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At the airport bout to catch my flight! Have an amazing weekend everyone.

What's your favorite city? Mine's Berlin ✨

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i. i’ve dreamt about this for so long, but i never thought it would actually happen.
ii. i used to sleep with my closet light on. lately i can’t fall asleep if the radio isn’t playing. i think it’s the only way i can convince myself you’re real. i think i’ve been wishing you were next to me.
iii. i think we both saw this coming. i’ve been leaving my front door unlocked and you’ve been letting yourself in. i used to hate when people did that. everything’s changing.
iv. i can’t stop fucking writing about you. that has to count for something, right?
v. we have to stop lying to ourselves. we know what comes next. we both do. i don’t think we can help it.
vi. don’t say it. let’s pretend everything is seven months ago. let’s rewatch that video we saw on my birthday and act like we aren’t sober so we can justify how loud we are laughing. when the hangover hits us in the afternoon, we can sleep it off. we have to sleep this off.
vii. i’m just not ready. i am freefalling and you’re the plane. i didn’t jump voluntarily. i didn’t ask for this. i’ve been afraid of heights for as long as i can remember and this is no exception.
viii. i have been in a car chase going 160 on the expressway and still, loving you is the most terrifying thing to ever happen to me.
ix. but you make all the nightmares go away.
x. last week i bought a double pack of toothbrushes. what the fuck am i supposed to do with the second one?
xi. fuck
xii. if this is love, i’m afraid of what comes next.

twelve lines that can be written when you fall in love, and when your heart is broken / a.m
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Good morning from Miami! I don't think I'd ever get tired of this view. 🌴#miami #beachbum #palmtrees #natystravelgrams #aerialview #aestheticaf

urban adventures


Power and aesthetics. This young lady has been put working immensely hard on her goals and that in itself is a beautiful thing.
#peachgang #aestheticaf #squatlife #deadliftlife #benchlife


i've seen this picture in so many different colors idk which is the real one#red #redaesthetic #aestheticstuff #theme #aesthetic #aesthetics #aestheticaf #aestheticfeed #aesthetic

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