Can’t really beat a couple Monday Brewery tours of @bluemoonbrewco and @millercoors with @nitro_maverik from @maverik_inc. #adventuresfirststop #beer #bluemoon #caseofthemondays #denver #emp

Happy Father’s Day to the best guy I know! Thanks dad, for teaching me through example on how to respect nature, how to be a gentleman/treat a lady, and how to serve others. Definitely would not be who I am today without your example, and friendship. Love ya!

Keep following those untraveled roads...the destinations may be unknown, but the experience gained and friends made during your travels will be well worth the journey.

The most popular pup at the party, the first 50 kisses are free
#leinielodge #adventuresfirststop

When in Chippewa:
Once you get in, there’s no getting out, and why would you want to
#leinenkugels #leinielodge #adventuresfirststop #maverik

Find places that make you feel alive, and take the people who make you laugh and smile. This is the recipe for “the good life” at least it’s what I’ve experienced! 😏

@maverik_inc I would spend my mountain of cash on more adventures with my kids. But I’m gonna need an awesome UTV to get to all those adventures. First stop little Sahara sand dunes! 😎 #adventuresfirststop #maverik #mountainofcash #mountaindew

One more tree photo, because this tree was just so incredible to see first hand! 1500 years old is pretty dang impressive! 😏🌲😏

What adventure are you going on this weekend? #adventuresfirststop

Sometimes the roads we travel are full of mysteries. They can be scary to go down, because the unknown pushes us out of our comfort zone. But if we are willing to take those risks, even when the path is unknown...especially when the path is unknown. We will come to find out that the only thing stopping us from achieving what we want is ourselves and our own personal perception.

Unfortunately this happens all to often....so we just need to pick ourselves up, get ourselves back together and move on.....maybe I should have saved this for Monday...lol.
#red #redheart #redheartnecklace #pallet #palletwood #heartnecklace #upcycle #reuse #recycledpallets #handmadejewelry #801 #utahwoodworkers #Utah #laytonutah #handmade #woodenjewelry #woodheartnecklace #thegorillagluecompany #irwinclamps #maverickcountrystores #adventuresfirststop ...update....(note to self.....make sure you know your tags...didnt know that stuff was called gorillaglue??? Who knew?)

This is a close up of what a 1500 year old tree looks like. Those colors and textures were incredible to witness and to see first hand. This is a tree that has seen countless battles, from lightening strikes, to brutal wind storms, to even droughts. This tree is proof that no matter what life throws your way, you can overcome it and come out even stronger. 💪 (Look a couple posts back to see the tree in its full glory! 🌲)

I can never repeat yesterday...or this morning, or even this last minute. So I’m going to enjoy this very moment, to the last savory second (you should too) #thursdaythought

A different perspective on an amazing building. Plus, this was taken while rock climbing, so you could say it was a pretty rad day! 😏

Introducing one of the oldest Pines in Utah...coming in at a whopping 1500 years old! 😏 This just goes to show that there is a lot to discover out there, so go out and explore. Learn the history of your public lands, and seek out the treasures they have to offer. 🌲

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