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Can’t wait to be back in the tropics in less than a month ❤️ nothing makes a beach queen happier than being in her element 🌊✨🌺 can you guys guess where I’m going?!

Yesterday, I read comments under a photo of me that was reposted somewhere and I would say that 50 percent of the comments were negative. It’s just sad to see how many people are unhappy with themselves that they just rather project their insecurities on to me. This is why I do what I do. In hopes that I can continue to inspire 🌻 swimsuit from @aerie 📸 by @mariacastellanos_ri #becauseitsmybody #aeriereal #aerie

Let’s talk about something for a second....
The hashtag #MeToo has blown up, as it should have. This tag stands and represents all of the women who have been sexually assaulted, etc. I personally shared a tweet under it since I’ve been a victim of this and like many of you know I’ve already shared my story on other posts. Every single woman who shares this tag is brave and deserves to be heard. Each one of these women inspire me and prove that we clearly have a problem.
The amount of men I have seen on twitter talk about how “not all men” or men making excuses for what happened to these women; drinking, slut shaming, clothing choices, etc. is disgusting.
Men should not be applauded for NOT sexually assaulting women, there should be no prize for a congrats you didn’t r*pe me! YES, not all men sexually assault women, but that shouldn’t mean that they should be congratulated for it. If you are offended by women speaking out about this and sharing their stories, you are apart of the problem.
A women (a man as well but the tag was for specifically women) does not EVER deserve to be sexually harassed, assaulted or r*aped. It does not matter if I was standing like this in front of you, drunk out of my mind or if I was asleep.
There are no excuses!
No slut shaming
No “she was wearing a crop top, she was asking for it!”
No means NO & that means no excuses under any exception
⛔️ ⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️Now, I understand that a majority of my followers are men (90% of you), so I do not want you to think that this post is for you, this post is for the men who say “BUT WHAT ABOUT ME!!!!!” I trust and know my followers are good humans who know right from wrong.
Anyway, to end a long rant that I could continue with I just want to say have a happy #humpday everyone and to remember that there is nothing wrong with being sexual as long as both parties are consenting.
Normalizing sexuality will be a post to come soon, but for now enjoy my code to get 50% off almost any adult item and free shipping, my code is JAC on @therealadamandeve’s website. 18+ only 💜🔮✨🌼🌸🌻☀️🦋

#AerieREAL girls stick together.

Hiding is something I got so used to, but I know I deserve to live in the light, too. And I don't want to just have confidence in my outsides, I want to feel the same for my insides.
For years, I hid my struggle. I felt like I was supposed to. I was ashamed of the way I depended on food, the way I used it, and the way I treated my body when I was alone.
I honestly thought I was the only girl on the planet who struggled this way. I felt so alone that I began to believe that I deserved to be. I figured hiding this body would help me hide everything else.
But it is not wrong to be the way you are right now. And don't need to hide. Your struggling self deserves love, too, and needs it so desperately to survive and try to move forward.
So, the next time you feel like hiding, give yourself some time to reflect and understand why you want to. As we heal our inner struggles, we might slowly stop trying to 'fix' or hide what we perceive as outer 'flaws.' And we'll soon realize how much more we want to show up and shine✨

Earlier I posted this message with two side by side photos of myself with words, but i took it down. For someone randomly scrolling through, I realized my message could have been taken the wrong way. Thus, I am reposting my message to show it does not matter what size you are. Whether you are skinnier or curvier, body dysmorphia can occur. Body dysmorphia, just like anything else, is not defined by a specific 'number' or 'body type'. Below is my original message. 💜
I want to tell you to look in the mirror and truly see yourself.
I want to tell you to go into dressing rooms and see yourself with confidence.
But I also know that is easier said then done.
BODY DYSMORPHIA is a real life phenomenon. I know first hand what it is like to look in the mirror and think I see 'something else.' I have struggled with bad body image nearly my entire life. Even at my thinnest, I still looked in the mirror and saw myself as 'bigger.' I thought that is how others viewed me as well.
After being teased for my weight in high school and struggling to see my self worth, body dysmorphia became a true struggle for me. Any negative feeling would make the mirror distort my perception of myself.
When I truly began focusing on loving my body, I forced myself to look in the mirror. I forced myself to compliment my body and truly see m y s e l f.
When you look in the mirror, you have to look at all of you. When you're feeling bad about your body, you have to remind yourself it is still YOU. The real, raw, beautiful you.
The mirror does not define you. The way you view your body does not define you. You define YOU.
Remember that if you choose to see yourself as beautiful, then you will carry on your life as if you are a 'beautiful person.'

