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Maybe you like me because I remind you of YOU. Imperfect, strong, and showing up. Since our second miscarriage, I've had to learn how to advocate for myself and my body. My self-love journey took an unexpected turn last week when I got a call from my fertility doc saying, "Girlfriend, you have a raging gluten allergy." 🤦🏼‍♀️🥖🍕
For me, it was my worst nightmare paired with hope. I'm the girl who has joked that she eats enough gluten for everyone and has a stash of Mac and Cheese that could feed an army. At first I was terrified, then I dove in headfirst. I am 7 days in entirely GF and I have to say, it doesn't suck. I am re-learning how to cook, prep and eat and I'm already feeling better.

This is a body of a girl in transition. This is a body that is trying to heal itself. This is a body being prepared to someday safely be a home for a baby. This is a body that is advocates for. This is a body I am learning to love.

Tag your fave gluten free resources below! (Also, I blogged about all the tests I've done, who I'm working with, my test results, and the cost! You can see all the details, link in profile!) 🤰🏼🙌🏻🎉 #aeriereal #ihadamiscarriage

When retrograde is starting to get to you but you're best friend is here so we can grill and binge watch the simple life 🙃🙃 peep my story for what we're grilling up with @milkandeggscom

THE PHOTO ON THE LEFT TOOK ME 1 min 42 secs TO EDIT🙄🤥😵 You'll see the changes of my face, teeth, and overall shape of body change as I click on the "before/after" feature in the app. ⚠️Watch this video a couple times through and you will really see that the subtle differences completely change my entire look⚠️ This 👆🏼is the reason I WILL NOT STOP promoting #EmbraceYourReal, because apps like FaceTune are making it so easy for us to masks our true selves in today's society😢 ✋🏼I was listening to a big name lifestyle influencer talk about the apps she edits her photos with yesterday and she literally said "It is absolutely necessary to use apps like FaceTune because you can't have your photo showing flaws, brands will not want to work with you." She then proceeded to SHOW her followers (mind you she has just under 1M young aspiring lifestyle bloggers following her) how to resize her body proportions to "accentuate" the body. She also, showed them how to smooth the "rigid problem areas" of their skin 😡😤! You guys I KID YOU NOT I wanted to take my phone and throw it I was so furious, but yet this is the society that we live in now days ☹️ You got a pimple? Cover it up - retouch it.
You have cellulite (like 99.9% of humans) Smooth it out so no one will see it.
You want your teeth extra white - whiten them instantly with your fingers on an app.
It is absolutely disgusting, heart wrenching and devastating that we are bombarded with photos of beautiful, flawless people every single day, not only in mainstream media now, but on our very own instagram feeds and what's even more scary is that others are looking at people and asking questions like: "Girl, your waist is so small, what ab exercises do you do, what does your diet look like?" "How do you get your skin so flawless? I need your skin routine." "Oh my gosh, your eyes are so pretty, I wish I had pretty eyes like you." For goodness sake people please stop believing everything you see on your screens, not everything is how you appear, remember that. 😏

Iris Murdoch said it best: " We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality". #EYRSisterhood #PHOTOSHOPPED

freckles are like galaxies for your skin 🌌

Thick thighs just mean I'm closer to becoming a mermaid (or maybe I already am one??) 💐🌻🌼☀️🌸🦋
Suit from @fashionnovacurve , use my code 'jaaclynnnn' to save $$$$$ hunny #NovaBabe #humpday

“WARNING: ⚠️non-retouched body alert. This body eats cheese curds and drinks beer, it also runs laps and lifts weights. These arms don't fit well into coats but they can't wait to someday hold a baby. These thighs kiss one another all day long but they carry me closer to my dreams every day. This belly button used to be an outie but it's now covered with a layer of self love.” No retouching on this #AerieREAL girl. Ever! #regram @jennakutcher

Fitness is not one s i z e fits all.
I am grateful to follow badass bodies of all shapes and sizes. I am tired of seeing people being attacked and labeled because of their size.
In the photo on the left people assumed I was 'fit' just because of my appearance. Two years later and I am still 'fit' even though my body has changed.
I have been called fat, skinny, healthy, etc, and at none of these points did my size dictate how ACTIVE or HEALTHY I was.
At the gym there are not just 'shredded bodies'. There are people who are bigger, smaller, or curvier but kick serious ass every time I see them. Some of the fittest people I know are far from the 'photoshopped fitspo bodies.'
💜Skinny does not mean you are not f i t
💛Overweight does not mean you are not f i t
💗A persons body type does not mean they are not f i t
A photo does not give ANYONE the right to judge a persons level of health or fitness.
Look at someone beyond their size. Are they happy, active, and smiling? Then leave them the hell alone. Someone's size has nothing to do with their capabilities as a human being.
Every BODY can be a fit b o d y. If you want to judge someone, look at their heart. If its big and mighty, then you know you have struck gold.

serving you a little Aerie realness. @iskra will forever be my favorite person💕 #aeriereal #noretouching #nomakeup 💋


Say hello to #pegasus what should we name him/her? P.S. #TGIF 😃💕💕💕 #MessalinaMorley #inbetweengirl

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I cannot tell you how much I didn't want to work out this morning oh my goodness it was a total killer and most of the way through I kept thinking "why is he making this so hard." Then I thought well "why am I not better at this?!" Results don't come easy we need to have a goal and we have to be willing to work hard for it!

T25, day 81 ✅

What's pushing everyone forward today?
S xoxo

details ft. an uneven tan

주말을 앞둔 즐거운 금요일!
사랑스러운 컬러감의 이너웨어를 준비하세요. 💕
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& we'll all float on, okay. 🖤 - #modestmouse | #floaton | #nomakeupselfie | #aeriereal

Honestly, I've been loving my job lately! ❤️ Who knew that working in a lingerie store would be so rewarding? Everyday I get to make connections with girls and watch their faces light up when they feel great and beautiful in what they're wearing. Being #AerieREAL is definitely something I've come to embrace, and I love helping others embrace it as well! ☺️

I've always been self-conscious about my stretch marks but life is too short to care what other people think. I've learned embrace my flaws and work with what I've got. Thanks to brands like @aerie, being unapologetically you is the TOP trend. Check out how I style this oversized sweatshirt 👉🏽 currently on the @aerie blog. #AerieREAL #AeriePartner #BodyPositive ❤️

Can't stop hanging myself when I saw hoop
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Living lovely // #LOVE #aeriereal @aerie

"Be the exception." ✨ Cada día trabajo contra viento y marea para ser la mejor versión de mí. Para sentirme cómoda en mi mente y en mi piel. Para sentirme libre dentro de lo que soy. Cada segundo que pasa aprendo algo nuevo sobre mi ser, experimento nuevas sensaciones y exploro todo a mi alrededor. Busco belleza hasta en su mínima expresión. Esta foto de mi reflejo en el espejo es sólo lo estético, porque soy mucho más de lo que ves. Te sorprendería y sé que amarías, como yo, cada fracción de mí.
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Today was our little Sadie's last day today! It's been so great working with you and watching you grow! Best of luck in college and enjoys your year in ROME!!! ❤️🌎😩#aeofamily #aeriereal #travelbug #allgrownup

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