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lil bit stranded #lostfam

wow this is so funny! | cc: @reneeroaming  #ExploreMore

As much as I love traveling, I’ll be honest: It's definitely taken a toll on my body. From eating out to gas station snacks (we all know that means gummy bears!), sometimes it’s hard to maintain a balanced diet when you’re constantly on the go. During my recent trip to Maui, I partnered with @amazinggrass and tried their organic bars and drink mixes, which are made from field-grown greens and loaded with essential nutrients. They're easy to pack and they've been a game-changer for my active and spontaneous lifestyle. I’ve also shared some of my tips for eating healthy on the road on their blog — link in bio!

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Welcoming the weekend with a calm and steady mind......gotta stay focus.....success is our only option.......accommodate a few failures though, but make sure you learn from them or it will seriously be just for nothing. Sigh*......life is tough, but we need to be tougher. Have a great weekend my friends.
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My favorite way to find new places is to open maps on my phone, drop a pin in a new location, and drive to that area. Lately I've been trying to drop pins on roads deep in the woods, and seeing where they go 🤘
How do you usually find new places?

Waking up on a cold crisp coastal morning in Oregon.

Weekend adventures await. Safe travels and make it an incredible time.
Photo by @james.gelormino #Montana #RoadTrip #MtBigSkySeries

In this day and age, it is a seemingly rare thing for women to unite in the way that we at Women Who Hike have. That is because nature provides a safe solace for us to be ourselves, whether you are solo, with a friend or perhaps along for a group hike amongst women who you have never met before. There is just something about the act of hiking and being outdoors that opens the heart and lifts the soul. When we started Women Who Hike, there was no other social media outlet like ours, where any woman could share stories, connect and even meet like minded women. There was no community where it felt safe to really share how hiking has changed lives. We wanted to create a community that truly encourages, unites and inspires women. And that means women of all backgrounds, geography and skill level. No woman goes and climbs Mt Everest without first having logged a few miles on their neighborhood trail first. We are here to encourage women to be brave in exploration, proud in accomplishment and rich in self love. As founders of this project, both of us have stories of our own that we have shared to demonstrate to the Women Who Hike community what we are all about. And through our experiences and finding the outdoors as our safe place and place of empowerment, we can confidently tell you that there is no better feeling of triumph than being on the trail or conquering a summit. Sure, the views are spectacular but above all, hiking has been our path to discovery, independence, growth and resilience. By sharing our story and the testimonies of others like us, we hope to have INSPIRED you to get outside. To share the passion of outdoor culture and ENCOURAGE the independent you; The you who can do it all on their own. To be EMPOWERED by nature, because in nature, you can be whoever you want to be. @WomenWhoHike #WomenWhoHike

SO EXCITED to tell y'all that I have partnered with @lyft. You can now use the code STETSULLY for $50 (FIFTY BUCKS FAM) in ride credits.
Thank you all SO much for your support and helping make these opportunities possible. I promise to only spam you with good deals from reputable companies 😉 -Hey @smiley_kaylab thanks for letting me fly your drone even though I crashed it 3 times 😬


Sunny LA 🌴
Now I understand what all of your hype is about.

Standing at 4750ft, tell me why is this a hill?? #pinetreehill #outdoorlife #hikingadventures #adventureculture #pahang

Any morning to see the sunrise in Montana is a great way to start the day. ☕️ Photo by @whiteman_lane #Montana #Sunrise #MtBigSkySeries

On my way to Ithaca I found myself on a small back road, away from the frenetic highway. The roadway cut through the mountains, and meandered it's way through snowy and sleepy small towns that hadn't fully awakened to the cold day.
Up and down the roadway coursed and weaved, meandering past countless snowy barns and ruins of a time when this road was the lifeline of the area, a time before the highways, a time that had long since passed.
This barn whirled by as I rounded the bend, the sun and the creek catching my eye, and called me back. I pulled over, did a quick u-turn, and headed back to the barn. I parked on the shoulder of the road, grabbed my camera, and flung open the car door and stepped out in the frozen world.
The cold hit me like a physical force; the hair in my nose froze instantly, making it hard to breath. The contacts on my eyes froze, and tightened, creating a very odd sensation as I looked around, like my eyes had weights attached to them. My lips went numb, and I could feel my hands stiffening. The air from my lungs hit the cold, turned to vapor, and then froze on my beard. The cold felt like a malicious creature, snapping and clawing at me, ripping and tearing the heat from my bones and replacing it with a painful hollowness.
I stumbled down the hill, my toes already numb in my boots, and tried to capture as many shots as I could before my hands stopped working, and before the biting cold stole the life from my batteries.
The snow was mostly solid, frozen in a thick layer. The creek flowed past, gurgling and cracking as it shifted the ice, as the cold air met the warmer water and turned to smoke, roiling off into the air and mingling with the frigid day. The sun was shining over the small creek, doing it's best to push back the cold, the rays of light dancing and shimmering along the water and through the smoke, and sparkling against the snow.
It was 6° F, but I didn't mind the cold. It wasn't a bad price to pay to stumble onto a scene like this. I was cackling out loud as I hurriedly stumbled around this barn; giddy from the sheer thrill of finding this unexpected frozen barn along the creek, as the sun began to rise.

Safari in the Serengeti was a once in a lifetime experience which I will never forget. #leopard #serengeti #safari #wildlife #africa #tanzania #wildcats

can you tell how much I love this lil island?(-;

To think of all the possible aurora images and light combinations is mind-boggling! 📷 byhbmertz

hanging out in Taos NM .

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