective never ceases to amaze me. This weekend I read #betweentheworldandme by #tanehisicoates . Ta-Nehisi drops a different kind of perspective. I still can't quite wrap my brain around it. To call it #profound #literature would be an understatement. Do yourself a favor and read it. Read it with an open mind. This is what's really #woke .

@hillcitymediaTV - Comedy Zone

OUR SISTER [ Comedy Skit ]
Watch the Hilarious comedy skit featuring MCee Virgin and Harjii Baba. SUBSCRIBE TO HILLCITY TV for more.

Watch here >>>> https://youtu.be/DhoP9LZD69A

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@dsbcudirek Reppin That DSB

It is crazy to think 10 days ago this was still just an idea.

We want to take all of you on this journey with us. For you to see the fruits of your work.

The cargo flight full of PlumpyNut (emergency food for malnourished baby) is rescheduled in a couple days

To not waste any time, we've decided to come and take you with us to Somalia !! We are teaming up with a local NGO there with whom we are going to be able to buy 60 tons of food locally and distribute it right away while waiting for the cargo flight!
We also have scheduled the delivery of 90,000 liters of water as a start. In water trucks. We negotiated a really good price at 0.013 cents per liter.
It may seem like a lot of water but we can assure you it is a tiny tiny drop compared to the needs there.

We are excited to send you all soon updates directly from Somalia. Our hope is this trip will also help you put a name and a face on those people that you are all helping.

We are thankful for all your support and we will try to keep all 83,900 of you in our heart during the entire trip.

PS: our flights were offered by #TurkishAirlines and our hotel/food/all expense there will be covered directly from our pocket. Like we promised 100% of the money raised will be spent on food & water solutions.

PS2: Truely appreciate everyone sending ideas and past experiences in the "humanitarian" field. We are trying to read as many tweets/comments as we can to hear all of your inputs. If we keep co-creating together, we will bring solutions in a way never done in the past!
PS3: some of you have expressed concern for our safety in Somalia, please know that we are being very mindful and also that the storyline of #Africa being a dangerous place is a deformed story based on fear, we won't let it affect our mission. We have our hearts full of your energy and we will keep advancing in Love.

Sending light back to all of you Love Army Generals.
PS4: we've been listening to this song called LOVE ARMY the entire flight! Maybe you guys will like it as much as we do... :)

Camel ride at sunset 🐫🌴🌅

@dsbcudirek Fresh Shot

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