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As a thank you for the endless support this community gives me, I’ll be giving away 10 (or more) signed prints over the next seven days. Hit the link in my bio to learn more. Thank you guys for everything🤘🏻

Panorama ridge is one of the most beautiful places near Vancouver. After a challenging hike up, we made it to the top just in time for a gorgeous sunset. @adventureconwards

Sure, I like to camp. As long as the tent has a door. And windows. And walls. And electricity… 📷: @carloslazarini /📍: Washington

Woke up to 50F this morning in Louisiana. Brrr. We’ll warm back up but I’m finding a jacket this morning. ⛄️ Thinking back to warmer days hiking up Camelback.

I've seen a lot of mountain ranges in my life, admired the diversity of all of them, big and small, rugged and worn. the geology has always interested me, volcanic or subduction, fault block and passive margin. thinking about the arc of these formations is humbling, it plays with our, or at least my, perception of time. of all the ranges I've seen, this one, along the west edge of the Rockwall Trail might be my favourite. I remember being in awe on my first visit of just how enormous they seemed rising vertically from Floe Lake. on the last trip I was lucky to catch Jess wandering along the shore, this photo captures the scale of these giants pretty well. a place unlike any I've ever seen.

I found a new friend 😻🐱
Намерих си ново приятелче 😍❤️💖🐱

Fall adventures are my fave, I love that feeling of crisp air on my face and watching the land transition into brilliant hues of red and gold. And lets not forget, with fall comes cozy outfits 🍁🙌 @styleandco #styleandco #sponsored

🆕 Get also inspired by: @russia.vacations & @asia.vacations
📷 Picture by: @a_gubinskaya ≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔
📍Location: #LagoDiBraies - #Italy
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And back again and just as amazing!

Never feel like you are less than because you have a condition that you didn’t cause. You are still beautiful, you are still important, you are still WORTHY. 💙
An important message from an article I read last night. I haven’t spoken out much about my struggles with mental illness but I think I’m in a place now where I can share & help. Keep an eye out for my next post 😊

O’ Capitan! My Capitan! 🏞

Hace aproximadamente un año,comencé con el proyecto 365,el mismo consistía en tomar una foto cada día,con cámara.En ese momento yo no tenía cámara,es por ello que decidí usar mi celular como herramienta para sacar esas fotos y poder expresarme,era una forma de distraerme de muchas cosas.Creo que pase por todas las temáticas,aunque aún no me quede con una en particular.Me encantó poder hacerlo,y poder entender que la foto la saca uno,la cámara solamente sirve para llevar adelante la idea en mente.Creo que el celular es una herramienta que todos solemos usar en la vida cotidiana,para selfies,retratos,paisajes,cosas o lugares que nos gustan,simplemente es cuestión de lograr sacar el máximo provecho a la cámara de nuestros celulares.Estoy feliz con los resultados,me encantan las fotos porque expresan lo que soy yo,mis gustos.Esto me ayudo a darme cuenta de que lo que realmente quería para mi futuro era ser fotógrafo,y con mucho paciencia y tiempo pude focalizarme mas en eso,y deja la carrera que estaba estudiando,la cual me dio mucho ojo para la fotografía,pero no me permitía ser yo mismo.
Ahora tengo en mente otro proyecto,muy distinto,que se que a muchos les va a interesar,otra meta mas que quiero cumplir.Instagram me abrió puertas a cosas y personas increíbles,estoy feliz por eso.
Y mas feliz aun con el trabajo de @vivirenarte que me hizo este mini álbum,tomando mis mejores fotos,y dejándome los recuerdos de esta gran etapa,en papel.Un regalo imposible de superar.Gracias a todos los que me empezaron a apoyar en instagram,y bancar no solo mis fotos,si no mis cambios.
Y sepan que no hay límites,con un celular se pueden sacar fotos increíbles,el ojo esta en uno mismo.
Hagan lo que les gusta,es el mejor consejo que pueden seguir.

ᑎeeᗪ ᗩ ᗰᗩᑎ | Model: @airin_avery

I think Superman was flying behind these mountains when I took this photo. Still trying to find ways to move closer to the Alps 😍 #frenchalps #mountains

#Repost @eurosportasheville
A BiG GS Salute goes out to our friends Ed and Barb on their beautiful new 2017 R1200GSA! These two have been ADVenture riding a GSA for years across the US. Today after almost 50k on their trusty 2012 they went water cooled and never looked back! Thank you both for the continued support. It is an absolute pleasure supporting this wild RIDE 😜👍✊️! RIDE safe and RoLL on... #esasold #eurosportasheville #bmw #bmwmotorrad #bmwmotorradusa #bmwmotorcycle #dualsport #adventureculture #r1200gsa #r1200gsadventure #blueridgeparkway #828isgreat #asheville #avl


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She’s pretty cool if you ask me 🙌🏼 #ourelliejune

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