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Es increíble vivir experiencias reales, viene un gran video ❤️ #aeriereal

Every body is a bikini body #AerieReal @aerie #TB 📸: @anamijaresezq

I've come into your world, now you'll chase me around the globe for it ✨🔥💞

Aparentemente hay un debate "silencioso" en redes sociales sobre el concepto de amor propio. Sucede que mi sobrepeso moderado (porque honestamente lo considero moderado, nada fuera de lo normal) indica que no me amo lo suficiente y que me excuso todo el tiempo para no tener el cuerpo y estilo de vida que alguien más considera un reflejo de mi nivel de AMOR PROPIO. Adoro mi cuerpo como jamás en la vida lo había hecho y lo cuido y respeto lo más que puedo. Y no es que deba dar una explicación, pero es necesario que dejemos de referirnos al aspecto físico de alguien para escupir juicios sin fundamentos (y que probablemente hablen más de la fuente que proviene que de mí). Sí, hay muchísimas personas que escudan sus malos hábitos y su resistencia al cambio detrás de un 'así me amo' pero también merecen que respetemos su proceso aunque no lo compartamos. Porque no lo conocemos y no tendríamos por qué. Respeto, compañeros, tolerancia y compasión. Eso es lo que practica una persona que se ama y que ama a otros de forma incondicional. Sea cual sea tu estilo de vida, live and let live. // Ropa interior de @aerie. #ZazilAbraham #BraveStrongWorthy #everyBODYisbeautiful #BodyPositive #SelLove #aerieREAL

A little throwback in my @skyeswimwear 💘 new pics are coming soon! ☺️ be kind, love yoself, stay hydrated, go pet a puppy, go outside, and try to look at the bright side of things as much as possible! I hope everyone has a fabulous day🌞

“Here’s to loving ourselves harder today and celebrating every curve, dimple and wrinkle.” #AerieREAL #regram @jennakutcher

SELF LOVE WELCOMED HERE 👋🏻: It’s easy for me to hop on here and tell you all the reasons why I’m not perfect, it’s easy to pick apart every inch, but it’s HARD to tell you what I love about myself. Telling you what's wrong with my size 12 body is a way to protect myself from you doing it for me.

I felt myself going down the rabbit hole of self doubt today as my thighs rubbed together, my pants cut into my muffin top, but I caught myself and changed the conversation in my head...
These thighs? They love each other so much they can’t stop touching. This “belly” it held two angel babies for a few months. This body? It's helped me climb some of life's toughest mountains, self love being one of the hardest. And this heart is beating behind this screen trying to promote positivity and share the hard stuff.
Today I want to know: what do you LOVE about yourself! Comment below and let's take on this journey together! 🙌🏻🙋🏼🎉 #thighlove #ihadamiscarriage #selflove Skivvies by: @spanx

There's about a 20lb difference between these photos...and a whole lot of recovery. .

Gaining the weight in recovery for anorexia was so incredibly hard, and I was so damn proud of myself. Unfortunately due to my illness I was recently diagnosed with (& the strict diet I have to follow) I've lost a lot of the weight I worked so hard to gain. Now I resemble the first photo more than the second. .

This can be so frustrating for me, especially knowing I'll have to go through the process of gaining weight all over again. However, this time around it will be much easier ,because although my body doesn't "look" recovered, my brain feels recovered...& That is such a blessing!🙏 .

I know so many of you are going through the same thing. It might not be due to an illness...maybe you slipped back into you ED and lost all the weight again... whatever the case... It's OKAY.

You need to forgive yourself... know that it will be okay

You CAN get back to a healthy place

You didn't ruin your recovery

You didn't ruin anything .

You are not a failure.

You are human!

Life has ups and downs & So does recovery

No recovery journey is perfect.



Aerial view flight to San Fran. 2015
#flightphoto #aeriereal #aerialviews

#transformationtuesday "It always seems impossible until it's done!" 🌸
In that first picture I was at my heaviest of 240lbs; I was tired all the time, out of shape, taking daily medicines due to my obesity, but worse than all of that, I was sad and consumed by my relationship with food!.
I had spent my whole life battling that relationship, battling the hold it had on me. I had gone from an overweight child who was bullied unmercifully for my weight, to a teenager who decided to do something about that and not eat at all, to a young women who felt lonely in my first few years as a wife and mother so I turned to binge eating as a way to numb my emotions!.
I remember not knowing how to be healthy, but one day I literally woke up and decided I was done being unhealthy and I was ready to gain my life back! And that's just what I did!.
Today I am proud of who I am and I am proud of who I am becoming! Today I no longer let food control me. I eat because I enjoy food, I eat because it provides my body with nutrients, I eat to be healthy!
Somewhere along the way, I even found a love of cooking and a PASSION for sharing my journey with others in the hope that they too believe in themselves, just like I sat there that one morning and BELIEVED in me! I believed in me so much I never gave up on the goal I set for myself that day to lose 100lbs. It took 7 years to do it, but I wouldn't change the journey and what I've GAINED along the way for anything in the world!
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Motherhood is tough. Busy schedules, post partum depression, pregnancy struggles, marriage, work, burn out, anxiety, fears, insecurities, my faith… these are just a few of the areas that I’ve seen breakthrough in by being healthy. Ultimately, God has been with me each step of the way. God equips me with strength when I’m weary, creativity when I want to communicate, courage to share with others and stand out, and air to wake up each morning and run each step of this race. I get to hold God’s hand and run and jump and choose healthy food and rest.

여름 휴가를 떠나요!
에어리의 사랑스러운 스윔웨어와 함께-
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Es increíble vivir experiencias reales, viene un gran video ❤️ #aeriereal

LOVE THEMED DAYS 🙌🏼👏🏼😂🎉🤗 See you on 90's Day 😉 #prouddm #deez95 #d95rocks #bts2k17 #Repost @2206theavenuemall
Bringing back the themed days this weekend! 🌈Dress to impress and be sure to wear you favorite denim and Aerie girls can wear leggings on Sunday! 👖👖Best dressed each day will win a $10 giftcard! I can't get everyone tagged so tag a friend to help remind them!#leggingsarepantssometimes #denimdenimdenim #aeriereal #aeowoa #flashbackfriday @d95_aewoa @rockingregion14 @aeowallofawesome @aerie @americaneagle

Army green 💣@aerie #aeriereal

Worked so hard forgot how to vacation🌺 #aloha #aeriereal

City escape 🌳🌳🌳 #ootd #weekendfun #aeriereal

I really don't know what to post anymore. The reason I left mcig, was because people irl started finding out about this account, and I don't want what I post impact what they think about me, ausvdhdbs sorry
. . . .
shoutout to @ adisa for making my day 💞
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