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Les bébés dans la cuisine. 🍒

officially moving up from 2nd year. it's officially summer! woop woop! btw, i found really good songs that fit my taste, they are mostly by billie eilish.
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Repping the kpop stans 😫🤙🏻🤙🏻

Clothes are NoT mAnDaToRY tHEy ARe jUsT a sUGGeStiOn

Yeah these are my pics theres just goddamn rainbows everyone im not even being sarcastic

Its been 3 hours and its still updating im going to fuckiN HOP MY BALCONY-

Is this is how a heart looks like
Plane from inside but filled with
Colourful and faithful love
Like those elegant tiny balls.
Is this is how a heart looks like
Where a space get fillup every time
When it love someone with same ticker.
Is this is how a heart looks like
Where love for each person is diff.
Like the diff in colour of ball in it.

But then i thought that some even say
"I hate you from bottom of my heart"
Then where the hate goes..
Or do i have mistaken the balls with love ,
Which are of hate instead.
No i was right.. the balls are of love only.
But the hate was there too
Unnoticed by everyone
Like the liquid in there
Which was colour less and odourless
Whose presence was judged by none
Because of its mediocre appearance
Everyone atlast admired the love only.
Maybe or may not be but surely,
This is how a heart looks like.

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Birthday girl💗
I just realized that the 8 balloon is upside down lol

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