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Feeling like a flying 🦇 tonight. Thank you Miguel and The Flying Trapeze school of Miami for the air time! Much needed training sesh while on vacation ♥️

Can't take an aerialist anywhere without them climbing on something! 🤣 Here's @foxyashleyfox tackling the rings on Santa Monica Beach. #AerialNation ✨ Posted by AN Creator @NikkiStJohn

Best place to hang out at Santa Monica beach 😝 personal best this year with 5 twists #seriousbusiness #xdubai ➡️ Also hoping to see all of you tonight at the @tempestfreerunning academy South bay for the open jam hosted by @themotusprojects 👌🏻 #cometrainwithus #stormfreerun #themotusprojects #tempestfreerunning

EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE OUR WINNER of the #ahgazelle Photo Challenge!!
CONGRATULATIONS @kineticacircus for her awesome Gazelle Photo!
It was SOOO hard to pick from all of the A-MAZ-ING photos submitted! We will be announcing more variations that were chosen for publication throughout the day!
We will be announcing this weeks trick shortly!
Be sure to click on the link on our bio as our weekly announcement email will begin to include instructional videos on how to do that weeks trick!! 😃

Act development is a pain in the neck. 🖤
Hoop by @beastlybuilt
Special thanks to @missheathen for getting me all bendy today in Flex class at @empyreanarts.

throughout the week I am teaching 3-5 hours of aerial lessons in row and a lot of the time its hard to find the energy to train myself BUT I wouldn't change a thing. I am feeling incredibly grateful for my life. for aerial and the opportunities it has given me. nothing can bring me down when im doing what I love. eyes forward-- not without aerial kisses (bruises) all over my body of course ♡♡♡ side note: I made a website about info on private lessons, classes and my full gallery. check it out. link in bio 🕊💕 song @lordemusic


Как же я соскучилась....снова репетиции;-) #artareaproject #aerialbeauty #aerialarts #aerial

😍😍 first attempts at Hocks Split Scarab by @freyaliberty such a pretty shape!!

part of her mystery is how she is calm in the storm & anxious in the quiet🌊

craving another shoot. anyone wanna collaborate, other aerialist & photographers. I have all the equipment except a rig hehe let's do this 💋 📷 @imvdon
#aerial_aesthetics #aerialartist #aerialdancer

Horse press is a foundational move for sling that helps students become comfortable with pressing against fabric for stability. Find it on our Level 0 Sling poster, link in the bio!


First time setting up at our new apartment! Ignore the flexed foot haha
#aerislistsofig #aerialsilks #aerialyoga #aerialbeauty #aerialarts #colorado #fortcollins #coloradoaerialist #workout

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