Just me, an empowered woman wearing my beautiful @malaprayer necklace 💘😻 go check them out, I love what they stand for and they sell really cute necklaces! use my code "BEARYBECCA20" at checkout✨

Every day that my Mimi and my mom are cancer free, I am thankful for scientific advances, cancer research, and everyone joining the fight. Part of the fight is knowledge, and it starts with taking care of your girls. At 18, I witnessed my momma’s strength as she fought aggressive cancer and kicked its ass, luckily having caught it early because she knew something was up. Thank you, Aerie, for caring and for supporting early detection of breast and ovarian cancers. You can help, too. 100% of the proceeds of this shirt go to Bright Pink so women everywhere are informed and able to take care of their girls. Link in bio. 💕 #aeriereal #aerieambassador #ad #brightpink #breastcancerawareness


Sometimes you have to swim out to the trampoline in the ocean and have yourself a good time❤️
#travel #wanderwithme #wanderwithjosy #adventure #wanderlust #confidenceiskey #goodtimes #fun #jump #beach #views #hawaii #oahu #trampoline #aerie #aeriereal #aerieswim

this whole “sticky note compliments on the dressing room mirror” concept is one I am definitely here for #aeriereal

If you watched my story you woulda saw this first video the other morning. This was a killer superset.
You would not have seen the other tho..
That morning I was bloated, my acne was bad, and you could see the cellulite on my arms in the video.
Feeling really insecure I immediately was like NO way I am posting that... I’ve felt pretty self conscious lately. Looking at this video today, I realized how stupid I have been acting.
GUESS WHAT? All of those things are normal!!!
It’s okay to be bloated, it’s okay to have acne, it’s okay to have cellulite, and it’s okay to not be confident in your body at times.
We are all human and we all are rockstars.
Our bodies are beautiful in every shape and size!

Proud Of What And Whom I Become. Social Media Will Never Determine Whether I’m Good Enough Or Not. Neither Should You Let It Affect You On How Many Followers And Likes You Get. #selfappreciationpost #aeriereal #loveyourself #loveyourpersonality #personalitycountsmore #socialmedia #doesntdetermine #yourselfworth

It’s sweaters and leggings day at Aerie Mayfair @aeriemayfair #aeriereal #weekendvibes #brasale #aerie

Shout out to Faith giving our customers the best experience by being friends first #WOA #aeriereal

Throwing a selfie at you guys today 🤗 I haven’t taken a selfie in ages it feels like. But today I rode with @btoned @soulcycle and it was soooooo good! Brian was actually the instructor of my first class 18 months ago and I haven’t looked back! Feeling like I’ve got such a #soulglow now ☺️
Everyone has their own opinions of #soulcycle and for me it’s an escape, a sweat and truly does leave me high on life! It’s the best cardio dance party and I don’t really know why I’m still raving about it besides the fact that it’s been a while since I’ve been in the studio and I missed!
I think it’s safe to say I’m starting to feel those 3 weeks of #bbgxmas! BBG ALWAYS wipes me back into shape! .
Did you sweat today?!
#sweatwithkayla #wellness #noexcuses #fitgirl #fitspiration #girlswholift #fitmotivation #workout #yoga #nutrition #iamwellandgood #bbgxmas #sunrise #losangeles #soulstyle #soulcycleauditions #soulfam #fitfamuk #fitfam #aeriereal #darlingmovement #darlingselfie #bbg #bbgcommunity #cycling #bbgprogress #cardio

Today's the LAST day
a few posts back!
$100 VALUE🤓
What would you guys like to hear more of from me?
1) about the keto diet/lifestyle?
2) fitness?
3) beauty?
4) fashion?
5) my healthy lifestyle and tips?
6) my relationship?
7) more about my day to day life?
8) positive mindset topics?
Put down the numbers corresponding to the topic you want to hear more of in the comments!
If there's something you'd like to hear more about that I didn't list above please let me know in the comments!

What’s the greatest lesson a woman can learn? That since the day she was born she had everything she needed within her. It’s the world that convinced her she did not. That she is beautiful in her uniqueness and her beauty shines through her eyes when she loves herself, cares for her body and shares her soul with the world ♥️ #bodyconFITdence #bodypositive #aeriereal

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