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These two are looking VERY proud! #adultswithdisabilities #adultswithspecialneeds #lifeskills

A lovely time with the Light & Power ladies at the women’s retreat at Trinity Church! Good friends, food, activities, and conversation.
📷: @thewritingmama

Work is fun 🎃 enjoy our Thriller dance at the Halloween party!
#thriller #halloween #costumeparty #work #adultswithdisabilities

While doing my training, I came across the types of abuse children & adults with disabilities may come across and how to identify the abuse. It hit home and made my stomach turn. This is why it is so important for me to do this. For vulnerable beings like my son. #abusehotline #adultswithdisabilities #developmentaldisabilities #awareness #reportabuse

Superheroes on the boxes & Superheroes doing the work! 💪#bepartofthestory #jobs #adultswithdisabilities #heroes #lovewhatyoudo 📸pc @gypsydanger20

BIG THANKS to EVERYONE who donated this weekend or put tips in my box at the @fanexpohq show! I raised enough money for our #ComicClub to have a really fun party on Friday morning!!! (We even have some leftover to put towards our next event!) #ThankYou! @mptexas#specialneeds #adultswithdisabilities #beautifulfaces

Summer schedule allows for a variety of different classes! In one class students designed their own planter pots! #awdlifeskills #adultswithdisabilities #lifeskills #art #disabilityawareness

Part of The Center crew at yesterday's website launch party! If you haven't checked out our new look yet, visit www.thecenterhouston.org.

#houstonnonprofit #NonprofitLife #adultswithdisabilities #adultswithspecialneeds #Autism #Aspergers #CerebralPalsy #DownSyndrome


While doing my training, I came across the types of abuse children & adults with disabilities may come across and how to identify the abuse. It hit home and made my stomach turn. This is why it is so important for me to do this. For vulnerable beings like my son. #abusehotline #adultswithdisabilities #developmentaldisabilities #awareness #reportabuse

This week’s #MagnificentMonday staff member is Murline Samuel. Murline has worked as a Direct Support Professional at The Center’s Willow River Farms campus in Brookshire for more than seven years. After spending several of those years assisting residents in their homes, she recently began working in our Willow River Farms ceramics studio, helping the clients in our day program learn to create the bowls, ornaments, and other pieces sold at local stores and markets. Murline considers it a blessing to help people learn and develop new skills such as this. In her time off, Murline loves to shop, travel, and spend time at church.

Thanks for all you do for our clients, Murline! #HappyMonday

#MondayMotivation #EmployeeAppreciation #DSP #PeopleOfHouston #Houston #AdultsWithDisabilities #AdultsWithSpecialNeeds #Autism #CerebralPalsy #DownSyndrome #IDD

This week’s #FridayFeature is Dorothy H., an active member of our Young at Heart program for seniors. Dorothy has been at The Center for many years and has a very close group of friends in the program who enjoy eating lunch, playing games, and talking together every day. She also enjoys artistic pastimes like drawing and coloring and taking special field trips.
Help us wish Dorothy a #HappyFriday!

#Friday #PeopleOfHouston#AdultsWithDisabilities #AdultsWithSpecialNeeds #Autism #CerebralPalsy #DownSyndrome #IDD

Save the Date for The Center's 17th Annual Luncheon! This year's event will take place on April 12, 2018, at The Briar Club.

#Luncheon #Fundraiser #HoustonEvents #AdultsWithDisabilities #AdultsWithSpecialNeeds

This week’s #MagnificentMonday employee is Rosemary Osime. Rosemary has been involved with The Center for more than 15 years, first as a Program Coordinator, and now as an HCS Program Manager. In her role, Rosemary helps make sure that our clients’ daily needs are met, monitoring their services and ensuring that they are safe and happy. She says that working with our clients always makes her day. When she is not at The Center, Rosemary enjoys spending time with family. Thanks for everything you do, Rosemary!

#HappyMonday #MondayMotivation #EmployeeAppreciation #PeopleofHouston #HCS #AdultsWithDisabilities #AdultsWithSpecialNeeds #Autism #CerebralPalsy #DownSyndrome #IDD

Check out this amazing art created by our clients for our gala. Get your tickets today at www.ettagala.org. Thank you Portia Iversen again for hosting art day. #art #artist #decorate #ETTAGala2017 #autism #downsyndrome #donate #give #color #paint #adultswithdisabilities #paintnight #giveback @cathygott35 @portiaiversen @denabess @ettayouthboard

“I’m the director of Imagine That – Kansas City. Imagine That is a creative arts program that serves adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We have been in Kansas City since April of 2012. Imagine That is part of a larger organization called Resources for Human Development. It provides approximated 150 different human services to people in fourteen different states. They were founded in 1970. Here in Kansas City, we have an art program, community intergration program and a residential program. Currently Imagine That supports sixty individuals with various intellectual development disabilities. We employ artists here to help guide the people we support in being creative. We let them know that there are no limits to their imagination.

