too many people give up on their dreams when they meet an obstacle. confusing the obstacle as a sign that their dream just wasn’t meant to be.
obstacles are put in your way to see if what you want is really worth fighting for. it makes you face yourself and decide if you actually have what it takes. .

never give up.
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I am so excited!
This week I completed my Fitness & Nutrition certification and to celebrate I am offering FREE 1:1 Coaching! .

So, how does it work?! 🤷🏽‍♀️
Well, for the last two years I have been affiliated with Evolv Health - an amazing company that provides whole-food, all natural nutritional supplements and products - and all you have to do is purchase ANY of our Reboot Kits @ mstom.myevolv.com and💥💥💥 FREE Fitness and Nutrition coaching for one month. 💆🏽‍♀️
What does that mean? 🤷🏽‍♀️
As your coach, I will personally work with you to design a one month F&N program tailored to YOUR goals.
Want to build muscle? Got it.
Want to run a 10k? Done that.
Want to work on flexibility? Me too! .

Bonus #1
Unlimited support through email and texting, a phone call once a week to make sure you are hitting your target, and access to a private FB group. 📱 .

Bonus #2
Through Evolv’s Buy 1, Nourish 2 initiative, with the purchase of your Reboot Kit, you will automatically donate 100+ servings of food to help eradicate childhood malnutrition. We are literally feeding babies around the WORLD! 🌏 .

If you need help deciding which Reboot Kit is right for you - let me know. #DM
Limited spots available! 💫

At home workouts are what work for me. Find what works for you and do it!

Back Workout:
• Renegade Rows x 10 each arm
• Bent Over Row x 10
• Back Fly x 12
• One-Arm Row x 10 each arm
• External Rotation x 10

Repeat x 4. .
Workout fueled with #EvolvHealh Fix and Fuel - all-natural pre-workout mix. .
Link in Bio. .
DM for $50 off code. 👌🏽

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Love the convenience of bodyweight HIIT workouts. Here is a 30 minute workout you can do. Anytime. Anywhere. .
20 sec work - 10 sec rest - x 8
1 minute recovery. Move on to next exercise. .

6 exercises total.
• alternating lunges
• lateral band walks
• skaters
• banded squats with side leg raise
• in and out squats
• bear crawl. . .

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own your strength.
don’t you dare shrink yourself for someone else’s comfort. .
#StrengthIsBeauty #WarriorUp #IndigenousWomenRising

high carb day = glute day

do i miss being able to go to a gym. yes.
will i let that become an excuse to stop. fuck no.

In my ideal world i’m able to go to the gym for a couple hours each morning. My meals are prepped and ready to go each day. And i’m getting eight hours of sleep each night.

My reality. I’m raising four amazing beings on my own. Our commute to work and school is 45 minutes one way. We leave by 7:50am and with extracurricular activities we are lucky to be home by 8pm. .

My workouts are done in my living room at 5am and are anywhere from half hour to an hour long. On a good week, meals are prepped, most weeks I’m throwing it together each morning. And..I get 6 hours of sleep on a good night. .

And I’m OKAY with this. And you should be to. There is no cookie cutter ‘perfect routine’..whatever works for you and your family is YOUR perfect routine. Just get it done.

Have been enjoying my week off from the 9-to-5 and working on creating an 8 week fitness and nutrition program. .

Today’s total body workout can be done literally ANYWHERE! and with no equipment required — don’t give yourself an excuse not to get it done. 😉 .
• Burpees w. alternating lunge
• Push-ups w. alternating punch
• Tricep dip w. alternating toe touches
• Low plank w. alternating hip dips
• Narrow squat w. alternating curtsy lunge. .
— 12 reps per exercise x 4-6 sets —

No crazy equipment necessary..just some precious cargo. 🤷🏽‍♀️😂
Boys helping Momma out with leg day. 💛

Whether you’re on the road, at home, or just want to take a break from your normal routine.

This is a total body workout that will have you sweating in no time. No equipment needed. .

Happy Tuesday!


#ChestDay #Superset.
Flat Press & Push Up.

Flat Press - 8-10
Push Ups - To failure (I pushed to 4 on my 6th set. 🤷🏽‍♀️)

What is holding you back from doing something? .

Afraid to fail so you won’t try something new?
Afraid of criticism so you keep to yourself?
Afraid of heights so you keep yourself grounded? .

Life isn’t about hiding behind your fears.
Growth doesn’t happen sitting on the sidelines.

Take the risk.
Leave your comfort zone.
Push your boundaries.
That’s when the magic happens.

Some days strength comes easy.
You’re on the upswing.
You feel that drive inside you. Pushing you to do what it takes. .

Some days strength is scarce.
It’s that voice inside you.
Telling you it’s okay.
Telling you to rest.
Telling you to come back even stronger tomorrow.

You are not intimidating.
They are intimidated.
There is a difference.

Don’t let anyone dim your light. Don’t let anyone stop you from creating the life you deserve.

The strength and fierceness of a woman is unstoppable. #WeWillRise

Put in a good leg workout. And feeling good so far with Day 3 of #MyKetoJourney (I’ve been waiting for the Keto Flu to hit 🤷🏽‍♀️). I get asked quite a bit about getting started with fitness and motivation to keep it going. .

First. For me fitness is a form of stress relief and makes me feel good. I am a busy Momma and have crazy big goals. #AlphaFemale. Fitness gives me a boost and when I’m in a slump it helps pull me through. .

Second. I’ve always made sure to get my workout done first thing in the morning. And I workout in my living room. It’s what works for me and my lifestyle.
The rest of my day consists of work, school and kids. It’s nonstop. And I’m constantly on the go. But that first 90 minutes of my day is all for me. .

Last. Motivation comes and goes. 😂 I’m human and I hit workout ruts. Days where I feel like I’m not improving or making progress and then moments where I can see my hard work paying off. It is so important to push through those ruts and push through the hard days! Skipping one workout isn’t a huge deal, but don’t let it become 2 or 3 and then next thing you know it’s been a month. #ConsistencyIsKey .

What is blocking you from getting started? — I would love to know.

#MoveOfTheWeek - Iron Legs by Shaun T. This move leaves my legs shaking.

Alternating Lunges + Jump Squat.

Finish of #legday with a burn.
10 reps x 4 sets
• stay low
• knees stay behind toes.
• make sure both legs hit a 90 degree angle when you lunge. • to modify - step back into the lunge positions and take away the jump on your squat.

The last 6 weeks have been a sliiiiice.
Not where I want to be.
But further than I was.

Crazy that it’s taken so long for me to truly feel comfortable in my body. Stretch marks. Strength. And all. .

#ThisIsMyMomBody #AlphaFemaleNation #AFN #AFNLifestyle #MomBoss #KnowYourWorth #OwnYourWorth #BusyMomLifestyle

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