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Today's Prayer Affirmation and message: I welcome Abundant Miracles into my life. So it is. Amen.💖🙏🏼💖✨ Wishing you a blessed day! All my Love, Kristin💗💕💕#motivationalaffirmationdeck #angels #blessed #anubdance #miracles #affirmations #spiritualbeauties
P.S. Today is the last day to enter the Angel Oracle Challenge for a Free Reading with me. I'm announcing the winner in my group tomorrow. Join my Spiritual Beauties Community to learn more. Link in my profile💖

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Keep focused on the good stuff and more good stuff will come your way! 🙏

"An #investment in #knowledge pays the best interest." The more you #learn the more you #earn. This is true ONLY if you can put that knowledge into action!!! Connect the dots and be innovative with your knowledge. Try creating a product that no one has seen before but make sure there is a demand for it. 💯🙌If you were motivated or inspired, please TAG someone who needs to see this! Also, let me know your thoughts by commenting below🤔👇 ‼️Click link in Bio‼️ Follow: @Breakthe9to5 for Daily Motivational Posts -
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I am capable of being listened to and heard.
I am capable of learning and growing from my mistakes.
I am capable of healing myself.
I am capable of helping the world to heal.
I am capable of manifesting all that I desire.
Ph. by @treasure_baloyi

Sacral Chakra Affirmations
"1. I have a right to #passionate love and wild
#ecstasy, to feel tipsy from drunken rapture and overflow in aliveness. 2. I declare my right to feel extraordinary, free, capable,
joyful, majestic, curious, abundant, beautiful, royal, richly refined—just as I am, in every way that I am, in every area of my life. 3. I trust my inner #MotherNature, the Springtime that is happening in
my #womb, and the accompanying #blooming creative action. 4. I pledge my allegiance to
honoring my #emotions—and honoring my ability to feel, be adored, and receive pleasure inside those
sacred emotions. 5. My womb is #illuminating, #transformative, and incapable of making mistakes.
Therefore ALL sex, love, and #connection—inside me, through me, around me, ancestral, alien, or
otherwise—has been healing to me, and for my highest good.. 6. My body opens like wild #earth, a #paradise with big ol’ brown legs—streaming magic
and majesty and delirious enchantment. 7. I am a transformative #ocean and a mysterious vortex of cosmic construction. 8. My #yoni is bursting into
stars. I am ready to greet The Big Dipper, again. "
#indiaAmeye #woman #sacralchakra #affirmations #knowthighself #selfcare #loveyourself
#youlooklikesomethingblooming 📸:@bennierose
Muse: @danndy_lionn

👶🏼📚Our birth story is up on FB!! So excited to share our experience and all the techniques that helped us along the way! What a whirlwind past 3 weeks its been been 🙌🏼but we finally got our story out to share! Hope I can help and encourage any other first time moms to use some of the techniques I used and implemented! It was such a HUGE help in calming my first time mommy nerves, allowing me to be more confident and knowledgeable with the whole birthing experience and being better prepared every step of the way! 💙Big thank you to @feriveramd @amazingbirthsandbeyond @sunshine_birth #motherscaredoulaservices

"All I want is peace, love, understanding, and a chocolate bar bigger than my head." -Anonymous Chocoholic
A particular long steady climb often makes its way on to my riding routes. Midway up I pass a house with a large peace sign patched together by a collage of small tiles. It wasn't until I joined social media that the peace sign took on a little more meaning. Hundreds of small tiles all different coming together to compose one big symbol of unity. My Instagram has shown me if you try and shine a kind light others will join you. Day-by-day I watch all of our unique tiles find common conversation, appreciation and compatibility in our differences... what a beautiful thing. This Thirsty Thursday my soul is satisfied with gratitude... though I would like an iced coffee ASAP☕️😬. What's on your menu? Happy International Day of Peace☮.
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2 cards today
Card one x ?this card mark the presence of two (or more) possible choice in your life. It's shows you anxiously looking at two roads, wondering which would be the better choice. Yet you are standing still, feeling confused by the up-and-down emotions of your present indecision. You could spend days, months, or even years in this back-and-forth energy- all the while feeling your focus and your life force energy draining away. This indecision creates a paralysis of will, one that can keep you stuck while you're waiting to be certain about results if your choice. It's time to let go of the analysis and self-doubt that have been keeping you stuck. Meditate on your options and see where your spirit guides you. Consider which direction resonated with you most-both in the process and in the goal. Follow your heart and make the honouring choice.

