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Big sis, lil sis ❤️️ #bunbun #favoritenurse #laughingbuddy #adviceguru

She says my brow game is a 3.4/10 what do you guys think? #GinAndTonic #drinkingbuddyforlife #adviceguru

When life gets hard, turn to alcohol 👍 #adviceguru

Well after 4 long years it looks @mitch.achurch is leaving me. I'm taking the break up pretty hard, but I'm sure it's for the best. Good luck and thanks for the happy times. #happyhouse #bananabarry #adviceguru #bffl

Happy happy birthday my chad!!! #musicpartner #brother #adviceguru hope today is amazing !! Now bring @briimarii n the kiddies for a visit 😁😁 sending nothing but love and God's richest blessings the Chad!! Love you!

Where's my super suit???👌😂 #buddies #adviceguru 😂

At times where all you want to do is cry, the best thing to do is find reasons to smile. I'm yawning in this pic doe 😂 and actually the best thing to do is do a forced smile until you laugh at how stupid you look doing a forced smile #trust it's gotten me through most of the lows in my life and maybe it can help you too. #adviceguru

Happy 22nd birthday, beautiful🌺 We know we were born to be bestfriends, we just have too much in common!💞 #classmate #seatmate #soulmate #studybuddy #parttimecolleague #adviceguru


Happy Friday 😎

When life gets hard, turn to alcohol 👍 #adviceguru

Hey guys go checkout my friends advice page! #adviceguru

At what age do we stop dreaming? When do you start thinking that the dream in your heart….you know which one I am talking about is hopeless? I marvel at the number of times someone tells me I can't do something or how many times people tell me whatever they really want is impossible. It's never too late to follow your heart. After all what's the point of it all?
Enjoy the weekend and your heart's desires. 💕

Recently many of my friends started to ask for eating advice. You can't imagine how encouraging and supportive it is for me! It gives me a massive hope that I am doing the right thing 🙏
However, I do strongly believe that what works for me may not work for others so we shouldn't be looking at other people's routine 💯. It's all about learning to listen to your body and finding a way to fit your needs. I am very much on my learning process and made many mistakes in the past but here are few things that I noticed on myself so far. Firstly, meal prep is extremely important❗️Yes, it does take time, yes, it costs, but it's oh so worth it! I used to be a girl who said that my worst spent money is money spent on food, can you believe that?! Now I'm the one going to supermarket 3-4 times in a week 🛒spending money on protein bars, shakes and other supplements. Secondly, I learnt a lot about 'good fats', essential fibre and carbs. No, I'm not scared anymore of avocados, nuts, bread and etc. 🥑🌰🥜🍞- now I know that correct amount and correct food is very much needed to create a body composition I am aiming for! Also, I have started to count my macros around a year ago ⚖️That was a total game changer! Now if I want a chocolate bar I always think twice before putting it in my mouth!
Bottom line is - find your own way of doing things and never stop learning and 'listening' to your body. You may be surprised what you find out! 💡
Yes, I am working for a stronger and better looking body at the moment - but the most important thing is how I feel inside when I eat well - light, strong, full of energy, not bloated and simply amazing! Now screw those cravings, they all can wait! 🚫🍦🍫🍔🍟🍩🍭🍨🍬🍝
#mealprep #healthyeating #macros #follow #myjourney

I might try a new aesthetic theme just cuz I feel like I should get this account up and running again but it's hard when you have two jobs (one is full time), a few volunteer commitment things and a social life😂😫 #blessed #lovelife #advice #adviceguru #rfr #l4l #smile

Happy mom's day ❤️

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mum 💜💜 I'm so lucky so have such a fab Mum and I can't imagine life without you, thank you for everything #mummabear #happymothersday #bestfriend #adviceguru #shesthebest #memories #mothersday

It's Friiiiiiday ❤️

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