Oman, Un’altra storia. L’avventura continua.. #jabrin #oman #adventurs #jabrincastle

My selected logo design for our batch: Architects of 2018, Aka: REBELS🔥🖤
Design concept:
We, Architects of 2018, with our named cutters and scissors, declare that studio 264 is forever conquered by us, from its sockets, to all the green and grey armchairs that has been taken from us. Deadlines will be controlled by us too, and soon, DAUP! .
The story behind the logo is kinda funny, it resembles all the incidents we've faced during our 4 years in the department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Qatar University. Starting with the studio that we keep fighting for [studio 264], our studio that was our own property, now it became shared with everyone else and not ours' anymore. Our named cutters and scissors, Nameless, Desdemona, Matilda, Lenore, and many more. Yes! We name our cutters and scissors! Let's not forget the green and grey armchairs we secretly took from the corridors and brought them to our studio to create our own majlis, but guess what! They took them back the next day, sad. The sockets, yes, we had issues with the sockets too when we used to be freshmen and were left to have our studios in the corridor, we kept fighting over two sockets, one in the front and one in the back, again, guess what? We called the president for this. Yes we did, and we got our own studio because of that [264]. Finally, Let's not forget about the deadlines..... Deadlines? Deadlines who? We don't know such thing. Now, what's our next adventure, Rebels?🔥
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Quando ti metterai in viaggio per Itaca 
devi augurarti che la strada sia lunga, 
fertile in avventure e in esperienze. 
I Lestrigoni e i Ciclopi 
o la furia di Nettuno non temere, 
non sarà questo il genere di incontri 
se il pensiero resta alto e un sentimento 
fermo guida il tuo spirito e il tuo corpo. 
In Ciclopi e Lestrigoni, no certo, 
né nell'irato Nettuno incapperai 
se non li porti dentro 
se l'anima non te li mette contro.

Devi augurarti che la strada sia lunga. 
Che i mattini d'estate siano tanti 
quando nei porti - finalmente e con che gioia - 
toccherai terra tu per la prima volta: 
negli empori fenici indugia e acquista 
madreperle coralli ebano e ambre 
tutta merce fina, anche profumi 
penetranti d'ogni sorta;
più profumi inebrianti che puoi, 
va in molte città egizie 
impara una quantità di cose dai dotti

Sempre devi avere in mente Itaca - 
raggiungerla sia il pensiero costante. 
Soprattutto, non affrettare il viaggio; 
fa che duri a lungo, per anni, e che da vecchio 
metta piede sull'isola, tu, ricco 
dei tesori accumulati per strada 
senza aspettarti ricchezze da Itaca. 
Itaca ti ha dato il bel viaggio, 
senza di lei mai ti saresti messo 
in viaggio: che cos'altro ti aspetti?

E se la trovi povera, non per questo Itaca ti avrà deluso. 
Fatto ormai savio, con tutta la tua esperienza addosso 
già tu avrai capito ciò che Itaca vuole significare. #viaggio #travel #traveller #nature #poesia #ulisse #adventurs #picofday #africa #love #world #musically

Hello everyone and good evening to you all I hope your Monday went off without a hitch.
I myself had a slow start to the day I’m not sure my eyes were even open for this mornings post.😅
But let me tell you once they were I was off like a rocket I had and epiphany last night and realized I need to find my happy place and be with people who make me happy not bring me down.
So with that I went to a bbq met new people and had a blast! like I haven’t had that much fun in forever 🙏🏻 thank you for making me feel so welcome.
Before my amazing lunch I finished forms read worked out crushed my morning then after lunch came home cleaned up my office space and girl cave I made everything perfect lit a candle and relaxed someone once said I need to meditate and that’s exactly what I did listened to rain fall on my music and just laid in my bed not thinking just being then after twenty min of clearing my head I was ready to keep moving forward with my day.
Idk what it was but I feel like a weight has been lifted and I am never going back...
But don’t think that’s all of it my day kept going on a positive note now there’s a potential date night in the cards dinner movie and a walk with a night cap little less cap more night or other way around whatever the alcohol part is - that lol.
So keep an eye out just may be a few more adventures in the cards tonight.
So with that I bid you all a fawn farewell sweet dreams and so much love.✌🏻❤️🙂

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Persona favorita... ❤ #crta #Durango a #nombrededios #love #adventurs #bike

Oh happy day !

It's a beautiful day to go to adventuring 🌱

Il duo torna in pista ( by Paola Bertuzzi) #progetti #adventurs #innature #corrispondenza #versolestateappassionatamente

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