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if you've ever had what we call "da zra armanoona" in pashto but in english loosely translates to a deep yearning. a hunger.. an anxious feeling for something or someone in ur heart, had it not fulfilled or lost something in life that made ur heart hurt then this for you or for me or all of us. i was drinking tea at my mothers house and in a quiet moment she told me this quote. so i found it and shared it here.. because like my mom said your not really afghan if you dont experience da zra armanoona..

this girl was too beautiful to be single so long, afghan women if u take care of yourself u can have a prince like this too insha'Allah

chewing gum during the day helps with the hunger pains guys.. just a Ramadan tip 😂 😂


Im making pizza hut my new mom...

Unsere mazadori zeigt euch mal wie man afghanisch tanzt 💃🏻💃🏻

this this is so strange. everyone hears something different..🤔 🤔 🤔
please comment what u heard

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