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Energy balance and the principle of conservation of energy is one of the first lessons you learn in a college nutrition course. In a nutshell, you get fat if you take in more energy than you expend. Likewise, you lose weight when energy expenditure exceeds energy intake. If weight management were that simple, we wouldn’t be in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Researchers from the University of California, Irvine suggested that obesogens— environmental chemicals that alter cellular sensors controlling metabolic rate and food intake— interfere with energy balance and promote fat storage. These chemicals include environmental estrogens— molecules that resemble the hormone estrogen— and chemicals found in plastics or manufacturing by-products that interfere with the control of metabolism, appetite and weight management. Exposure to these chemicals during critical growth periods might condemn people to a lifetime of obesity. Understanding and managing environmental estrogens and obesogens is a major public health issue. (The Scientist Magazine)

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Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a popular supplement for promoting weight loss and increasing muscle mass, but its effectiveness remains controversial. CLA may promote muscle protein synthesis and improve blood sugar regulation. Alex Ribeiro from Londrina State University in Brazil, and co-workers, found that supplementing 3.2 grams per day of CLA for eight weeks during an endurance-training program had no effect on endurance, leg or trunk fat, or total body fat beyond the effects of endurance exercise alone. The study found that CLA has no effect on fat loss in obese women.
A review entitled “Effects of conjugated linoleic acid supplementation on serum C-reactive protein: A Systematic Review and meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials” stated: “This meta-analysis suggests that CLA supplementation is associated with an increase in plasma CRP concentrations and a reduction in serum adiponectin concentrations, which indicates that CLA supplements have a pro-inflammatory effect.” C-reactive protein (CRP) is a measure of inflammation in the body. High CRP is associated with a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. (International Journal Sports Nutrition Exercise Metabolism 26: 135-144, 2016; Cardiovascular Therapeutics, May 29, 2017)

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Happy Earth 🌏 Day!! 1st time AML is running a stack sale!! 35% OFF Stacks w/ code: STACK35

Link to sale in profile ⬆️ #advancedmolecularlabs #stacks #supplements #workoutmotivation

Happy Earth 🌏 Day!! 1st time AML is running a stack sale!! 35% OFF Stacks w/ code: STACK35

Link to sale in profile ⬆️ #advancedmolecularlabs #stacks #supplements #workoutmotivation

Happy Earth 🌏 Day!! 1st time AML is running a stack sale!! 35% OFF Stacks w/ code: STACK35

Link to sale in profile ⬆️ #advancedmolecularlabs #stacks #supplements #workoutmotivation

Happy Earth 🌏 Day!! 1st time we're running a stack sale!! 35% OFF Stacks w/ code: STACK35

Link to sale in profile ⬆️ #advancedmolecularlabs #stacks #supplements #workoutmotivation

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Human diets have changed during the past 10,000 years, from a Paleolithic (caveman) diet that was high in fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean grass-fed meats and seafood, to a modern diet that is high in calorie-dense, low-fiber processed foods high in salt and saturated fats. Some researchers believe that we are genetically programmed to thrive on the caveman diet. Modern processed-food diets promote obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer because our genes have not evolved to metabolize them. A study led by Angela Genoni from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia found that overweight women consuming a Paleolithic diet for four weeks lost more weight than women consuming a traditional weight-loss diet. However, the Paleolithic diet group consumed less sodium, calcium, iodine and beta-carotene. The long-term health effects of the Paleolithic diet are unknown. (Nutrients, 8:314)

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Vitamin D is synthesized in the body in a reaction involving sunlight. Vitamin D can also be consumed in the diet by eating fatty fish, mushrooms and supplements. Several recent studies have linked low vitamin D levels to poor bone health, muscle weakness, deficiencies in reproductive hormones, low aerobic capacity and increased body mass index (the proportion of weight to height). A Korean study showed that vitamin D triggered fat loss in fat cells exposed to vitamin D. Vitamin D also affected genes that affect fat cell formation, fat breakdown and fat use as energy. Recent research has shown that 4,000 IUs of vitamin D-3 is most effective for weight loss and fat loss. The only health claims allowed by government agencies for vitamin D are reducing the risk of osteoporosis, preventing inflammation and promoting normal muscle function. (Nutrition, 32: 702-708)

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