Our arts program works with pretty much any materials. My only rule is that we don’t set fire to anything. A lot of people lean towards painting and drawing because that is what they know and what they are comfortable with. Here, we can do screen printing, print making, sculpture and we work with clay, wood and fabric. We also work a lot with community members. We have volunteers. There is one young lady who is coming to do a collaborative quilt project. There are also two students from the art institute who are going to work on building an interactive sculpture. That will be here on display in a couple of months.

We definitely see a change in our adults even if it is just in their abilities. We have a gentleman here who has been since day one. His mom has commented on how she has seen his drawings progress. Other people that we see here, maybe they are just generally more happy. They get excited when somebody buys their art. They get excited when someone recognizes that they are an artist.
In general, while individuals are here, they are free to be themselves. We are not judgmental. We do not say that their art is not good. We let them know that if they don’t know how to do something, we can show them how to do it with the skills that they have. We don’t do art for them we let them know what they can do and then suggest to try it this way. This is what you are interested in, so let’s try

These two are looking VERY proud! #adultswithdisabilities #adultswithspecialneeds #lifeskills

The first gifts from the #holiday wish list have been donated!! A huge thank you to Carrie & Caitlyn for sponsoring Daisy! <3
Our hearts are so full! But there are so many kids and teens in #fostercare and adults with special needs who still need gifts! Spread the word and check out the wish lists at www.ccsgeorgia.org/wish
#fosterkid #fosterchild #fosterkids #foster #socialwork #dogood #nonprofit #holiday #christmas #presents #gifts #charity #christmasspirit #atlanta #georgia #developmentaldisabilities #kids #children #adultswithdisabilities #disability #specialneeds #wishlist #wish #donate #donation #share

Love these people. I commend them for realizing something about Worship. When you love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength you will pursue service and sacrifice to the neighbor in need. They have prioritized corresponding action to faith. These volunteers all had “busy” schedules and full lives. Some of them were struggling with personal illness. I’m so thankful to them. They have acted on Micah 6:8. The disabled people in the home we served were helped to have a meaningful life as is the vision of 21 Plus organization we partner with to do this. I’m grieved that so many Sunday church people miss the opportunities to worship and serve the Lord in this manner because they are too busy using specialized gifts to “advance the kingdom.” Too busy making their ministry succeed. If there is no recognition, no high profile connection, no ministry that fills a personal need, the sign up list gets short. No one is writing me nasty emails because I didn’t recognize their anointing to rake a yard. No one is in my face about opportunity or being given enough reps bagging leaves or sweeping sidewalks. No one is complaining that this humble act didn’t make the video announcements. When we stand before the Lord we are going to be shocked at what we mistook as “what was given to us”. It isn’t charisma it isn’t talent or platform - it’s our opportunity to live out the message of the gospel in every day life. These folks said yes. There was no food or fellowship. No dynamic time of ministry. No autographed book signing. No brush with Christian Culture celebrity. And they could care less if they get any publicity for it. #specialneeds #21plus #adultswithdisabilities #worship #love #compassion #action #gospel #witness #service #sacrifice #mission #missional

This week’s #MagnificentMonday employee is Dana Daniels. Dana is a Direct Support Professional in our Adult Activity Center, which means that she assists our clients directly with day-to-day tasks and skills development. Dana has been a part of The Center’s team for five years, during which time she has had the opportunity to contribute in several of our programs. Her favorite aspect of the job remains getting to know the clients and helping them learn new things. In her time off, Dana attends school and enjoys spending time with her son.

Thanks for everything you do here, Dana! #HappyMonday

#MondayMotivation #AdultsWithDisabilities #AdultsWithSpecialNeeds #Autism #CerebralPalsy #DownSyndrome #IDD #Houston

I am happy to announce that @balancewithtk will partner up this with Spectrum for Living organization. Our weekly classes will start this month , signature classes like adoptive yoga and relaxing art will make a difference! I can't express what an honor to be part of this team and work with adults with disabilities #chairyoga #adultswithdisabilities #relaxingart #lovemyjob #growing #expanding #nj #teaneck #movingforward

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