Day 12: I was feeling confident today so I did the #loloelliptical workout at #lameapartmentgym in my sports bra. #adventuresofsizejenny #progressnotperfection #selflove

Day 11: I legitimately look dead in this picture but I’m very much alive. Extremely sweaty and the floor is my new bestie, but very much alive #adventuresofsizejenny #loloelliptical #lameapartmentgym

Day 10: I’m counting this as a workout, since Mom and I moved my entire classroom’s worth of stuff to our cars and then carried it up to my apartment. I sweated, walked, lifted all the things, and my Fitbit registered that I exercised for over 30 minutes. #adventuresofsizejenny #sanantoniotobrooklyn #whohasthismuchstuff

Day 9: Looking dazed and confused after a super hard, gradually increasing #loloelliptical workout at #lameapartmentgym this afternoon #adventuresofsizejenny #alittlemocardio

Day 8: Sweat 💦 everywhere, lion 🦁 hair, and an exhausted smile on my face because I completed another #loloelliptical workout ✅ #getitdone #adventuresofsizejenny #sweatiestofbeasts

Day 7: Stayed inside to do my #loloelliptical workout this morning even though it’s not that hot yet but I was super surprised to see that it’s currently hotter in NY! #spoileralert though- it gets up to 100 in SA later this week and like 90 in New York. #inferno #adventuresofsizejenny

Day6: Thank goodness #lameapartmentgym was free today so I could do my #loloelliptical workout in the glorious, fanned shelter! It kicked my butt but I’m pretty sure I’ll live. #adventuresofsizejenny #whyisitsohot

Day 5: The top readout is my Fitbit- it registered that I was working out in a high heart rate zone for 40 minutes and added the miles and calories I racked up to the meager ones I earned from getting out of bed and walking around the house. The second readout is the workout I attempted to run outside in the inferno today after someone took the elliptical at #lameapartmentgym I had to stop running and start walking in the shade 2/3 of the way through because it was so hot, yet my Fitbit still registered that my heart was working hard enough for a workout. Lesson learned: it’s okay to modify your workout due to heat or space or time or whatever, as long as you get it in and listen to your body. Mine was saying, “Man, it’s hot! When are we moving to New York?!” #adventuresofsizejenny

Day 4: That’s attractive! 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ The #loloelliptical app tried to kill me today but it wasn’t successful! It did, however, succeed in making me the sweatiest of beasts. 🐆🦓🦏🐘🦒💦💧#sweatiestofbeasts #adventuresofsizejenny

Day 3: Yes, I am laying on my floor. No, that is not rain or a shower. I’m a #sweatybeast after running at 3:30 in the afternoon in Texas. #yesimcrazy #adventuresofsizejenny #donttrythisathome (unless you live in Alaska ❄️)

Day 2: Someone’s getting freckly in the 70 degree heavenly weather! ☀️ 🏃‍♀️ #adventuresofsizejenny #summatime #whencanwelivehere

Day 1: I had 176 workouts from last summer to the end of this school year. We’ll see how many workouts I can fit in this year!Took a run in #prospectpark and had the most fun. Also, it was 70 degrees. 70 DEGREES!!!!! ❤️ #iheartny #adventuresofsizejenny

Day 176: Giving a profile to make room for my workout buddy the #ellipticalmachine after our #loloelliptical workout at #lameapartmentgym today. #adventuresofsizejenny #notfat

Day 175: Looking and feeling like a sweaty beast with #elliptical antlers after a workout with the #loloelliptical app in #lameapartmentgym this morning. #happyhealthy #adventuresofsizejenny

Day 174: I tried to be serious in the second pic to show my results, hard work and commitment to fitness with the #loloelliptical app, but when you were a kid athlete in the 90’s (#competitivefigureskater ) and @avrillavigne comes on, this first picture happens! #sk8ergirl #rockingoutwhileworkingout #adventuresofsizejenny

Day 173: Looking pretty sweaty 💦 after a workout with the #loloelliptical app today #adventuresofsizejenny

Day 172: Finally starting to slim down after accidentally bulking this year. Eating a human amount of calories (2,000-2,200) and the #loloelliptical app are helping a lot. In the past 6 weeks I’ve lost a quarter inch in my waist and hips and I’ve lost 4 pounds. #adventuresofsizejenny #healthyjourney #modellife #progressnotperfection

Day 171: #sideeyeing my workout buddy the #ellipticalmachine in #lameapartmentgym because she and the #loloelliptical app just kicked my 🍑 #adventuresofsizejenny

When hubby @melekavelli helps you track your fitness progress! 😂😭#adventuresofsizejenny #marriedconversations

Day 169: I just got my 🍑 handed to me by the #loloelliptical app after not working out for 15 days! I know that seems nuts for me, but I fell so in love with @corephysiquepilates1980 and I’m such an #OCDiva that I worked out too much without enough cardio and supplements, got super hungry, ate all the food (on avg upwards of 3,000 cals a day), and gained 20 pounds this year, not all of it muscle. I’ve always been pretty slim and I’ve been eating the right TYPES of foods, so I took a break, went back to the drawing board, and came back to the workout game with a positive attitude, a 2,200 calorie goal (what normal humans eat), and a zest for cardio. I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been daydreaming about #planktopike though! #personalbest #modellife #megaformeraddict #adventuresofsizejenny

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