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One of us is hAppy to be in here. 🙈 #Phuket #adventurecontinues #mermaidsearch

The best way to overcome fear is to face your fear
I did it!!! 100 meters

Love truly exists indeed... Don't be comparing your relationship with other people's relationship because, you do not know what they're passing through, due to the fact that no relationship is perfect. And the one you are leaving him or her for might even be worst than the blessings u have presently. The truth is that, a relationship where they do not appreciate each other is prone to crumble.
Yes we must appreciate what we have that is unique,
that binds and saves,
which true happiness is not common.
Yes because having someone that truly cares and will always be there for you, is truly DIVINE!
Unlike those that only cares for what they can only obtain from u.
#gratefulheart #cherishthosethatcares #lovesaves #Adventurecontinues #231

The next adventure: REIKI.  Nooooo, it’s not some tropical infection I picked up whilst travelling; neither did I learn it on my yoga journey, (although with all Eastern philosophies, they complement each other nicely). Reiki is a Japanese energy healing system that I started learning over 10 years ago.  Whilst I am still feeling adventurous and carefree about life, I am going to follow a dream that I have had since I got my qualifications in Reiki, almost 8 years ago.  Taking the plunge, travelling a bit of the world and realising that opportunities are there for the taking and making, I am starting up my own business as a Reiki Practitioner.  If anybody would like any further information, or to make a booking…….please get in touch ✨✨💫😊😊😊 #reiki #adventurecontinues #energy #reikilife


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