It took a while to get here because there are a few hundred sheep just up the road and I was trying to catch them all.


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Lancaster at night in Tasmania

Tracks on tracks on tracks! Ski touring is definitely up there as one of my favorite winter activities. It’s just you, a couple of buddies, incredible views and untouched powder. Looking forwad to many more days in the Alps next winter, especially since I might be collaborating with an awesome brand!

✨ The Gilis are a very special part of the world for us ☺️💫 Close enough to Bali to make it worth for a weekend trip, great beaches and snorkel where spotting sea turtles is just meters away from the sand 🐢♥️ The last few years have brought a lot of change to the islands with development starting to be out of control. I really hope this little piece of paradise find the way of having a sustainable development in the future 🌊

San Blas is where we call home in Cusco. Just up the hill from the bustling city center, this charming bohemian neighborhood has the best art, cafes, restaurants, bars and VIEWS in the whole city! AUGUST 13-20. Come see what we're up to!

Ready for your next mountain adventure?
Jasper is a mountain town nestled in the heart of Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. It's where you'll find snowcapped peaks, glacier fed lakes, the most incredible forests and tons of wildlife.
Perfect to visit year round, this destination is packed with adventure for every heart. If you haven't been, do yourself a favour and add this spot to your bucketlist.
Read the blog now by tapping the link in my bio! Special thanks to @tourismjasper for helping set this up!

Cash me ousside, howbow dah?
📸 @zackpianko

Wrapping up my Norwegian series of Rogaland, the Fjord regions, and the scenic routes. We’ve crossed islands, hiked mountains, tasted local foods, and enjoyed off the beaten track activities. Looking forward to offering Norway soon. 🚲 | #NomoonTravel

[ t a k e . m e . a n y w h e r e ]

All my life I've always come back to one thing,
my need to feel free and the need to feel the breeze,
the ride provides a freedom this gypsy needs,
where every road is another blessed memory,
a new experience to carry inside my journey,
a sense of belonging to a familiar tribe,
a brotherhood that goes beyond a bloodline.
Jess "Chief" Brynjulson, Highway Writings .
Photo credit: @dkielle

Driving around the Adirondack Mountains and exploring roads with some good friends a little while back. We did this most of the day right up until sunset, and then we went back to our campsite to cook hot dogs over the fire, drink some ciders, and reminisce on the day. Can’t wait for more of these types of trips throughout the summer 😌...

John Muir left a message in his cabin but it's lost in translation. Help me solve it!
"Gb gur ybire bs jvyqrarff, Nynfxn vf bar bs gur zbfg jbaqreshy pbhagevrf va gur jbeyq"
First one to figure out the hidden message will get a shout out in my story! Leave the solution in the comments below!

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