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Addicted?...naaaah... 🙄 #nigradicto 41 #afewaddicted #afew #highlyaddictive @nigramercato ❤️ 👟 #adiccion Nos vemos en @_dashape_ !!! 😁😁😁

Addiction to the Afew brand. #afewaddicted @claus_nelson @afewstore

Don't act like you know me, you just know the old me..@waynechapo @afewstore

🍓Peanut Butter Jelly Time🍓

#afewaddicted I am highly addictive I need the cure @afewstore @diadoraofficial #drwefa AWESOME AD Campaign!!

find myself on blog hah🐸🐸#afewaddicted

The @afewstore therapy for Diadora sneakers addicted:

Dr. WEFA discovered the epicenter of “Sneaker Addiction”. It's located in Tokyo and because of that only 40 pairs of ''The cure'' will be released at @beams_official on the 15th of April.

Meanwhile, the #Afewaddicted contest will end on the 11th of April.
Don't lose the chance to win ''The cure''! Save the release date ► 22nd of April

#Diadora #DiadoraSportswear #MakeItBright

Life for us with a medical issue, the so called "Sneakerhead Syndrom" is tough and also very costly.. The only way to enjoy the day, is only possible by having a new pair on your feet.. My health issue doesn't only cost me sleepless nights, I have also gotten into a lot of financial problems.. That's where I need the cure! I want to enjoy life again thus having the cure will make it possible again! #afewaddicted
Credits go to @timfrei_ for putting his work into filming and editing this short clip!
I NEED THE CURE! @afewstore @24kilates


🍓Peanut Butter Jelly Time🍓

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