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"Aydınlanma yıkıcı bir süreçtir. Daha iyi ya da daha mutlu olmakla ilgisi yoktur. Aydınlanma sahteliğin un ufak olmasıdır. Oyunlardan oluşan ön cephenin arkasını görmektir. Doğru olduğunu sandığımız her şeyin kökünden yok edilmesidir." #adyashanti

"To be intimidate is to feel the silence, the space that everything is happening in." #Adyashanti

"A tremenda abertura e intimidade necessárias para se estar plenamente presente está além da capacidade de muitas pessoas de se sustentarem por mais de poucos momentos, antes de habitualmente se contraírem de volta à sua condição familiar de separatividade e luta, que tanto caracteriza a condição humana.

Este constante estado de luta se manifesta como uma relação compulsiva e viciosa, com o movimento do pensamento, da emoção e do tempo.

Há uma grande relutância em parar de lutar, porque na ausência de luta, você de repente começa a dissolver suas barreiras e definições sobre quem você É.

E isso faz surgir medo, já que experimenta a perda do seu familiar sentido de si.

Lutar é uma maneira da personalidade manter sua existência. Quando você deixa o conflito, a identificação com a personalidade começa a desmoronar, e você se conscientiza de sua vacuidade e infinitude.

A coisa mais difícil é parar de lutar, de esforçar-se, de procurar e de buscar. Por que será?

Porque na ausência de luta você não sabe quem você é; você perde suas fronteiras, perde a sua separatividade, perde a sua “especialidade”, perde o sonho que você viveu durante toda a sua vida. Por fim, você perde tudo o que a sua mente criou e desperta para quem você verdadeiramente É: a plenitude, não limitada por quaisquer identificações, identidades ou fronteiras.

É desta liberdade de Ser sem residência fixa, que a maioria da gente espiritualizada está ao mesmo tempo em busca e em fuga, porque a sua natureza sem face, não fornece nenhum ponto de referência fixo ao qual a personalidade possa se apoiar ou no qual possa buscar segurança.

Enquanto permanecer identificado com a personalidade, você estará sempre em busca de segurança e exclusão da Verdade, permanecendo em constante estado de luta.

É somente quando o seu amor pela Verdade for maior que a necessidade compulsiva de segurança, que você deixará se levar pelos braços de uma revelação florescente e contínua da liberdade do Ser." #adyashanti

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Spiritual awakening doesn’t happen because you master some spiritual technique. There are lots of skillful meditators who are not awake. Awakening happens when you stop bullshitting yourself into continual nonawakening. It’s very easy to use disciplines to avoid reality rather than to encounter it. A true spirituality will have you continually facing your illusions and all the ways you avoid reality.-#Adyashanti 🙏🏼👌🏼💜
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No belief is true. Yet beautiful and useful in the human experience. #tattoo #advaita #nonduality #adyashanti #jedmckenna

Staying grounded by reading on the ground. #morning #adyashanti #churcharoundeverycorner


Just recently I had a client who "made me feel really angry". She told me that everyone in the group could see how I wasn't happy with her. .
That pressed every button that I had!!!
How could I be such a bad teacher that I would create someone feeling unsafe in the group. .
And I felt so angry at her and couldn't work out why. .
So I called my friend and asked her for some help because I knew there was something really important within me going on that was disconnecting me from my heart and the peace within. .
What I connected with was how unsafe I felt when I heard what she said and it reminded me of how unsafe I felt generally at school with a group of girls who I didn't "fit in with"... and how much I needed emotional safety on a daily basis. .
By connecting with this precious need for safety, and the truth of how much I needed this as a child, everything within me settled again in this recognition.
Now there was peace again in my heart. .
This peace was there within me all the time. I just had to be able to connect back to it. .
THAT is what NVC brings to me almost every day of my life, a reconnection with the peace and harmony that is already within, regardless of any external circumstance. .
Oh, any by the way, it is also a communication model, because I was then able to go back and have a vulnerable conversation with this person where I was able to connect deeply with her and explain how this event was for me.
. .

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Don't form a new identity around being a selfless or even compassionate person; just express the unity that you have tasted in daily living moment to moment. Exercise your insight in the world. Serve it. Give this innate energy new forms of expression by selflessly living it out. This is an important step in your evolution. Don't underestimate it. #adyashanti #spirituality #teachings #insights

"If there is a path at all - it's emptying yourself of what you're not.” #Adyashanti #quote #awareness #ascension #spiritual #newage #empath #healing #chakra #enlightenment

Sometimes it feels like the easiest thing in the world to think 'the universe is working against me', in one way or another.
In those moments, I like to remember that everything is here for me, everything in my life is put there in perfect timing so I can learn from it or enjoy it.
Sometimes it can be hard to believe, but just think back on all of the hardest moments of your life, they shaped you into the amazing person you are today. 🌵
I believe everything is here for all of us, and that leaves no one and no experience out.
Also, check out that pose👆😂😂😁 ❤


The meaning of life is quite simply to.... recognize the futility of searching for said meaning?
By the very nature of our brains, we are meaning making machines. We can create whatever pseudo-meaning we want through simple, or complex, conceptualization. There's no reason to "search" for it, when you can simply activate your creative resources.
This perspective is, obviously, just another concept. But it's one that seems to cause many folks great distress; the idea that their current incarnation is objectively meaning-less. ---
"What would be the point of getting up in the morning?", they ask. After all, if one doesn't have "purpose", often used for self-reference orientation, and a position to sustain/defend, what would be the impetus to take any action at all?
It has been my subjective experience that as attachment to these types of conceptual constructs lessen, there emerges another source which calls forth movement within this relative reality. It's subtle, but also feels "clean"; free of the stress of striving for this and that, and grasping for security.
And perhaps we need not throw the meaningless baby out with the conceptual bathwater. We could take to heart Rumi's conceptualization when he suggests "Nothing is meaningful, except surrendering to love. Do it."

I've tried a lot of ways to grow my own self love, but the only one that I've found so far that seems to actually get to the core of the issue is: inquiring into what is stopping myself from loving myself, and bringing that part of myself into my awareness.
Somehow when I bring my awareness and attention to these hurt parts of myself (Feelings, memories, thoughts and beleifs), some kind of magic occurs and they don't bother me they way they used to, and sometimes they vanish for good.
I think true self love is an act of getting to know all of the parts of yourself (especially the unconscious parts), and learning to Love them like you love the super parts of your self.
I've found when you can start to Love those darker and unwanted aspects of yourself, you can start to actually love and appreciate other people for who they are, the good and the bad. Because it seems the way we feel about others is just a reflection of the way we feel about ourselves.
Happy lovings out there my friends😁😗

"your life, all of your life, is your path to awakening."

Lego my ego! No drama for your mama. #repost #@adyashanti.ogs #adyashanti

Even Jesus dances to Krishna Das...

When you are no-thing and no-body, you are pure spirit -#Adyashanti #quote #nonduality #love #spirit #iamthat #seer #no-thing #illustration #yogadrawing #yoga #illustration #art #artist #artoftheday What can you know about no-thing? #sendinglove

Acceptance is the key that will unlock any door. #oneness #nonduality #adyashanti #acceptance #awakening #conciousness #selfdiscovery

"Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It's seeing through the facade of pertence. It's the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true." - Adyashanti

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