Affirmation I release fear and move forward with courage and trust. I have the power to direct my own destiny-now and always.
#aquamarinetherapies #oraclecards #affirmations

I can accept that it's ok not to be ok// 📸@myanxietydiaries ❤️
#icancards #depression #depressionandanxiety #affirmations #afffirmationcards

Planning on First Watch today instead of glitter!

♡ Spellwork for protection and prosperity ♡
💫 Contains mint and birch leaves. 💫

#witchcraft #witchcasket #witchesofinstagram #witchcraft #spells #spell #affirmations #prosperity #protection

Have a grateful heart 💗

Amazing view today of this #baitulfutuh. Good weather always seems to make me smile.

Back in Stock on Etsy ✨Unisex Lava Stone 'Courage & Strength' Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets ✨🔮 Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth ✨

Lava Stone helps promote strength and courage. It allows one stability through change. It provides one with guidance and understanding✨

A very calming stone. Helping to dissipating anger. It promotes positivity✨

Lava Stone helps to enhance fertility✨

Choose from 2 styles of the lotus or Buddha 🙏

Add a few drops of essential oil to your lava stones to help ground mind, body & spirit✨
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"Dont seek for happiness. Dont fight your stress and worries. Try to accept and be friend with it". - Yongey Mingyur Rimpoche. (Bring Joy to Your Life talks). #selfreminder #positivevibes #positivequotes #sakyamuni #meditation #mingyurrinpoche #buddhism #bali #ubud #joyofliving #retreat #yogis #affirmations #healthyhappy #healthyhappycorner #fullmind

Spend your Sunday doing something you enjoy doing! 🌻
What do you spend your Sunday's doing?! 🤗💗 I love catching up on Casualty on a Sunday morning 😁(I'm a big fan!) We were supposed to be enjoying a catch up with friends for their sons 1st birthday but unfortunately the house has become diseased - Mark has been taken out by either food poisoning or a stomach bug & I'm not feeling too great either! 😕 but what a great opportunity to lay & chill! 😊
I am feeling very grateful that the kids are fine and I haven't been taken out fully! 🙏🏼. So I'm going to rest my body and have a doze before I get to work on disinfecting the upstairs of the house.. Anyone else get a bit OCD about illnesses? Mark is banned from coming downstairs or touching the kids and downstairs has never seen as much bleach 👊😂 Hopefully the Kids & I will get some time to have some fun - & if I'm daring enough maybe painting! 🖌😂 Affirmations this morning includes... I AM HEALTHY 😂

What are your plans guys?! How is your Sunday going so far and what is positive? 🤗

Have a lovely day! Paige xx
#sicknessbug #foodpoisoning #sleep #mumintraining #mumofboys #daddysbeentakenout #positivezone #positivevibes #affirmations #iamhealthy #goodexcusetodonothing #sundayfeeling #diseasedhouse #notparentingtheshitoutoflife #casualtyfan

Wonderful woman Nicola of @alifemoreinspired invited me to be one of the #womenwhodream and share a mantra that has me show up and keep dreaming and doing. I pondered for days thinking about what and which one to share as there are so many that I call upon from time to time.
I have a strong faith in oneness- I know that as we are, is what we create and how we show up in the world. Without self, there is nothing to give. This one is a reminder to nurture, grow self, put myself as a priority that inevitably brings the world around me with me.
When you are full, you have energy to give.

Therefore my life and work is in a Kaizen state of mind as it will continue to be forever more as we move through this journey called life.
Thank you Nicola.
With Colour.Love.Light
Shilpa x

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