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Calm nights in Colorado. Today is the last day my personal Lightroom presets will be up on my website, $10 off on all orders. This was edited with "Summer Air". Thank you guys for the constant support and inspiration🤘

Here's a little bit of deep morning honesty.
I created an Instagram account 4ish years ago with the intention of sharing little moments of my life.
I didn't have a clever business plan or a catchy handle or a strategy to rake in followers...it was just me. Hello, Internet 👋🏻.
Then shortly after Keith and I got married, one of our photos was selected from the Real Weddings section of The Knot to be shared on their Instagram. One of their requirements was that the photo come from a public account. I wanted to make sure my photographer got that exposure, so I clicked Make Account Public.
Then I think some people started following us because they thought Keith was cute 👀.
Then I learned how to use hashtags (🎉) and this little Samsung camera that Keith's parents gave me for Christmas...which is still what I use today, by the way.
Then a couple photos of Bucket and Dags were shared here and there...then we got our van and a lot of folks seemed to think that was cool. Then REI shared a photo of ours and before I knew it, we had over 10,000 followers.
Then it took on a life of its own.
It was suddenly message inboxes filled to capacity and too many notifications to count and speaking events and appearance requests and ambassador programs and film projects and photoshoots and meet-ups.
For the sake of honesty...there are times where I feel as though I've tripped backwards and stumbled onto a spotlit stage in front of a crowd of people clapping as if I've accomplished some great feat. But the very word "instafamous" actually makes me want to crawl out of my skin.
Because this was an accident.
You see, the smaller I set out to make my life...the bigger it became.
I struggle with that sometimes.
But then I come read your comments...I read that something I said gave you courage...or made you want to try something new...or made you realize you weren't alone...
That's indescribable.
You know, people say that they can't believe how many of these comments I respond to. And I think to myself...well...of course I do.
I mean, that's the whole point, isn't it?
That's what makes it worth something.
That's what makes it real.
If I've accomplished anything...it's through you.

Summer is officially here and I couldn't be more excited for long days spent on the trail, backpacking trips and checking off many more peaks from my ever growing list! Thanks @keen for keeping my feet comfortable all day long ♡ #ad #terradora #trailfit

@oscarwastaken diving in the abyss above a wrecked ship in the Caribbean. Shot this with the Sony RX100V with the housing for everyone asking. Thanks for letting me borrow it @littlecoal 🙏🏻• @sonyalpha | #alphacollective #aicdoesbvi

We got caught in a storm during this hike and stayed the night at a small refuge in the mountains. We didn't have our wallets or any money, but they took us on faith that we would leave the money with their friend in a nearby town. I love Italy.

The art of rice paddies 🌱

We went back to Moraine lake this morning and it was even crazier than the last time- which I didn't think was possible. Easily the most beautiful place I've ever been ⛰

Oregon is well known for its gloomy and rainy weather. But there is a different type of charm to gloomy mornings and long walks on empty beaches.


Bought my plane ticket for San Francisco and I'm flying out in July! For part of my trip I'll be camping in California's famed Yosemite National Park! In tribute to Cali's most famous spot for rock climbing, here's one of Oregons favorites

This is my Katherine... and she'll always be my Katherine.

When the restaurant is ready for the 'gram 🙌🏻 #millennialpink  #visitanaheim

Important old people used to walk this hallway

This video had a cool song to go with it, but instagram keeps deleting it. So enjoy the footage with no music 😊🙃loving my drone so far 👌🏻

The real camper life #2 | #ontheroad 🚍

Suns out buns out 🍑✨

Oops 🤷🏼‍♀️. I wasn't going to post this second shot, but these Downieville pictures are some of the first and only photos I have of myself riding! Thanks so, so much to @flowthegnar for suggesting we stop and snag a few 📸. .
#mtb #mountainbikes #ridelife #girlswhoshred #exploremore #getoutstayout #adventureculture #meetthemoment #freshairandfreedom #singletrack #takethetrail #SierraNevadas

Bingham Falls in Stowe, Vermont. First time in this uber green (mountain) state and we're here for a good buddy's wedding. Can't tell you know great it is getting to see old friends and play around in the woods. // #moretoexplore #adventureculture #playoutside #vermontwedding #keepexploring #damnitsgreen

Took a walk in the woods with my pops this morning.

I love being in the forest with no reception, only hearing the frogs croak, the wind rush through the trees and the laughter of my baby cousins running around in the fields. First full family reunion we've had in 11 years... dang it feels good to be amongst my blood again.

Heading back into the forest, enjoy your weekend my friends💚

👉 Esse é o Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, criador da Osteopatia, também foi um médico, cirurgião, político e inventor.
👉 Foi também um dos fundadores da Universidade de Baker e o fundador da Escola Americana de Osteopatia (AT University), primeira escola de Osteopatia do mundo, em Kirksville, Missouri, EUA.
👉 Esse ano se completam 100 anos de sua morte, mas seu legado está cada dia mais vivo.
👉 Obrigado por ter voltado do céu (ou não 😂) para prestigiar o congresso Dr. Still.❤📚
#congresso #ciost2017 #eom #osteopatia #escueladeosteopatiademadrid

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Giving the famous lavenders a break, and sharing this cute & windy alley of the village of Gordes🌾🌸🌿🌻🌬
How will you spend the 1st weekend of Summer?
I'll be in Tarragona with my family & friends, celebrating St John's day (a.k.a. Midsummer)!! 🎊☀️🎊☀️

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